Top 35 You Were Missed Quotes

#1. I just wanted you to know you were missed.

Megan Erickson

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#2. I don't like my parents; I never will. I didn't cry at either of their funerals. I haven't missed them for five seconds. I didn't - you know, our characters were so at odds with one another right from the beginning. But I do understand them now as human beings, with the understanding of an adult.

David Small

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#3. So you were talking crap about me? Hm. I missed it. I was too busy being fabulous.

Dan Pearce

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#4. You've missed it again, you've gone wrong again, you thought you had time, you thought that even someone whose days were numbered would wait for you. That's the kind of person you are, dozing while more opportunities pass you by (...)

Zeruya Shalev

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#5. You might have missed it with all that's gone down, but told you straight up you were mine.

Kristen Ashley

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#6. I remember having crushes and longings, but there were all these missed opportunities or things that seemed like such a big deal, but you really don't understand what the other person is going through.

Gia Coppola

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#7. In the old days, ptomaine poisoning was a cover-all. If you missed a show and you were young, it meant you were having an abortion. If you were old, it meant you were having a face lift.

Ruth Gordon

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#8. Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong decade, or came just a bit too late and missed out on all the good stuff when it was in its heyday?

E.A. Bucchianeri

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#9. I wanted something that I could look back on and say, yes, you were fighting too, you burned to be alive, and whatever failure or accident of nature caused you to be killed could be explained by something other than the fact that I'd missed your giving up.

Kevin Powers

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#10. [To audience members who were arriving late] You haven't missed a thing, I was just killing time 'til you got here

Billy Connolly

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#11. Your shoes aren't nearly as valuable as the experiences you've missed out on because you were too busy keeping them clean.

Dallas Clayton

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#12. It turned out that while you were searching for the meaning of life, you missed the experience of being alive.

Ruth A. Baer

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#13. But mostly, I missed watching you two together; I missed watching you watch him, and him watch you; I missed how thoughtful you were with each other, missed how thoughtlessly, sincerely affectionate you were with him; missed watching you listen to each other, the way you both did so intently.

Hanya Yanagihara

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#14. My wife was saying to me just the other day how she's noticed a spring in my step lately. That was because I thought you were gone forever.'
'I missed you too, Thurid.

Derek Landy

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#15. My deepest condolences for DJ AM, you were a great artist and will be severely missed. My thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends.

Shanna Moakler

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#16. But while you were looking out the window, you missed the chance to explore the equally interesting Buddhist belief in being present for every facet of your daily life, of being truly present. Be present in this class. And then, when it's over, be present out there, he said,

John Green

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#17. I've spent the last two hours worried that you were bleeding to death in a ditch," Evie continued. "Now that I know you're okay, I just want you to be bleeding to death in a ditch."
"Aww, Lamb Chop, you missed me.

Libba Bray

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#18. I missed the idea of marriage, the one you had when you were young and emotionally unblemished.

Tarryn Fisher

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#19. For a wondrous golden second, they basked in the afterglow, not caring that it was four in the afternoon and they were naked in front of the windows. "I missed you," Ellie whispered right against his ear. "Don't ever think that I wasn't missing you like crazy all that time.

Lauren Gilley

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#20. Well if you were asking my personal opinion on that I think the answer can only be yes but it was missed. Much as I know I'm responsible for a lot of things, I can't wear any responsibility for that.

John Anderson

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#21. I liked it better when you were dying," Allie said. "You didn't bitch so much." "Look sharp, Allie. I think you missed a pothole back there. You don't want to break up your streak of dragging me over every one." Allie

Joe Hill

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#22. I missed you all my life," Kylie said. "I
didn't know I missed you, but I know it now. You were supposed to be

C.C. Hunter

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#23. Oh, it's lovely to see you!' Franny said as the cab moved off. 'I've missed you.' The words were no sooner out than she realized that she didn't mean them at all.

J.D. Salinger

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#24. I'm certainly not sorry that there were some things I missed. You may think you're missing something at that time but later when you look at it, you didn't miss anything.

Ivan Lendl

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#25. He missed the Midwest ... Northern California was impractically beautiful. Everywhere you looked there were trees and streams, waterfalls, mountains, the ocean ... There was nowhere to look just to look, just to think.

Rainbow Rowell

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#26. Our products weren't getting some of the excitement they deserved because you were waiting on hold on the phone, or we missed an appointment.

Brian L. Roberts

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#27. There were signs and I missed them. For instance, Crake said once, "Would you kill someone you loved to spare them pain?" "You mean, commit euthanasia?" said Jimmy. "Like putting down your pet turtle?" "Just tell me," said Crake.
"I don't know. What kind of love, what kind of pain?

Margaret Atwood

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#28. There were disappointments. Things you couldn't know you had wanted, or even things you were quite certain you hadn't wanted, but still, as you discovered, missed some aspect of.

Sue Miller

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#29. You can be helping many people, but if you are not helping yourself, you have missed the one person you were born to heal.

Alan Cohen

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#30. Color my life with the chaos of trouble,
'cause anythings better than posh isolation.
I missed the bus, you were laid on your back
with the boy from the Arab strap,
the boy with the Arab strap

Stuart Murdoch

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#31. It's good to have you back, David. We missed you while you were away.

Max Lucado

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#32. A fantasy is nothing more than a dream you were too scared to chase.

Shannon L. Alder

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#33. You missed World Hist." "Did you get notes for me?" "No. I thought you were dead in a ditch.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#34. Have I missed anything, Watson?"
"Were you going to tell him about the molted snakeskin under the chair cushion he's sitting on, or should I?"
With an undignified yelp, Milo leapt to his feet.
"Oh, yes," Holmes said blandly. "That. Peterson, do check the walls for a rattlesnake.

Brittany Cavallaro

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#35. I'd missed it - the way the outback lit up in dying light. The stillness, the color. Out there, a quiet moment to yourself could feel like forever, but at the same time you were reminded that your entire life so far was barely a blink.

Vikki Wakefield

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