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Top 100 You Never Knew Quotes

#1. Every situation you conquer, you find the strength, your never knew you had.

Lailah Gifty Akita

You Never Knew Quotes #399
#2. You don't want to continue to do one thing and only one thing. You want to keep challenging yourself and if you do well at it, great, if you fall on your face, you tried. Like, she's really terrible at comedy! Who knew? But if you didn't try and put yourself out there you'd never know.

Lucy Liu

You Never Knew Quotes #615
#3. so-and-so is using?' You just knew. I never held it against anyone. It was one of those things where you knew they were just trying to keep their jobs, extend their careers. I guess I didn't

John Feinstein

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#4. I wish that you knew you could never make it without love for your goddamned self, and that you'll never ever find it in anybody else.

Angel Haze

You Never Knew Quotes #8147
#5. You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.

Tyler Knott Gregson

You Never Knew Quotes #8219
#6. His recent dungeon experience had persuaded him that opportunites for good things should be grabbed and not postponed. You never knew when you wouldn't be around anymore.

Jean Ferris

You Never Knew Quotes #8588
#7. Maybe when you were born on the top of the mountain you could pretend the mountain didn't matter, but those who climbed it and those born at its base who could never climb at all knew differently.

Brent Weeks

You Never Knew Quotes #11611
#8. You never knew Lyanna as well as I did Robert, you saw her beauty, but not the iron underneath

George R R Martin

You Never Knew Quotes #11825
#9. You are concerned citizens." He knew about concerned citizens. Wherever they were, they all spoke the same private language, where "traditional values" meant "hang someone." He did not have a problem with this, broadly speaking, but it never hurt to understand your employer.

Terry Pratchett

You Never Knew Quotes #20342
#10. He'd learned a lot in the short time he'd been with the Cahills, and one of the biggest lessons was not to hold back. Go for it now, because you never knew what could happen the next day, or even the next minute . - Pony

Natalie Standiford

You Never Knew Quotes #25198
#11. Mama said it's probably because of Suzanne, and that you are never the same after a child dies. That made me wonder what she was like before Clover died, because I don't think I really knew my own mother until I had children, and if she was different before, I don't remember.

Nancy E. Turner

You Never Knew Quotes #26774
#12. Yvette had never talked about her marriage - she was a smart girl, and she knew you had no right to complain about someone you got all the way to the altar with. You made that choice, even if you were a child when you did it, and the marriage vow was sacred.

Maile Meloy

You Never Knew Quotes #29401
#13. You should have felt the buzz the moment all five of us got together in the same room for the first time again. We all started laughin' - it was like the five years had never passed. We knew we'd made the right move.

Steven Tyler

You Never Knew Quotes #31184
#14. Grief was not a line, carrying you infinitely further from loss. You never knew when you would be sling-shot backward into its grip. -

Brit Bennett

You Never Knew Quotes #36174
#15. Strong could be dealt with - but crazy? Oh no. You never knew what the crazy were going to do.

Andrea Speed

You Never Knew Quotes #37540
#16. Don't you find it strange that your mother would leave you?' Becky said. 'I can't imagine my other leaving me.'
I'd never thought of it like that before. 'I don't think she knew what else to do.

Belinda Jeffrey

You Never Knew Quotes #43976
#17. My favorite was Love Is ... Never Having to Say You're Sorry. This was,the good Lord knew, a dream of mine. But every time I refused to apologize for something, Love seemed to just fly out the window.

Haven Kimmel

You Never Knew Quotes #43987
#18. She'd read once that if you ran into a bear in the woods you should avoid eye contact and you shouldn't run away, but all she knew about wolves is that you should never tell them how to find your grandmother's house.

Anne Ursu

You Never Knew Quotes #44716
#19. I love you," I told him. "And all of this, our life, is everything I wished to have but wasn't sure I could keep. I never felt like that with Alex, James. I always knew that what we shared wouldn't last. He never belonged to me. Not the way you do.

Megan Hart

You Never Knew Quotes #49731
#20. I would watch Gonzalez play and he mesmerized you. It would be like looking into the flame of a fire. You know you couldn't take your eyes off him because you never knew what he would do next.

Jimmy Connors

You Never Knew Quotes #50424
#21. Maybe war makes you value things and people more than you did when there was Peace and you knew there would never be a shortage?

Barbara Mutch

You Never Knew Quotes #57455
#22. She knew his secrets, knew him inside out.
Humans could never know each other that way.
They could never really get into another person's head.
All the talking in the world couldn't even prove that you and the other person saw the same colour red.


You Never Knew Quotes #67871
#23. There were never moments in your life when you actually saw something end, for whether you knew it or not something else was always flowering. Never a disappearance, always a transformation.

Glen David Gold

You Never Knew Quotes #69670
#24. Traveling gives you things you never knew you needed.

Eliysha Saputra

You Never Knew Quotes #73024
#25. It is in the way you held my hands
that I knew could never let you go.

Timothy Joshua

You Never Knew Quotes #75143
#26. The music business is a weird business. Sometimes licensing doesn't happen because some business component that you never knew about stops it.

Ben Folds

You Never Knew Quotes #76861
#27. In Naples, there were kids who were just lost. You knew they were never going to get back to what they'd been, or have a normal life. And then there were other ones who you though, maybe they will. What I'm saying is, we're the survivors. Not everyone is. But we are. Okay?

Jennifer Egan

You Never Knew Quotes #86140
#28. Have you ever written a letter you knew you could never mail but you needed to write it anyway?

Sue Monk Kidd

You Never Knew Quotes #86552
#29. I knew then that no matter how hard you tried, no matter how many jars of honey you threw, no matter how much you thought you could leave your mother behind, she would never disappear from the tender places in you.

Sue Monk Kidd

You Never Knew Quotes #89266
#30. Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before.

Erich Fromm

You Never Knew Quotes #94466
#31. You're not built for riding, either," Horace added. "I'd say more saddle sore than homesick."
Svenal sighed ruefully, shifting his buttocks for the twentieth time to find a more comfortable spot.
"It's true," he said. "I've been discovering parts of my backside I never knew existed.

John Flanagan

You Never Knew Quotes #100587
#32. Cammie: I never knew there were this many stars.
Zach: I can't see them. I just see you.

Ally Carter

You Never Knew Quotes #103179
#33. If I woke up in a different body every day
if you never knew what I was going to look like tomorrow
would you still love me?

David Levithan

You Never Knew Quotes #112766
#34. You have my implicit forgiveness, you know, even when you're driving me crazy." . . .
"Do come home soon. It won't be London without you."
"You never knew me in London."
"I know. I intend to fix that.

Brittany Cavallaro

You Never Knew Quotes #122747
#35. When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.

Bill Evans

You Never Knew Quotes #126752
#36. We don't need to play her witch's games. They always want to get you and your little dog, too." "I knew I never should have let you watch The Wizard of Oz." "Toto didn't deserve that kind of trauma. He was so tiny.

Kevin Hearne

You Never Knew Quotes #132007
#37. Whatever character you play, it gives you the chance to expose another side of yourself that maybe you've never felt comfortable with, or never knew about.

Laura Dern

You Never Knew Quotes #135719
#38. He knew that his day was coming to an end. On July 4, 1909, as he stood with friends on the roof of the Reliance Building, looking out over the city he adored, he said, You'll see it lovely. I never will. But it WILL be lovely.

Erik Larson

You Never Knew Quotes #136207
#39. The Sennett system of making pictures was actually fun. You never knew what the person next to you was going to do.

Gloria Swanson

You Never Knew Quotes #136701
#40. I know I'll never trust a single thing you say
You knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway
And all the lies have got you floating up above us all
But what goes up has got to fall

Linkin Park

You Never Knew Quotes #141207
#41. Adrian speaking to Mels ... Humans require two things to bond: scarcity and the unknown. If loved ones were around forever, you'd take them for granted, and if you knew for sure that you'd be reunited, you'd never miss them. It's all part of the divine plan.

J.R. Ward

You Never Knew Quotes #141508
#42. My mother turned towards me with a coffeepot in each hand, her jaw dangling somewhere near her collarbone. You'd think she'd never seen me naked, when I knew for a fact I'd been born that way.

Rachel Vincent

You Never Knew Quotes #144199
#43. I'm sorry," I whispered. "I never wanted this for you. This life ... I knew it was going to kill me in the end. I wish you didn't have to be here when it finally caught up.

Julie Kagawa

You Never Knew Quotes #144685
#44. She was nicknamed the graveyard. Any secret, any piece of confidential information, personal or otherwise, that went in never, ever came back out. You knew you were safe; you knew you would never be judged or, if you were it would be silently, so you'd never know.

Cecelia Ahern

You Never Knew Quotes #146830
#45. And he spoke very slowly, in a voice that was also like fog, that drifted and curled and hid things, and you knew that there were mysteries there and things brooding just out of sight and far-off lights that you would never reach.

George R R Martin

You Never Knew Quotes #148536
#46. You never knew what was coming in this world, not really. That was the true mystery, the true wonder. You just hung on and hoped for the best.

Joy Preble

You Never Knew Quotes #150285
#47. God. No wonder it was so easy. He's been bleeding since he was a baby. He just never told anyone. How do you even know it hurts after all that time? Because you loved me, and I knew what it meant to feel.

Amy Lane

You Never Knew Quotes #162513
#48. It's futile to predict what love will make of you, but sometimes it brings you things you never knew you wanted.

Mohammed Hanif

You Never Knew Quotes #164318
#49. Never knew what a friendship was, Never knew how to really love, You can't be what I need you to, & I don't know why I fuck with you

Erykah Badu

You Never Knew Quotes #165076
#50. An I'll never forget the smile on my face
cos I knew where you would be
An if you're in the Crown tonight
Have a drink on me
But go easy...step lightly...stay free
-- "Stay Free

Mick Jones

You Never Knew Quotes #165255
#51. Joph talked idly with them, all the while silently making a list of names. He'd share that list with Princess Leia soon. Might come in handy, someday. You never knew. -

Claudia Gray

You Never Knew Quotes #169634
#52. Never mind what I knew, nothing seems to matter now
Ooh, who I was without you, I can do without
No one knows where it ends, how it may come tumbling down
But I'm here with you now
I'm with you now

Sara Bareilles

You Never Knew Quotes #172103
#53. There was a time when I knew what it was like
To live without you, to share your pain
But time moved on, and you came back
Loving me like you'd never left

Monica Alexander

You Never Knew Quotes #172470
#54. My heart always knew, you're the dew, my dry soul would never adieu.. but I still don't know why I let you go and waited all my life just for you.

Syed Arshad

You Never Knew Quotes #185672
#55. You never know how they're going to play out, but 'Pork and Beans' definitely had the same vibe as the 'Buddy Holly' video in that you just knew it was going to work.

Brian Bell

You Never Knew Quotes #192930
#56. There are certain levels of sadness that introduce you to parts of yourself you never knew existed, and it's always a much purer version of you that couldn't be any you-er than you. You fall in love with it and forget to move on.

Ibraheem Hamdi

You Never Knew Quotes #195332
#57. Indelible, adj.
That first night, you took your finger and pointed to the top of my head, then traced a line between my eyes, down my nose, over my lips, my chin, my neck, to the center of my chest. It was so surprising. I knew I would never mimic it. That one gesture would be yours forever.

David Levithan

You Never Knew Quotes #195893
#58. There's a subtext, you know, 'Honey, I'm home' really means, 'take off your clothes and fuck me."

"I never knew that.

Sarina Bowen

You Never Knew Quotes #197559
#59. Middle age is the way you would feel about summer if you knew there would never be another spring.

Clare Boothe Luce

You Never Knew Quotes #212054
#60. Mark Spitz didn't ask about Harry. You never asked about the characters that disappeared from a Last Night story. You knew the answer. The plague had a knack for narrative closure.

Colson Whitehead

You Never Knew Quotes #213265
#61. The truth is, I was always a dreamer, but then I met you, and I knew I will never dream a better dream again.

Timothy Joshua

You Never Knew Quotes #214472
#62. Mother Teresa was brilliant. She said, "I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me." She knew. She understood the secret. Look what she manifested in the world.

Jack Canfield

You Never Knew Quotes #216165
#63. You know, I always knew you were an egg-head when it came to bugs, Robbie, but I never realized how egg-centric you were. What an egg-citing diet you have! I guess the yolk is on you, though - " "Oh, shut up," Robbie mumbled,

Keith Robinson

You Never Knew Quotes #222826
#64. I could've totally cut out your heart before you knew what was happening." "What stopped you?" "I thought Montgomery might've been pissed off at all the blood on the sheets." "Montgomery would never be something as uncouth as pissed off. Annoyed in an icily genteel manner, perhaps.

Nalini Singh

You Never Knew Quotes #223631
#65. Amy: I never knew you drank wine.
Doctor: I'm 1103 I must have drunk it sometime in my life.
*takes sip and spits it out in disgust*

Steven Moffat

You Never Knew Quotes #226298
#66. Some part of me knew he would show up, that if I stood in one place long enough he would find me, like you're taught to do when you're lost. But they never taught us what to do if both of you are lost, and you both end up in the same place, waiting.

Nick Flynn

You Never Knew Quotes #228505
#67. The idea that I'm a homosexual thrill killer, that I stroll down the streets and stalk young boys and slaughter them ... Hell, if you could see my schedule, my work schedule, you knew damn well that I was never out there.

John Wayne Gacy

You Never Knew Quotes #229823
#68. You were the poem I never knew how to write because no words could describe the wind you cannot see, but feel.

Shannon L. Alder

You Never Knew Quotes #231130
#69. I was shocked when I came to New Orleans. I never knew there were beggars on the streets here. I didn't know that there were poor people. I thought this was Heaven, you know?

Emmanuel Jal

You Never Knew Quotes #238103
#70. And yet, you never knew wwhat you were capable of until you arrived at that given moment. Life was just a whole string of spots where you continued to surprise yourself.

Jodi Picoult

You Never Knew Quotes #242960
#71. Dream is like a butterfly. You have to chase it to discover worlds you never knew existed.

Vinita Kinra

You Never Knew Quotes #261355
#72. After watching the house for a few days, she had concluded that the magician lived alone, but you never knew if someone had a secret lover stashed away. Or a very loud pet. That time with the peacock, for instance. Noisy birds, peacocks.

Yoon Ha Lee

You Never Knew Quotes #263383
#73. Even though I was never a Yankee fan until I put on the uniform, when you think about the deep history of this organization, you always knew what the Yankees represented.

Joe Torre

You Never Knew Quotes #263397
#74. If knew you were going to drug me, kidnap me, and take me back to the dark ages with out my pants, I never would have slept with you.

John Scalzi

You Never Knew Quotes #264217
#75. Tell me this
if you knew you would be poor as a church mouse all your life
if you knew you'd never have a line published
would you still go on writing
would you?'
'Of course I would,' said Emily disdainfully. 'Why, I have to write
I can't help it at times
I've just got to.

L.M. Montgomery

You Never Knew Quotes #265718
#76. You never knew this, but I was in love. Okay, infatuated, but it felt like love at the time.

Teresa Lo

You Never Knew Quotes #273846
#77. I knew from the start that your loyalty would get you killed. I just never thought it would be your loyalty to me that would do it.

Susan Ee

You Never Knew Quotes #274741
#78. I didn't think it was going to be this fun. But everything just gets heightened when you have a baby. The volume gets turned up on life. I never knew I could be this happy, and that's the truth.

Jimmy Fallon

You Never Knew Quotes #275993
#79. Maybe, when you meet the right person, it's like meeting a piece of yourself that you never knew existed because somebody had to open it up for you. Pull it out of you. Point it out to you.

Katie Kacvinsky

You Never Knew Quotes #276885
#80. You just never knew when a totally normal vampire errand would end in a bloodbath with severed-limb soap.

MaryJanice Davidson

You Never Knew Quotes #276955
#81. Oh, friend, forget not, when you fain would note
In me a beauty that was never mine,
How first you knew me in a book I wrote,
How first you loved me for a written line ...

Edna St. Vincent Millay

You Never Knew Quotes #282128
#82. The thing about Whitney," I said, "is that she was always really private. So you never knew if anything was wrong with her.

Sarah Dessen

You Never Knew Quotes #286152
#83. Yes it was chaos, working through chaos, you never quite knew what you were going to do each day, but you knew that you wanted to make something.

Simon McBurney

You Never Knew Quotes #286598
#84. Do you know what I feel about you, Devin? About us? ... Dazzled, you dazzle me. You make me feel things, and want things I never knew I could have. -Cassie

Nora Roberts

You Never Knew Quotes #286669
#85. Well what? said Peter. He knew but had learned that if there was one advantage to the male sex it was that your obtuseness would never be underestimated; if you pretend you don't know what the problem is, half the time it just goes away.

Brian McGreevy

You Never Knew Quotes #293875
#86. I never felt magic crazy as this
I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea
I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree
But now you're here
Brighten my northern sky.

Nick Drake

You Never Knew Quotes #294584
#87. I was knocking guys out in the streets before I knew how to throw a jab and keep your chin down, In most neighbourhoods, the guy that could fight gets respect. You got in the parties free. I never had to pay the dollar because people were scared of me. But back then I was ignorant.

Bernard Hopkins

You Never Knew Quotes #294980
#88. You give me courage I never knew I had.

Kim Holden

You Never Knew Quotes #297664
#89. I knew it was easier to drill things in than to take them out.'
'It's like a screw!' Craig-Vyvyan shouted.... 'If you pull off it's head, you never get it out.

Mark Helprin

You Never Knew Quotes #305378
#90. That was the problem with Alison Fischer: you never knew which part of her to look at. He looked at her face

Nam Le

You Never Knew Quotes #308812
#91. Ana Iris once asked me if I loved him and I told her about the lights in my old home in the capital, how they flickered and you never knew if they would go out or not. You put down your things and you waited and couldn't do anything really until the lights decided. This, I told her, is how I feel.

Junot Diaz

You Never Knew Quotes #309546
#92. I never knew I could suffer so much. And then, at the same time, you think, now I'm ready to open myself up to life in another way, to make it worth something and make it about the right things and not waste time.

Gwyneth Paltrow

You Never Knew Quotes #309628
#93. I was a book lover from the beginning. I loved, love, words and images and ideas, the ways a book can make you feel things deeply or help you understand something you never even knew there were words for.

Deb Caletti

You Never Knew Quotes #317731
#94. It is possible at any age to discover a lifelong desire you never knew you had.

Robert Breault

You Never Knew Quotes #320245
#95. Once you used a computer with a broadband connection, you knew you would never be able go back to the old voiceband modem connection - even if it was free.

Henry Samueli

You Never Knew Quotes #323829
#96. Tell them dear, that if eyes were made for seeing,
Then beauty is its own excuse for being:
Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
I never sought to ask, I never knew:
But, in my simple ignorance suppose
The selfsame power that brought me there brought you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You Never Knew Quotes #324411
#97. You never told me how the story ends, Gabe."
She held her breath, waiting for his response.
His expression held all the love and desire she knew he felt for her.
"It doesn't.

Bella Andre

You Never Knew Quotes #326421
#98. i never knew anyone so relentless to his ancestors - you make up for your soapiness toward the living

E. M. Forster

You Never Knew Quotes #330442
#99. I belong to you. I've belonged to you since the beginning, since before I even knew that I did," he rambles. "I'll never hurt you again. I'd rather die than to hurt you

L. H. Cosway

You Never Knew Quotes #338071
#100. A great song awakens something in your body / mind / spirit or history that you had forgotten about. It ignites some emotional kindling that you didn't even know you had stored. It awakens you to a possibility for the future - be it hope or excitement - that you never knew was possible.

Greta Salpeter

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