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#1. She [Bernice] didn't like anything that had an adult theme, with only one exception, her collection of erotic female memorabilia. They were all antiques, fragments of other women's sexuality that was somehow easier to deal with than her own.

K. Ford K.

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#2. One is that if women's sexuality in Africa wasn't under assault, if women were able to say no, if women weren't subject to predatory attacks by men, or predatory behavior generally, then you would have a disease in Africa called AIDS. But you wouldn't have a pandemic.

Stephen Lewis

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#3. What can that mean except that women's sexuality is what really defines them, not their brains and gifts and individuality and character, and certainly not their wishes or their ambitions or their will?

Katha Pollitt

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#4. The Bedouin was troubled by a familiar bundle of Middle Eastern bogeys: America in general and the CIA in particular; Jews, or if not Jews, then Christians; women's sexuality - both the fear of a "past" and the dread of present emancipation signaled by the absence of a veil.

Geraldine Brooks

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#5. Making women the sexual gatekeepers and telling men they just can't help themselves not only drives home the point that women's sexuality is unnatural, but also sets up a disturbing dynamic in which women are expected to be responsible for men's sexual behavior.

Jessica Valenti

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#6. Writing about women's sexuality is very scary for me because I'm always afraid I'll get it wrong.

Dan Chaon

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#7. Women have routinely been punished and intimidated for attempting that most simple of freedoms, taking a walk, because their walking and indeed their very beings have been construed as inevitably, continually sexual in those societies concerned with controlling women's sexuality.

Rebecca Solnit

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#8. The consumerist cycle both depended on and strengthened capitalism, and thus worked to allay other postwar anxieties about nuclear attack and Communism, both of which had become linked to fears about the power of women's sexuality run amok.

Rebecca Traister

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#9. There's such a stigma around girls' periods, and women's sexuality - girls can't speak out for themselves or be who they want to be. I think that coming from the social platform that I have, I try to be a positive influence, and this was something that I felt needed to be seen and heard.

Chloe Grace Moretz

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#10. I think men have always been afraid of women's sexuality, and the restrictions they put on women testify to that.

Erica Jong

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#11. As long as men completely dominate business and political life, as long as women are economically dependent on men, as long as the burden of child care falls wholly on women's shoulders (toppling even the most egalitarian couples), you cannot speak of a liberated female sexuality.

Esther Perel

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#12. We're used to seeing fantasy explored from a male perspective, and the way men might see sex, have sex, want sex and even be addicted to sex. But I don't think women pursuing that sexuality within themselves is something that's talked about or experienced as often.

Tasha Smith

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#13. Surely women's liberation is a most unpromising panacea. But the movement is working politically, because our sexuality is so confused, our masculinity so uncertain, and our families so beleaguered that no one knows what they are for or how they are sustained.

George Gilder

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#14. The simple right to reproductive freedom - to sexuality as an expression that is separable from reproduction - is basic to restoring women's power, the balance between women and men, and a balance between humans and nature.

Gloria Steinem

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#15. The fact that it's black transforms it. Has the same effect on women that black stockings have on men.

Daphne Du Maurier

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#16. I even made poor Louis take me on Crusade. How's that for blasphemy? I dressed my maids as Amazons and rode bare-breasted halfway to Damascus. Louis had a seizure and I damn near died of windburn ... but the troops were dazzled.

James Goldman

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#17. Witch-hunts are always spooked by women's horrifying sexuality awakened by the superstud Devil.

Arthur Miller

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#18. We're like Pavlov's dog with these mammary glands, and it's only the threat of jail or some other unthinkable repercussion that keeps us tethered.

Jack Dancer

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#19. For women, all women, whatever our sexuality, it's crucial to our health that we are able to separate sexuality from reproduction. I mean whether or not we can control when we give birth is the biggest element in our health, our education, our economic welfare, our life expectancy, everything.

Gloria Steinem

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#20. The feminist movement is often clouded with Gloria Steinem's perspective, but I feel like denying women their sexuality is just as chauvinistic.

Amber Heard

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#21. Male social conditioning encourages boys and men to aim to bed as many women as much so, that their self esteem and self worth become intertwined with the number of sexual partners they have; and when that number is low or even zero, so too is their self-confidence.

Miya Yamanouchi

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#22. She wore her sexuality with an older woman's ease, and not like an awkward purse, never knowing how to hold it, where to hang it, or when to just put it down.

Zadie Smith

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#23. You self-proclaimed "MILF" hunters have it all wrong
we aren't the prey, YOU are. You are but a Service Male - a SMILF!

Delaine Moore

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#24. A man like Wilde was not free to live out of the closet as a homosexual, and women in general were not able to be truly themselves; there was no place for a woman's voice to be heard or for her to express her sexuality.

Marisa Tomei

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#25. Every year I teach dozens of students at the University of Birmingham. Most of the students on the gender and sexuality courses are women. I guess this is because the boys don't think that gender applies to them: that it's a subject for girls.

Louise Brown

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#26. Chastity ... has, even now, a religious importance in a woman's life, and has so wrapped itself round with nerves and instincts that to cut it free and bring it to the light of day demands courage of the rarest.

Virginia Woolf

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#27. What's interesting, I think, is that a lot of times, women in powerful positions, when they do get critiqued, when they do get criticized, it often revolves around their appearance, their sexuality, their fertility, et cetera.

Anna Holmes

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#28. To understand women who look both ways requires hearing their stories, not just noting the sex of their current partner. And when you listen closely, it's apparent these women have learned something crucial in these relationships.

Jennifer Baumgardner

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#29. Woman, especially her sexuality, provides the object of endless commentary , description, supposition. But the result of all the telling only deepens the enigma and makes woman's erotic force something that male storytelling can never quite explain or contain.

Peter Brooks

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#30. Train that bitch to love you, a bitch like that, she's the type you have to train, and even then, she'll still try to fuck around on you and test the boundaries, unless you have something no other man has, but to her you're a dick, and her she likes big dicks and muscular men, I can tell.

Stephen Demone

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#31. Sexuality is such a taboo thing. I think it should be more out in the open, especially with young women. I think it's okay for them to explore their sexuality, as long as they own it and it's portrayed in the right way.

Evan Rachel Wood

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#32. Many of the signals that either stoke or diminish female desire have to do with the female brain's question: Is it safe here?

Naomi Wolf

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#33. All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough.

Angelina Jolie

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#34. Comedy today is not what it was years ago. It's always changing, in particular to female comics. No longer are certain subjects considered to be a male preserve. Women can talk about sexuality and their bodily functions and it can be very, very entertaining. It's changed the impact of comedy acting.

Patrick Stewart

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#35. I used to think masturbation was not really sex because it only involved me. That's a very limited view of human sexuality, and it isn't going to work for women.

Betty Dodson

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#36. Men have always wanted to have sex with as many fertile young women as possible. It's part of a man's basic programming. That hasn't changed. Civilization is nothing more than an artificial and very thin veneer hiding our deep-seated primitive urges.

Oliver Markus

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#37. When women make their image about youth and sexuality, and not about intellect, that's kind of a dead-end road. So I think it's a combination of self-entrapment and entrapment by society.

K.d. Lang

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#38. I think what's been true across the board is the universal patriarchy, the fear of women ever being born back into complete sexuality and life-force. This manifests itself in different cultural variances, but that's really what's going on everywhere.

Eve Ensler

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#39. Achi used to say that, for a woman, sex was her greatest strength. Morality was nothing but a chain invented by man to enslave women.

Anand Neelakantan

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#40. Men feel about sex the way vampires feel about blood. They don't just like it, they crave it. That's why vampire stories always have strong sexual undercurrents. A vampire's hunger is simply a metaphor for a man's lust. And if a guy is paying attention to you, he wants to have sex with you.

Oliver Markus

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#41. For those of us who question, your whole life becomes a question. Do you then reach some level of understanding, and then it's static? I don't think so" (age twenty-two, unlabeled)

Lisa Diamond

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#42. Most women experience issues of power and sexuality, but very few women talk about it. There's the threat of the loss of approval.

Janet Fitch

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#43. I like the sounds of words. Words are very enjoyable. I like words because they are ... seductive. And I like words because they can contain ... fantasies.

James Lusarde

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#44. In our culture it is a woman's body which is considered important while it is a man's mind or his activities which are valued. A woman is sexy. A man is successful.

Alleen Pace Nilsen

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#45. Sexuality is general, and although only one man may be receiving the favors of a woman, all men in her presence are warm. That's the great generosity of women and the great generosity of the creator who worked it out that way, that there are no unilateral agreements of sexuality.

Leonard Cohen

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#46. To this day, I feel a fierce warmth for women that have the same disregard for the social conventions of sexual protocol as I do. I love it when I meet a woman and her sexuality is dancing across her face, so it's apparent that all we need to do is nod and find a cupboard.

Russell Brand

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#47. Sexual agency is about being able to define your sexuality by the decisions you yourself make, and NOT by the perceptions, expectations or opinions of others.

Miya Yamanouchi

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#48. Women have a certain sexuality, and I think their bodies are beautiful, and I'm not embarrassed to explore that in a film. But there are things you get offered that are vulgar and violent - just like there's a side of me that's vulgar and violent.

Angelina Jolie

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#49. Wittig appears to take issue with genitally organized sexuality per se and to call for an alternative economy of pleasures which would both contest the construction of female subjectivity marked by women's supposedly distinctive reproductive function.

Judith Butler

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#50. The woman who is liberated must never cross the line in which we ask men to examine their actions; we are a country built on the ideas, ingenuity, canniness, and downright brutality of man - to question their motives is to question our existence.

Kristen Kehoe

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#51. The sexier the other woman is, the more jealous your wife gets. And that's where slut shaming comes from. When a woman is too sexually attractive, when she's too good at attracting the attention of the opposite sex, other women will shame her for it, because they are afraid she will steal their men.

Oliver Markus

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#52. Much of the time your attention is directed towards the world of sexuality, it's done through the second attention of a woman - not simply in your physical presence but from thousands of miles away.

Frederick Lenz

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#53. Some women had more penises in their mouth than men had kisses in theirs but it's a relationship that clarifies their worth.

Kent Lamarc

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#54. Stories about the ongoing dramas in our lives as we age are not being told because women find it difficult to be honest about what's going on - about, for example, our heightened sexuality as we age or about living in a society that only values youth.

Olympia Dukakis

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#55. Our relationship was different, therefore successful, because James and I understood each other's sexuality. He loves women; loves them. He was very honest with me about his insatiable appetite for the opposite sex.

Jessica N. Watkins

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#56. French women have been made beautiful by the French people - they're very aware of their bodies, the way they move and speak, they're very confident of their sexuality. French society's made them like that.

Charlotte Rampling

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#57. Nothing spices up one's sex life like having a partner.

Jacob M. Appel

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#58. Sex-positive feminism embraces the entire range of human sexuality and is based on the idea that sexual freedom is an essential component of women's freedom. - Madison Young

Tristan Taormino

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