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#1. The wise man should restrain his senses like the crane and accomplish his purpose with due knowledge of his place, time and ability. - Author: Chanakya
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#2. To have a young person speak back, to hand him the microphone for his first-person utterances, you'd have to have an imagined architecture, otherwise people would say you're putting words in their mouths. - Author: Fred D'Aguiar
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#3. To one man a stream is so much water-power, to another a rendezvous for lovers. - Author: George Henry Lewes
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#4. There are some days where the mysterious art screams spectacularly, for instance on a rainy day under the city lights at night! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#5. My mother named me Deenie because right before I was born she saw a movie about a beautiful girl named Wilmadeene, who everybody called Deenie for short. - Author: Judy Blume
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#6. Jyn shrugged, unable to feign a senator's diction any longer. "Rebellions are built on hope." "There - Author: Alexander Freed
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#7. Her insides began to roar with a ferocious explosion of sensation and entitlement. For a moment, her thinking mind know this was what male and females were put on earth to do. - Author: Lisa McKnight
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#8. I'm depressed! I'm completely depressed! I am firmly convinced that there is no one in this world who really likes me!"
"So what else is new? - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#9. Most books I write because I realize there's a book sized hole in the universe and I want to fill it. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#10. prickly pears from behind a barbed-wire fence. Faded lettering on the sign, designed as a lasso that had at one - Author: John J. Asher
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#11. Millions of people are suffering: they want to be loved but they don't know how to love. And love cannot exist as a monologue; it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue. - Author: Osho
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