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Top 15 Wildernesse Quotes

#1. Nobody has ever convinced me that race is real. - Author: Alice Walker
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#2. Satan never wastes a fiery dart by aiming at a spot covered by armor. The bull's eye is located dead center in our inconsistency. That's where the enemy plans to bring us down. - Author: Beth Moore
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#3. Even our strongest emotions die, don't you think? And we can look back to the woman we were three years ago with the same curiosity and detachment as if it were someone else. - Author: Andre Maurois
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#4. When they have opened a gap in the ... wall of separation between the Garden of the Church and the wildernes of the world, God hath ever ... made his Garden a Wildernesse. - Author: Roger Williams
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#5. What is the life of a man more than the life of a lamb, or any guiltless animal? - Author: James Hogg
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#6. Because just as arms have no force outside if there is no counsel within a house, study is vain and counsel useless that is not put to virtuous effect when the time calls. - Author: Francois Rabelais
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#7. You're always running into people's unconscious. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
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#8. All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there. - Author: Paris Hilton
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#9. I cannot tell how the truth may be; I say the tale as it was said to me. - Author: Walter Scott
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#10. Anyone who presumes to teach art has no understanding of it. - Author: Eleanora Duse
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#11. Give me an hour and I'll make a lifetime out of it. - Author: Ingrid Bergman
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#12. [W]hen they have opened a gap in the hedge or wall of Separation between the Garden of the Church and the Wildernes of the world, God hath ever broke down the wall it selfe, removed the Candlestick, &c. and made his Garden a Wildernesse, as at this day. - Author: Roger Williams
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#13. As Bonaparte would sigh centuries later, it takes very few defeats to unmake a self-made man. - Author: Derek Leebaert
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#14. Everywhere among the English-speaking race criminal justice was rude, and punishments were barbarous; but the tendency was to do away with special privileges and legal exemptions. - Author: Albert Bushnell Hart
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#15. Some are born brilliant, some have brilliance thrust upon them
and others cower in the dark crying, It burns! It burns! - Author: K.A. Laity
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