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#1. I have only one question, my sister and my friend," she said, so earnestly that Kethry came out of her own fear and looked deeply into the shadowed eyes that met hers. "And that is this; which way do you want them sliced - lengthwise, or widthwise? - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#2. It's not what the dream is but what the dream does. - Author: John H. Johnson
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#3. And I twisted it wrong just to make it right
Had to leave myself behind - Author: Ben Folds
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#4. It was a pleasure to open that door and turn the lock, hearing the solid thunk and clang as the mechanism slid into place. I had done this so many times to my own heart; it was a pleasure to do it to the world. - Author: S. Jae-Jones
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#5. called The Flying Haldemans: Pity the Poor Private Pilot. - Author: Ashlee Vance
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#6. When I was a child I had a nightmare, and in the morning, I asked my mother and father, 'If I kill someone, would you still love me?' My parents were very preoccupied with this, but I think I'm not the only one to ask for that - not love, but absolute fidelity. - Author: Claire Denis
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#7. A good cover has a distinct silhouette - Author: J. C. Leyendecker
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#8. People who want to go to power places all of the time and want to be around powerful people, they don't last long in the study. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#9. Men don't mature. Marry a younger one. - Author: Rita Rudner
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#10. By doing the work to love ourselves more, I believe we will love each other better. - Author: Laverne Cox
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#11. Your network is your net worth. - Author: Tim Sanders
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#12. God made yeast, as well as dough, and loves fermentation just as dearly as he loves vegetation. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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