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#1. See, that's the beauty of books. We get to take what we want out of them and it can be different for everyone. You get a good one, you may even find what you need.

Kristen Ashley

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#2. You never beat the game...You go in, take what you need, get out. Never stay too long and never, never try to whip the game. Stay there too long and they figure you out, start chewing at the corners on you, know your betting. Then maybe two, three of them get together and whipsaw you.

Gary Paulsen

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#3. You may not get what you want, but God always gives you what you need.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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#4. Look, a lot of directors were actors, even if they were unsuccessful actors which I think is helpful. I think it's a really helpful thing for a director to have experienced that. It helps you know how to talk to actors and how to get what you need from them.

Grant Heslov

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#5. Love is a component of many different things - the baggage you bring, the moment, what you need in your life, seeing someone as a portal for understanding everything, and all the intensity that brings. It's not something to count on and act like it's a stable thing.

Alexandra Cassavetes

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#6. Child, the Lord gives you what you need, when you need it.

Charles Martin

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#7. But you should go, if that's what you need to do to get over it. You should go and cry your heart out.

Chica Umino

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#8. When I did that '3 Days of Normal' one, we had no budget, and we were all staying in a house in New Hampshire. There's no trailers, and it's just a family environment. There's not much of a crew; you just do what you need to do.

Mircea Monroe

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#9. It's a constant learning process - not just what you need to learn for the character or as far as good actors - but as an actor, there's no limit. Every time now, you're learning so, I think that's a good thing though.

Paul Dano

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#10. How do you manage?" she asked in a low voice. "How do you manage to carry your weapon, to stand guard, to go and fight, to be strong for all of us?"
"I give you," said Alexander, glancing at her, "what you need most from me.

Paullina Simons

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#11. I cannot control what goes on in another lane and this is how I focus on the Games. There is no point in being nervous of other swimmers. It's just about focusing on yourself and what you need to do in order to perform at your best.

Cameron Van Der Burgh

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#12. Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's gone

Ilsa J. Bick

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#13. A lot of times we look at the whole world and think, 'it's so daunting, how can we change the whole world?' and you don't need to do that, what you need to do is change your world a little bit, and see if you can, through example, inspire others to do the same thing.

Michael Franti

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#14. O child of suffering, be thou patient; God has not passed thee over in his providence. He who is the feeder of sparrows, will also furnish you with what you need.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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#15. I need another drink!" I said as a second attempt to change the subject.
"Shots!" America yelled.
Shepley rolled his eyes. "Oh, yeah. That's what you need, another shot.

Jamie McGuire

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#16. Slow down you're doing fine You can't be everything you want to be Before your time Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight Too bad but it's the life you lead You're so ahead of yourself That you forfeit what you need Though you can see when you're wrong

Billy Joel

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#17. [in 1979] You must have - besides intuition and sensitivity - a cutting edge that allows you to reach what you need. Also, you have to know life - bastards included - and it takes a bit of one to know one, don't you think?

Laurence Olivier

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#18. Sometimes you gotta do what's right for you and forget about everybody else. All that matters is what you want. What you need.

Miranda Kenneally

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#19. Are you able to open to the possibility that what you want is not what you need right now? If it was what you needed it would be in your life, right now, and it would come effortlessly.

Kelly Martin

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#20. I'm here to deliver what you need.

Jacintha Topaz

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#21. You get the most out of what you need the least.

Jane Bryant Quinn

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#22. Okay, then I'll just say I love you. There is nothing in this world more important to me than you are. I'm only content when you're near. My whole purpose is to be what you need me to be. It's not poetry, but it's from my heart. Will that do?

Colleen Houck

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#23. Listen to your critics. Because if you go through life denying what they say, you'll never be a good writer. The only way to improve, is to listen to those who tell you what you need to work on

Adam Snowflake

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#24. On some days you get what you want, and on others, you get what you need.

Hunter S. Thompson

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#25. A Christian is somebody whose eyes have been opened, who admits that Jesus is not what you expected, but he's what you need.

Timothy Keller

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#26. I write all the time, but you just want to be careful what you put out. That's all. You want to have the confidence that you've done what you need to do to it, because otherwise it's an exercise in vanity.

Dylan Moran

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#27. So relax into life, breathe deep and let go.
Attain what you need but don't sell your soul.
For it's a treasure far beyond the mere baubles of men
and once lost, much harder to earn back again.

(From the poem "Gratitude" by Mark Rickerby)

Mark Rickerby

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#28. As a parent, if give yourself what you need, your children will watch you doing that and will give themselves what they need.

Susan Cain

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#29. Your partner cannot read your mind, so talk to your partner about how you're feeling and what you need.

Drew Pinsky

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#30. You make some big grandoise decision about what you need to do, or who you need to be, and then circumstances arise that immediately reveal to you how little you understood about yourself.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#31. The most difficult thing is the organization of people and the expression of your intentions. It's very easy to have a picture in your head and to imagine that you've told everybody about what you need.

Neil Jordan

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#32. But that's how the tree works, ain't it? It gives you what you wish for but not in a way that makes things better. I suppose that's the difference between what you want and what you need." Molly

Jonathan Auxier

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#33. veryone is capable of learning; the trick is knowing what you need to learn.

Donna Snyder-Smith

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#34. You're so busy taking care of everyone else, you can't see that someone needs to take care of you. So tell me what you need, and I'll be that for you.

Rebecca Yarros

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#35. Strength that has effort in it is not what you need; you need the strength that is the result of ease.

Ida Rolf

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#36. You have to live in order to have something to write about - you get caught up in moviemaking and celebrities and money, and it's very intoxicating, but it doesn't give you what you need as a writer. You have to do something else for that.

John Patrick Shanley

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#37. I thought the Wall Street Journal quote, they got a guy in Iowa to say I think exactly where I think this race is right now for a lot Republicans. He said, "Nobody in Iowa wants [Donald]Trump for president. But everybody in Iowa wants somebody like Trump for president." That's what you need.

Dalia Mogahed

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#38. When you're making a psychological thriller, what you need to do is have an audience on shifting sand so they're never quite sure where they are.

Mark Strong

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#39. Tell me what you need," he said between raining soft kisses against my hair, temple, and cheek. "I'll do anything for you.

Penny Reid

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#40. There are in life a few miraculous moments when the right person is there to tell you what you need to hear and you are still open enough, impressionable enough, to take it in.

Ann Patchett

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#41. In law it is good policy to never plead what you need not, lest you oblige yourself to prove what you can not.

Abraham Lincoln

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#42. Being (who you need to be) and doing (what you need to do) are prerequisites for having what you want to have.

Hal Elrod

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#43. You don't pack what you need; you pack what you think you will probably need, taking into account each and every possibility, and then add some more stuff ... just in case.

Jayde Scott

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#44. You're alone with yourself and your own feelings and that gives you deeper access to what you need to get in touch with to write poetry.

Edward Hirsch

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#45. Susanna, what you need is a man to look after you
a proper one, not a drunk or a philanderer
or sure as fate, you'll not be safe on this earth."
"Oh, nonsense, Nan. I had a man, and he didn't look after me at all, and now I'm just beginning to enjoy myself.

Judith Merkle Riley

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#46. I believe that in any initiative, you can't have a flavor of the month. When you believe something is profound in a company, you can not be a logical leader. You have to go to the lunatic fringe. There is no way that logic is what you need to change people.

Jack Welch

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#47. People think that when you use Google you're finding exactly what you need, but really, you need expert help.

Robert Darnton

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#48. Ezri, if you need to hit me, then by the gods hit me. If that's what you need, I won't fight you for a second. Not ever. Just ... tell me what you want.

Scott Lynch

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#49. Fairness isn't getting what everyone else gets. Fairness is getting what you need.

Liliana Shelbrook

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#50. No matter what society is trying to drill in your head about how you should look, how you should act, and what you need to say, I think it's all crap. All of it. Be yourself and do you.

Christina Grimmie

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#51. It's not about where you were born or where you come from that makes you a good scientist. What you need are good teachers, co-students, facilities.

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

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#52. The truth: you have what you need. Watch out for excuses. Whenever you're tempted to whine about what you don't have, remember that God has given you everything you need to do everything He wants you to do.

Craig Groeschel

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#53. Just tell me what you need to make you happy." "You.

Jessica Sorensen

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#54. You're not interesting in the least," she spat. "I don't need to be," I smiled. "That's what you need ... And you're welcome to it.

Donna Lynn Hope

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#55. Details. Evidence gathering. Surveillance. It's the basis of everything. You've got to settle down and watch long enough and hard enough to get what you need.

Lee Child

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#56. when you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order, too. As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need in life and what you don't, and what you should and shouldn't do.

Marie Kondo

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#57. Grateful and awake, ask what you need to know now. Say what you feel now. Love what you love now.

Mark Nepo

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#58. The universe only gives you what you can handle, so trust that whatever is happening to you is exactly what you need. Just trust. Have certainty!

Patricia Velasquez

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#59. What I'm saying is that loving you - even if I'm not sure you love me - it's familiar territory," he said. "I've picked it right back up like riding a bike. And I can do it for a little while longer, if that's what you need.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

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#60. Passion is what you need to be good, an unforgiving passion.

David Easton

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#61. But it doesn't matter now. It's like an umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm after you're already wet. It's exactly what you need, what you want, but it's come too late.

Rebecca Serle

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#62. Your job in life is to look after yourself and to find ways to get what you need - emotionally and otherwise - so that you live your best possible life, without being mired in anger and hurt over the past.

Amy Dickinson

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#63. Happiness comes from what you love to do, not necessarily from what you need to do; to succeed!

Amit Chatterjee

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#64. You're just suffering from the belief that there's something missing from your life. In reality, you always have what you need.

Byron Katie

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#65. Because sometimes, laughter is what you need

Cat Patrick

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#66. Jackie patted her on the shoulder, "you know what you need?"
Ash peeked out from between her fingers."Eight hours of rest before tomorrows exam? Bug spray that repels assholes?

Karsten Knight

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#67. Never have anyone else carry your luggage. Pack only what you need.

Karen Finerman

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#68. You didn't accidentally get your personality, looks and gifts. You were designed on purpose to be the way you are. You have what you need to fulfill your destiny.

Joel Osteen

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#69. There is still a perception that the way women are isn't necessarily what you need for the powerhouse start-ups.

Anita Borg

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#70. Do you know what you need?" Malcolm was saying now.
To get laid, I thought.
"To get laid," Malcolm said.

Diana Peterfreund

What You Need Quotes #1231702
#71. If you seem to yourself to be lacking in certain necessary qualities, if your character seems to lack strength, ask God to give you what you need - and He will. You can build any quality into your mentality by meditating upon that quality every day.

Emmet Fox

What You Need Quotes #1222867
#72. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need to get the story you want. Be yourself and be informal. Forming trusting relationships with subjects is key to the success of the film, so if you're trying to be anything other than yourself, it won't work.

Ivy Meeropol

What You Need Quotes #1222241
#73. When you're young you just run, but you come back to what you need.

Taylor Swift

What You Need Quotes #1222213
#74. The past is a whirlpool. If you let it dominate your present moment, it will suck you in," said Shams as if he had read my thoughts. "Time is just an illusion. What you need is to live this very moment. That is all that matters.

Elif Shafak

What You Need Quotes #1219504
#75. Watch your own body and mind, and the people and things surrounding you, from the deep, calm place inside of you. When you do that you'll have insights as to what you need to do in order to flow with the river of life around you.

Ken Keyes Jr.

What You Need Quotes #1218452
#76. As if, within their high-pitched cries and songs, there are coded threats. 'Sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you need and sometimes you get what you get.' Extract

Marian Keyes

What You Need Quotes #1050259
#77. Take what you need, do what you should, you will get what you want.

Gottfried Leibniz

What You Need Quotes #1100684
#78. When you can't get what you want, get what you need

Benny Bellamacina

What You Need Quotes #1100385
#79. What you need to know is very little, but to know that little takes very very much.

G.I. Gurdjieff

What You Need Quotes #1098547
#80. You got to ask yourself what's more important
to try to do everything your own way and lose it all, or to ask for help so you can get what you need, when you need it. Always remember, you not here in this world alone. You got friends.

Jordan Castillo Price

What You Need Quotes #1093528
#81. I know that you don't believe it, but indeed, life will bring you through. You will live it down in time. What you need now is fresh air, fresh air, fresh air!

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

What You Need Quotes #1093488
#82. Still, it can be more effective to accomplish what you need to accomplish with the minimum effort. Watch Anthony Hopkins. He doesn't appear to be doing anything. He is so still that you can't see him working, but you are drawn into his character through his very stillness.

Morgan Freeman

What You Need Quotes #1092776
#83. you already know the majority of what you need to know to be an incredible parent

Mayim Bialik

What You Need Quotes #1088274
#84. It's the secret to happiness, you know. Only take what you need.

Adriana Trigiani

What You Need Quotes #1085625
#85. All medicine comes down to this: Find out what's bugging you; get rid of it. Find out what you need; get it. The body does the rest.

Mark Hyman, M.D.

What You Need Quotes #1081671
#86. But a writing project begins not just in doubt but also in faith-that if your passion is genuine, if you have mastered the elements of your craft, in the act of writing you will learn the rest of what you need to know in order to do justice to your subject.

Philip Gerard

What You Need Quotes #1070025
#87. Don't just get what you need; achieve what you want.


What You Need Quotes #1063008
#88. Don't be disheartened when you didn't get to be with the one you love. Sometimes you just have to accept the reality that the one you asked God for, asked God for somebody else. God is All-Knowing. He knows what you need. Trust His master plan.

Rita Zahara

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#89. Grieving is messy and horrible, and it takes too long, and everyone tells you what you need.

Katherine Lampe

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#90. School is not easy for kids and football wasn't easy for me ... but if it's something you truly believe in, it's something you've got to fight for and be willing to do what you need to do make it work.

Emmitt Smith

What You Need Quotes #1058864
#91. Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It's the understanding that the universe is fundamentally friendly. It's a mode of training your senses and intellect so you're able to perceive the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Rob Brezsny

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#92. Crow's Law.
Do not believe what you want to believe, until you know what you need to know. R.V. Jones of Scientific Intelligence WWII.

Neville J. Anderson-Budd

What You Need Quotes #1055986
#93. Remember that you are always exactly where you need to be, experiencing what you need to experience so that you can learn what you must learn in order to become the person you need to be to create everything you want for your life. Always.

Hal Elrod

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#94. Nobody needs a cookie. You will never get your lab results back, Well, apparently, Miss Bexim what you need - and I am a doctor, I've never seen this before - some sort of a cookie. You're actually too healthy. You need a cookie.

Dom Irrera

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#95. Use what you've got. What you need is usually there if you can see it and if you have the courage to use it.

Gloria Feldt

What You Need Quotes #1022453
#96. So tell me, okay? Tell me what you need, and tell me every single time you need it, and I'll be there.

Emily Henry

What You Need Quotes #1031802
#97. When you feel distracted, engage in self-talk. Ask yourself: "What am I focusing on?" Return to the present moment. What do you need to accomplish? Check into what you need and check out of what you do not need. Talk

Mike Cernovich

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#98. There are ways to get what you need out of your warrior. You just must be clever in finding them

Kristen Ashley

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#99. Work hard for what you need in life and door of prosperity will open for you

Sunday Adelaja

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#100. Life has a way of taking you past your wants and hopes. Instead, it drops you in front of what you need.

Shannon L. Alder

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