Top 81 What Did I Do Now Quotes

#1. What did I do now?'
It was getting to the point where she didn't know any longer, but she was certain it couldn't be proper. 'Don't waste sugar,' she improvised.
'I'm not wasting it; I'm drinking it,' May countered.

Suzanne Enoch

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#2. So what do the Irons want, peacemaker?" Bercelak demanded of his sister's mate.
Annwyl threw her hands up.
"What did I do now?

G.A. Aiken

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#3. What about the look in your eyes?' 'God knows. I was just trying to make you better.' 'Well, you did that. You've always done that. Now, go to bed. I don't dare help you. It's all I can do right now, just looking at you, falling out of my dressing gown like that.

Beatriz Williams

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#4. Whaddaya want?" growled Viola, our small, surly, octogenarian waitress.
What did I want? A job. A clue. A love.
"Two coffees," Len answered for me.
Coffee would do for now, I guess.

Megan McCafferty

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#5. Finding the stewardess, Bly asked her about the monkey. The stewardess replied drily, "We have met." Bly was now alarmed to see that the stewardess's arm was bandaged from wrist to shoulder."What did you do?" she asked. "I did nothing but scream," the stewardess replied; "the monkey did the rest.

Matthew Goodman

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#6. You have to be young to be able to do things like that. Now I'm more cautious. I'm proud that I was able to do what I did - psychologically it was a great wall to climb - but sometimes I regret it.

Mathias Rust

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#7. - I want to atone -
He couldn't of course. Nothing he did now could atone fully for what he had done. But he could do one thing. Just one thing.

Stephen Lloyd Jones

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#8. If I used to ask myself, over a coffin: "What good did it do the occupant to be born?", I now put the same question about anyone alive.

Emil Cioran

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#9. I heard Nik bellow, "Aimee. Get your ass back in here, now!" As the doors slid closed, I flipped him off. Just who did that man think he was? I would figure this out myself. I was sick and tired of these powerful, commanding men telling me what to do with my life. They could all go to hell. *****

Lora Ann

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#10. I'm always telling people baseball needs to be more prominent in the African American community. What a better way to do so, going on these TV shows and appearing on the cover of this or that. Now kids can see how baseball can change your life. Frank Thomas did that for me.

Matt Kemp

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#11. I would think you an utter fool if you did not doubt me, warrior. Instead, I am forced to respect your uncommon intelligence. Now what, do you suppose, should I do from there?

Jacquelyn Frank

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#12. I did what I had to do. Now he's motivated."
"Yeah, sure, motivated to s**t his pants maybe," Luke point out.

Amanda Steel

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#13. I did work out every day. I needed it to have the endurance to do what needed to be done and not get hurt. I have such a new respect for action stars now.

Sanaa Lathan

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#14. The way I work with my people is totally different. I never wanted to compare myself, in a healthy way to Jillian [Michaels] because she did what she did, and I respect that. Now I want to do what I do.

Jessie Pavelka

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#15. As a father now, I wouldn't do what my dad did, because it left me feeling emotionally unstable as a kid. But he didn't do the things he did out of selfishness or malice.

Anthony Kiedis

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#16. I think every time you go to do something, it's a challenge. Somebody said to me, 'You've done it all. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?' I said, 'I'd do everything I did better.'

Liza Minnelli

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#17. Getting sober just exploded my life. Now I have a much clearer sense of myself and what I can and can't do. I am more successful than I have ever been. I feel very positive where I never did before, and I think that's all a direct result of getting sober.

Jamie Lee Curtis

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#18. There was definitely a moment, a time after 'The Hand That Rocks the Cradle', when I did get offered a lot of women in jeopardy-type roles. But I couldn't do it, physically, I just couldn't. But now I know what I know, I wonder if I should have played the whole fame game a little more.

Annabella Sciorra

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#19. With what all these people are saying, do you think that anybody wants to be around me? They all think that I did this on purpose? That I knew that I was positive, for so many years? I feel now that I'm going to be attacked if anybody sees me or if I go to the office.

Marc Wallice

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#20. My God, what did I do before Facebook? I guess I had to call people and see how they're doing! Now I can just read a post and call when in trouble.

Marissa Jaret Winokur

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#21. What are you, a door mouse?!" Cloudtail mewed impatiently, prodding Lionblaze. Lionblaze looked up at the white warrior looking down at him, "Aww did you have to do that?! I was having a really great dream!"
"And now you can go on a really great water patrol!" Cloudtail grumbled.

Erin Hunter

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#22. If I just do everything the opposite of what my dad did, I think that will make things pretty easy. I can joke about it now because I'm past that stage where it used to hurt. By having a kid, it's gone. I could take all that negative energy that I had and put it in a positive way.

Derrick Rose

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#23. I want to live in light of eternity. I want to do now what I'll be glad I did then.

Johnny Hunt

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#24. What is the thing that Will could do to make me not love him? That would make me abandon him? I can't think of one. I'm sorry. Except if he did something bad to the kids - now we've got a problem.

Jada Pinkett Smith

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#25. This is worse than death. Now i have to spend eternity with my nagging wife and mother-in-law. what did i do to deserve this?

John Corwin

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#26. I found myself wondering what life would be if Jem were different, even from what he was now; what I would do if Atticus did not feel the necessity of my presence, help and advice. Why, he couldn't get along a day without me. Even Calpurnia couldn't get along unless I was there. They needed me.

Harper Lee

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#27. What I wanted was to be allowed to do the thing in the world that I did best - which I believed then and believe now is the greatest privilege there is. When I did that, success found me.

Debbi Fields

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#28. Come back so i can say yes this time do it again now that i know what to call what you did
this time i'll be ready i like it rough now and i'm done with romance i never met another man who loved me so much at first sight he had to hurt me to do it

Daphne Gottlieb

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#29. What you feel spiritually. I think a lot of that has to do with it. If you have no spiritual life, chances are everything is going to aggravate you, you're going to fly off the handle at everything and that's what I did in the past. I've kind of got that under control now.

Mike Ditka

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#30. How did I end up here? How did I land myself in this shithole? And what the hell do I do now?

Kandi Steiner

What Did I Do Now Quotes #1734984
#31. Mother, where did you find the courage?' ... ' Courage, Johnny? I don't know. We just do blindly the thing we think is right ... What was it that moved me: love? Duty? Ambition? All three. Now I have my reward in full measure.' -p. Abigail to Johnny, Those Who Love, p. 564

Irving Stone

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#32. He put his arms around her. "Well, in my defense, then, whatever I did seemed to work, didn't it?"
She sighed. "I suppose."
"You suppose?"
"What do you want? A medal?"
"For starters. A trophy would be nice, too."
She smiled. "What do you think you're holding right now?

Nicholas Sparks

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#33. A little of everything, that's what a successful business is all about, Brian. Diversity, pleasure, amazement, fulfillment ... what a successful life is all about, for that matter ... I don't give advice, but if I did, you could do worse than to remember that ... now let me see ... somewhere

Stephen King

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#34. One of the words I railed against was "personality," as in a "TV personality." But now I wonder if it isn't the only word for that vast swarm of people who are famous for being famous - and possibly nothing else. What did the Gabor sisters actually do?

William Zinsser

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#35. I still don't understand anything- exept that somehow I know that You are love. And that in my heart has been so great a love for Christy as I did not know could exist on this earth. You, God, must be responsible. You must have put it there. So what do I do with it now?

Catherine Marshall

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#36. I'm trying to exploit the bestseller, in a way, but not in the sense of repeating the formula. It's just that the bestseller did so well economically that now I'm freer to do what I want to do, or to try out what I want to try out.

Daniel Kehlmann

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#37. What should I do - how should I act now, this very day ... What she would resolve to do that day did not yet seem quite clear, but something that she could achieve stirred her as with an approaching murmur which would soon gather distinctness.

George Eliot

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#38. I see my upbringing as a great success story. By disciplining me, my parents inculcated self-discipline. And by restricting my choices as a child, they gave me so many choices in my life as an adult. Because of what they did then, I get to do the work I love now.

Amy Chua

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#39. What other option did I have, now that words had failed me? What do any of us have when words fail us?

Patrick Rothfuss

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#40. Her heart swelled with an emotion she had never felt before. Did she dare call it love? For the second time tonight, she suspected her heart had ignored all her warnings that falling in love with the forester was imprudent and impossible. Oh, dear heaven, what am I to do now? Her

Melanie Dickerson

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#41. Writing was what I did best, better than being a daughter or girlfriend or sister. Writing was me. But now writing is one of the things I can't do.

Jennifer Niven

What Did I Do Now Quotes #1502047
#42. Tris," he says. "What did they do to you? You're acting like a lunatic."
"That's not very nice of you to say," I say. "They put me in a good mood, that's all. And now I really want to kiss you, so if you could just relax-

Veronica Roth

What Did I Do Now Quotes #283410
#43. I'd always meant to become a musician. I'd just never gotten around to it. And my daughter being born, I was like, Okay, this is seriously the last chance. And also: Do you really want to be a dad who never did what he wanted to do? You've got to set an example now. You've got to do this.

Jonathan Coulton

What Did I Do Now Quotes #474823
#44. In the past, if you did film, you couldn't do stage, and if you did film, you certainly didn't do television. You had to pick what you wanted to be. Now it seems like we can bounce around, not only between genres, but between mediums, and I like that. I like change and I like a good story.

Garret Dillahunt

What Did I Do Now Quotes #464055
#45. I knew her type. She'd had some bad dating experiences and now she focused more on what she didn't want than what she did want. Avoidance dating. She was already angry with me for the thoughtless things I would potentially do if we dated. When

Will McIntosh

What Did I Do Now Quotes #431519
#46. It is a transition, from modelling to singing, but for me it's a natural progression. The modelling was something I did to travel the world and make some money and end up doing what I want to do. It was a way for me to go gather the experience to write an album and now sing about it.

Erica Packer

What Did I Do Now Quotes #430392
#47. Don't worry about finding your bliss right now. Not even our President knew what his bliss was, nor did I. One of these days to your own surprise, your bliss will find you. But no matter what you do, participate, be there, full force, full heart, full steam ahead.

Barbara Walters

What Did I Do Now Quotes #402676
#48. Style, I think, is panache. Who are you? What did you do today? And what are you worth to me? What do you have to offer the world? How did you spend your time today on this planet? How are you spending your time every second? What are you doing now? Are you alive, or are you somnambulant?

Tom Hardy

What Did I Do Now Quotes #359224
#49. I've been trying to come to terms with what I am and what I do and what I believe in. And I see that I'm not happy with - well, it's almost as if being a poet is not enough for me. It's too late for me to do more now. I did what I could in a small way. I did it as theater, too, to be honest.

Gerald Stern

What Did I Do Now Quotes #327321
#50. When I was younger, I did what I now call 'extreme singing.' I could do this thing where I would sing really high. I can't really do that anymore, at my age. My voice has shifted. It's changed.

Billy Porter

What Did I Do Now Quotes #327007
#51. I now embrace the pleasures of this life with as much or more passion as I did before, but I do so without expecting those pleasures to provide any more than a foretaste of what is to come - a tremendously liberating knowledge.

Ted Dekker

What Did I Do Now Quotes #323970
#52. But if I paid attention, really paid attention maybe I could ignore the mountain of sadness and she might entertain and distract me and I would think this is life. The romance and the sadness. I am in it now. I did do that which is what happened.

Eileen Myles

What Did I Do Now Quotes #510249
#53. What did I do to deserve you?" I wonder aloud, feeling like this woman just doesn't stop bewitching me.
"Nothing really. You bossed me into dating you. Fucked me good, and then you wouldn't leave me alone. Now you're stuck with me.

River Savage

What Did I Do Now Quotes #247349
#54. WHERE did you say it was?' asked Pooh.
Just here,' said Eeyore.
Made of sticks?'
Oh!' said Piglet.
What?' said Eeyore.
I just said "Oh!"' said Piglet nervously. And so as to seem quite at ease he hummed Tiddely-pom once or twice in a what-shall-we-do-now kind of way.

A.A. Milne

What Did I Do Now Quotes #234099
#55. I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

Glennon Doyle Melton

What Did I Do Now Quotes #182243
#56. In my opinion a lot of people who may seem happy now would do what I did or similar things if they had the money and the time. I

John Fowles

What Did I Do Now Quotes #155647
#57. I enjoyed my 15 years at the top, and now I enjoy watching the current crop. What I did, maybe they can't do, and what they do, perhaps I couldn't do. It's like that. I wanted to simply be the best. On a professional level, I wanted to be No. 1, and I worked hard to be that.

Jahangir Khan

What Did I Do Now Quotes #150890
#58. I don't understand," Holden said. "If you didn't do this, then who did?"
"See now, that's a good question, on several levels. Depending on what you mean by 'this.

James S.A. Corey

What Did I Do Now Quotes #111114
#59. The whole point of diaries is that other people find them and read what you've put. I did once take to writing my inner thoughts on the computer at the end of other things I was writing and ended up faxing four pages of hideous stuff to my accountant so I don't do that now.

Helen Fielding

What Did I Do Now Quotes #87259
#60. Well your mom was right, in a way. What do you mean? He DID fall, right? So he wasn't safe on the stool. Thanks, Annette. Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I needed to hear right now. You're a very inspiring person, you know that?

Jordan Sonnenblick

What Did I Do Now Quotes #81739
#61. You believe me, don't you? You really do. Why do you believe me? Did Anechka do something to you? Now I owe you; and I may look little, but I know how to fight. I learned by fighting with Hargis. I'll kick her ass if she hurts you, Lane; just tell me - what did she do?
Blayne Giano O'hicidhe

Wynter Wilkins

What Did I Do Now Quotes #47213
#62. I used to think fear either numbed or nudged. Now I knew fear did neither. Fear was a key that fit every person's hollow spaces---those things that kept us cold at night and that place where we retreated when no one was looking---and all it could do was unlock what was already there.

Roshani Chokshi

What Did I Do Now Quotes #863738
#63. All I'm doing now is extra. I've already did what I am going to do in my career.

Manny Ramirez

What Did I Do Now Quotes #1007020
#64. What I do know now, and didn't know then is that, in the long run, motive matters more with good deeds than it does with bad. When all the guilt and shame for the bad we've done have run their course, it's the good we did that can save us.

Gregory David Roberts

What Did I Do Now Quotes #1006001
#65. Do I even want to know what that was?" I only half way wanted an answer.

"It's something you should've already taken by now." I lifted my head, searching his face, but when I did his face doubled. Fact two: he'd drugged me. Great.

Angela McPherson

What Did I Do Now Quotes #997092
#66. You are my heiress now. --Malaxia
I am not a witch! --Liana
St. Michel the Archangel, get down here. --Jettaret
I have wept for the living and the dead.
What good did it do them? --Alberge

Wendy Joseph

What Did I Do Now Quotes #965415
#67. I thought you were interesting. Why did you do what it said?" "I ... " I can't think up a fake answer quickly enough. "I'm a straight guy, you know. So if a girl talks to me or whatever, I'll do exactly what she says." Wait, now: make it a compliment. "Especially if it's a pretty girl." I smile.

Ned Vizzini

What Did I Do Now Quotes #960819
#68. I'm still a hacker. I get paid for it now. I never received any monetary gain from the hacking I did before. The main difference in what I do now compared to what I did then is that I now do it with authorization.

Kevin Mitnick

What Did I Do Now Quotes #935847
#69. I must remember to be troublesome now and again, else you are going to be impossible to live with. And by what magic did you find the gown and the horse?"
"Scottish fairy magic." His grin widened.
"Do you mean that fairies are real in Scotland?

Shelly Thacker

What Did I Do Now Quotes #886775
#70. What is your name, Blind people do not need a name, I am my voice, nothing else matters, But you wrote books and those books carry your name, said the doctor's wife, Now nobody can read them, it is as if they did not exist.

Jose Saramago

What Did I Do Now Quotes #876642
#71. I did a cover for 'Rolling Stone' the other day and it was a kind of crazy lack of outfit. I thought, 'Oh, Lord. I'm never going to be Jane Austen in a film now!' 'Cause that's what I'd really like to do.

Rose McGowan

What Did I Do Now Quotes #868830
#72. But how do you apologize for this? I know what I did, I know it was bad, some of it was really bad. But how am I supposed to fix anything now?

Amanda Maciel

What Did I Do Now Quotes #1037600
#73. Did you miss my job description? Or were you just not paying attention the day I busted heads on Olympus? Fucking with you people is what I do. It's what I live for and I'm really tired of you now. (ZT)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

What Did I Do Now Quotes #774958
#74. I'm married now, so I have a life. I had to get a life. That's one thing I really had to do, you know. You do that kind of work on television series after television series and you don't have a life. So, that's part of what I did while I was gone, I got a life.

Kate Jackson

What Did I Do Now Quotes #773356
#75. The funniest thing is not who influenced me positively, but who influenced me negatively. I had such an aversion to what Busby Berkeley did; in my early formative years, I thought it was terrible. Now, I think it's wonderful. But then, I wanted to do anything but what Busby Berkeley did.

Stanley Donen

What Did I Do Now Quotes #747141
#76. I think he's right. I think it's time we did what we're supposed to do. We all agreed to it just last night." Minho broke into a nervous smile. Newt's hands balled into fists. It was now or never.

James Dashner

What Did I Do Now Quotes #694593
#77. I believe that this could very well be looked back on as the sin of our generation ... I believe that our children and their children, 40 or 50 years from now, are going to ask me, what did you do while 40 million children became orphans in Africa?

Richard Stearns

What Did I Do Now Quotes #661191
#78. MOANING MYRTLE: What did you call me? Do I moan? Am I moaning now? AM I? AM I? SCORPIUS: No, I didn't mean . . . MOANING MYRTLE: What's my name? SCORPIUS: Myrtle. MOANING MYRTLE: Exactly - Myrtle. Myrtle Elizabeth Warren - a pretty name - my name - no need for the moaning.

J.K. Rowling

What Did I Do Now Quotes #653774
#79. I'm sure you gathered this by now: I just do what I want. Have I made out with chicks? Hell yeah. Did I think it was awesome? Hell yeah. I wouldn't call myself bi. Like, if I didn't eat meat for a week, it doesn't make me a vegetarian. So I like people, and that's just it. I like people.


What Did I Do Now Quotes #621924
#80. The techie was still going. Now I want to know what else the dude did while he was messing around in there, right? So I do a scan for any other stuff that was deleted around the same time. And guess what pops up? The entire Outlook PST file. Nuked. At four eleven in the A.M.

Tana French

What Did I Do Now Quotes #587150
#81. Fortunately for me I was able to do well here, and it really did great things for my career and now hopefully I can go out there and continue to do what I did.

Latrell Sprewell

What Did I Do Now Quotes #514285

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