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#1. One of the great things about movies is that it's just that short period of time. It's a bubble. The last thing you want to know is that Elizabeth and Darcy had a fight over how to treat the servants! - Author: Nora Ephron
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#2. She holds herself like she matters, laughs like she cares, smiles like she's somebody. - Author: Robin York
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#3. When you are warm-hearted, there is no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#4. It is the silence between sounds that create Rhythm. - Author: Nelly Mazloum
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#5. The lights of Wayward Pines glowed against the cliffs that boxed it in, and for the first time, those steep mountain walls seemed inviting. Fortifications - Author: Blake Crouch
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#6. Life is a race, and what matters most isn't when a person crosses the finish line, but how strong they've grown along the way. - Author: Jen Stephens
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#7. Many of you have asked the Lord, looking at Him: Why, Lord? And the Lord answers to each one of you, to your heart, Christ responds with His heart. It's the only thing I can tell you. Let us look to Christ, He is the Lord and He understands us because He underwent all the trials that we go through. - Author: Pope Francis
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#8. Too much sun after a Syracuse winter does strange things to your head, makes you feel strong, even if you aren't. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#9. I want people to see me for who I am and not for how someone else is trying to promote me. - Author: Gina Carano
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#10. I don't know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived. - Author: Will Smith
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#11. I think you just have to turn it around and say we are at this absolute historical moment. No generation has ever been as powerful as us. We have the future of our species in our hands. We could be the generation that people look back on and say, 'They bloody did it!', not 'They didn't bother.' - Author: Franny Armstrong
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#12. If I could have one magical power it would be to get inside someone else's head, even just for a second, so that I could know what's important to other people, who they love and who they hate. You might treat certain people differently if you knew what was really in their heart. - Author: Victor Lodato
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#13. I'm very introspective, and I mostly don't talk to people. I get into a real quiet, meditative place. - Author: Roseanne Barr
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#14. IT metrics have to evolve from being a cost center to becoming a revenue generator. - Author: Pearl Zhu
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#15. When I broke into professional hockey at 17 I was told that I was too small and too slow and I wouldn't make the NHL. Now it's kind of flip-flopped and the sense is I can't be a good coach because I was a great athlete. - Author: Wayne Gretzky
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#16. The search for meaning was the cornerstone of human disquiet - Author: Blake Crouch
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#17. There was a beast in there. But there was also a girl who was afraid of being a beast, and who wondered if other people had beasts in their hearts too. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#19. The idea of Wayward Pines was always more important to him than the people who called that town home, and I'm sorry to say, it was more important than any of you. - Author: Blake Crouch
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