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#1. Every little boy wanna pick up the mic,
And try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype.
But that's like pickin up a ball, playin with Mike,
Swingin at Ken Griffey or challengin' Roy to a fight. - Author: LL Cool J
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#2. Gray skies are just clouds passing over. - Author: Frank Gifford
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#3. They're getting me involved in intrigue again, and I think it follows a classic formula in a soap opera. - Author: Michael Zaslow
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#4. I knew the term Stepford Wife, and I knew what that meant. I never read the book, and I think before I started filming I watched the movie. I thought it was very dated. - Author: Glenn Close
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#5. I'm in love with a girl who knows me better.
Fell for the woman just when I met her.
Took my sweet time when I was bitter.
Someone understands,
She knows how treat a fella right.
Give me that feeling every night,
She wants show love when I wanna fight,
Now someone understand me. - Author: Juxtaposition
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#6. You wanna fight?" I asked.
He looked up at me and, for just a second, hesitated, then said, "Yeah. I do."
"Well, I'll save you the trouble. You win. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#7. When a man turns his face to God he finds sunshine everywhere. - Author: Abdu'l- Baha
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#8. He's gonna try and stand back, mess me about a bit, be cagey and hold on the inside and make it one of them fights that are boring. I don't wanna make a boring fight. I don't like to be involved in boring fights! - Author: Joe Calzaghe
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#9. One more thing. If you ever threaten me again, make sure you're ready for a fight. I might be a kid, I might even be a trust fund brat, but lady, I'm not a coward. I'm a CPU Legacy with a very bored mother who likes to start shit. I promise you, you don't wanna mess with either - Author: Eden Butler
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#10. We always wanna fight about what we think are our differences, but really we are fighting contrasts of the same. - Author: Allura Eshmun
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#11. I wouldn't wanna fight me, because I know it wouldn't be a good outcome for both. - Author: Bernard Hopkins
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#12. In the day I can smile though I wanna die / Hold on, hold on / I can keep it together for a little while / and be strong, so strong / But when the sun goes down and I'm all alone / I haven't the strength to fight / That's when my tears give in to the night - Author: Kim Wilde
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#13. Your minds PERCEPTION of the past will change your future vision, and either prevent or propel forward progress in life. - Author: Joe Goodrich
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#14. A blaster against a knife isn't fair. (a Partini)
No shit ... and so goes my incentive to fight fairly. You want fair, play with kids. You wanna come at me, make out a will. (Syn) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#15. It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight, cause i wanna win and survive !!!! - Author: Tite Kubo
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#16. You may change cause people wanna see you like you are ordinary , But you fight so hard for changing cause someone saw you extraordinary - Author: Walaa WalkademAgmal
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#17. In a world where language and naming are power, silence is oppression, is violence. - Author: Adrienne Rich
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#18. I smiled to fight the tears. "Fifty bucks says you'll be thanking me for this when you meet your future wife."
Travis's eyebrow pulled together as his face fell. "That's an easy bet. The only woman I'd ever wanna marry just broke my heart. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#19. It really wasn't my thing. It still isn't my thing, the whole science-fiction action thing. I prefer simpler, character-based movies. - Author: Natalie Portman
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#20. See, Six? This is what makes life worth living. Men who don't know if they wanna fight or fuck, but will climb into a cage to figure it out in front of everyone in the sector. - Author: Kit Rocha
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#21. When something's lost I wanna fight to get it back again - Author: Pearl Jam
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#22. I don't mind payin' for the police and for streets and sanitation, or road work, bridges, trains, food subsidies and welfare. But I don't wanna pay for bombs to fight proxy wars in the middle of nowhere against enemies in the night. - Author: Lupe Fiasco
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#23. I wasn't a bad kid. I was a good kid. But I had gotten in a lot of fights 'cause in the neighborhood I grew up in, that wasn't equated with bad behavior almost. I mean, we'd fought like it was another game. 'You wanna play stick ball today?' 'Nah, let's go fight.' - Author: Tony Danza
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#24. You can think and you can fight, but the world's always movin', and if you wanna stay ahead you gotta dance. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#25. Everyone kept telling me, Just be yourself. Be yourself. I kept thinking, there's got to be more to it than that! - Author: Tony Danza
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#26. Ya see I'm Irish, but I'm not a leprechaun.
You wanna fight, then step up and we'll get it on! - Author: Everlast
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#27. Know I don't hate you
Don't wanna fight you
Know I'll always love you
But right now I just don't like you
Cause you took this too far - Author: Relient K
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#28. Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods. - Author: Margaret Sanger
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#29. Paramore fans are the best fans. Wanna fight about it? - Author: Hayley Williams
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