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Top 34 Waldorf Quotes

#1. Nothing touches your skin of sweat
(meltdown of oceanic kisses)
when the purple light
whispers to the moon
in silent moonlit clarity - Author: Bear Step
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#2. You know what's it's changed is my appreciate for the art form of making cinema. I don't want to act as much as I want to tell stories. I want to be a part of the whole collective and pull all of the pieces together. That's what I love about directing. - Author: Jason Momoa
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#3. Both of my parents are teachers. One is in the Waldorf school system in Louisville, Ky., and the other runs a music school. I grew up with loving, supportive, encouraging parents that let me make my own world, and I wish that for every single child. - Author: Madi Diaz
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#4. I felt a little self-conscious walking the streets with a glowing broadsword, so I had a conversation with my weapon. (Because that wasn't crazy at all.) - Author: Rick Riordan
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#5. Jaguar - For men who'd like hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know. - Author: Dudley Moore
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#6. I grew up in the GOP sandbox. My dad took me, age 7, to meet Herbert Hoover, in his apartment at the Waldorf Towers. He gave me a silver dollar. Being a young Republican, I spent it on comic books. - Author: Christopher Buckley
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#7. We shot 'Oblivion' in Iceland; that was amazing. It's so, so beautiful. They didn't have any Waldorf Hotels there, though; we stayed in the middle of nowhere! - Author: Olga Kurylenko
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#8. Spinach and champagne. Going back to the kitchens at the old Waldorf. Dancing on the kitchen tables, wearing the chef's headgear. Finally, a crash and being escorted out by the house detectives. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
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#9. Oh my god, she couldn't help thinking. I have hairy legs and I'm going to die alone. - Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
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#10. I look around for someplace to sit, but of course there's nowhere. It's the bathroom in the math wing, not the bathroom in Blair Waldorf's house. - Author: Lauren Barnholdt
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#11. Nothing happens overnight but results do happen when people take action. - Author: Coach Rob Regish
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#12. When I was eight years old, I got a dummy for Christmas and started teaching myself. I got books and records and sat in front of the bathroom mirror, practising. I did my first show in the third grade and just kept going; there was no reason to quit. - Author: Jeff Dunham
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#13. Being personally acquainted with a number of Waldorf students, I can say that they come closer to realizing their own potential than practically anyone I know. - Author: Joseph Weizenbaum
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#14. This is my year of the remake. Go for it, see what you can do, guys, why not? - Author: Margot Kidder
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#15. Since I didn't have a spork handy, I leaned over the sink and scooped up a palmful of cold water and pressed it against my face. There had to be a better option than a violent sporking. There had to be a way to get rid of my dad. - Author: Devon Monk
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#16. I do love the Waldorf-Astoria, though. You know, I hear that from the doorstep you can see all the way to the Russian tea room. - Author: Barack Obama
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#17. If I had a child of school age, I would send him to one of the Waldorf Schools. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#18. Though I love the luxury of the Waldorf Towers, room service there doesn't do soul food. - Author: Sammy Davis Jr.
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#19. The Waldorf looked like one of the dead and empty spaces which collect about the exit of a man who has lost a million in an hour. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#20. The skyline in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rope' is made up: no, you don't get the Waldorf and the Chrysler and the Empire State buildings and a dozen other magnificent structures in one window. - Author: Bill Buford
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#21. This is the best of times and the worst of times. So what else is new? The bad news is that the Martians have landed in Manhattan, and have checked in at the Waldorf-Astoria. The good news is that they only eat homeless people of all colors, and they pee gasoline. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#22. people are taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party or for a gift, they'll often settle on Chardonnay. - Author: James Waldorf
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#23. The Reggio Emilia philosophy for the education of young children and the Waldorf schools. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#24. It is also important to remember that no state in the United States requires a homeschooling parent to have a public school teaching certificate, just as many private schools do not require one (though some, such as Montessori and Waldorf, require teacher training in their unique programs). The - Author: Patrick Farenga
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#25. Being an Arab leader has its rewards: the suite at the Waldorf-Astoria during the United Nations General Assembly, travel in your own plane, plenty of cash, even job security - whether kings, sheiks or presidents, with or without elections, most serve for life. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#26. Friendship should be a private pleasure, not a public boast. I loathe those braggarts who are forever trying to invest themselves with importance by calling important people by their first names in or out of print. Such first-naming for effect makes me cringe. - Author: John Mason Brown
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#27. After 9/11, I was like many people in New York City and got a little depressed. I began to check myself into The Waldorf Astoria for room service, movies and just to chill. I wanted to contribute to the great city of Manhattan. - Author: Kristin Chenoweth
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#28. The heart of the Waldorf method is that education is an art-it must speak to the child's experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind. - Author: Rudolf Steiner
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#29. Danger manifests itself in many ways, Peter. Brilliance of mind can be as dangerous as a loaded weapon. - Author: Gemma Malley
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#30. I grew up on the west side of Detroit - 6 mile and Wyoming - so I was really in the 'hood. And I would go to school at Detroit Waldorf, and that was not the 'hood. Growing up in Detroit was good. I had a good perspective, a well-rounded one, and not being one-sided. - Author: Big Sean
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#31. Dad always encouraged my singing, so when 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' was a hit in the States, I flew my parents to New York first-class to see me, put them up at the Waldorf Astoria, then they sailed home on the QE2. - Author: Kiki Dee
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#32. I don't know why people eat so badly. I could eat pasta all the time, but it really is fattening. And I love ice cream, but I can't do that. There was a time, until I was in my mid-forties, when I could eat a whole pizza - and really, no effect. - Author: Christopher Walken
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#33. I love Parisian hotels. I usually stay in either Le Bristol, which is gorgeous, or Hotel Paris Rivoli, which is very French and feels like a step back in time. I also love the luxury of Waldorf Astoria hotels. - Author: Olga Kurylenko
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#34. I think the American people expect more from us than cries of indignation and attack. The times are too grave, the challenge too urgent, and the stakes too high
to permit the customary passions of political debate. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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