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#1. My daughter showed us the key: misery gives way to fun when you take an object, event, situation, or scenario that wasn't designed for you, that isn't invested in you, that isn't concerned in the slightest for your experience of it, and then treat it as if it were. ...this is what play means. - Author: Ian Bogost
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#2. Selfless giving does not imply giving everything up - it's simply having a good time. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. I believe the vulpine greed of the corporate world is cut from the very same cloth as the tyrant of history. - Author: Adam Nevill
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#4. Most people don't realize that the mind constantly chatters. And yet, that chatter winds up being the force that drives us much of the day in terms of what we do, what we react to, and how we feel. - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
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#5. Golathan gets a mean look. Vulpine. Vicious. Like he's about to tear a chicken into wet gobbets and red feathers. - Author: Chuck Wendig
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#6. If you act for self-gain then no good can come of it. If you act selflessly, then you act well for all and you must not be afraid. - Author: Rand Miller
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#7. I can achieve that by personally relating the words that I am saying to something I have known in my life. - Author: Mandy Patinkin
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#8. The blood pumping through her veins when she landed a vault like that one always felt like exclamation points. - Author: Caela Carter
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