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#1. The news just came in from the County of Keck That a very small bug by the name of Van Vleck Is yawning so wide you can look down his neck. This may not seem very important, I know, but it Is, so I'm bothering telling you so.

Dr. Seuss

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#2. Virtually everyone needs motivation of some sort, but when you are in love - that is motivation enough, it turns many into poets and painters, it spurs the creativity in you.

Bernard Kelvin Clive

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#3. I remarked to Dennis that easily half the code I was writing in Multics was error recovery code. He said, "We left all that stuff out of Unix. If there's an error, we have this routine called panic, and when it is called, the machine crashes, and you holler down the hall, 'Hey, reboot it.'"

Tom Van Vleck

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#4. Real programmers don't work from 9 to 5. If any real programmers are around at 9am it's because they were up all night.

Tom Van Vleck

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#5. Real programmers don't write in PL/I. PL/I is for programmers who can't decide whether to write in COBOL or FORTRAN.

Tom Van Vleck

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#6. I got four volumes of the letters and speeches of Oliver Cromwell. He is prominent among the great unread, and treated so oddly by history that I wanted to hear his side of things.

Marilynne Robinson

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#7. You learn something every day, unless you're careful.

Tom Van Vleck

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#8. I like my hands. They do most of the talking.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

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#9. True enemies are better than false friends.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#10. One can still say that quantum mechanics is the key to understanding magnetism. When one enters the first room with this key there are unexpected rooms beyond, but it is always the master key that unlocks each door.

John H. Van Vleck

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#11. Take me home, take me home, take me home, I need to go home. Please, please, whatever magic is out there for me, let it be at my command to take me home.

Kristen Ashley

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#12. This book came to me for review, but when I observed its count of pages I quietly dropped it behind the piano.

H.L. Mencken

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#13. Real programmers don't comment their code. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.

Tom Van Vleck

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#14. Even when the moon shrinks and disappears, it shows itself again gradually. When ancient people saw that eternal cycle of death and recovery, they prayed to the moon for their own rebirth. Rebirth. Will I be reborn? ... If I were reborn, what would I become?

Fuminori Nakamura

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