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#1. I am a big Vespa enthusiast, and I enjoy the state park aspect of California. It's awfully nice to ride my little scooter through the mountains and then wind up at the ocean. - Author: Deirdre Lovejoy
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#2. We are in hot haste to set the world right and to order all affairs; the Lord hath the leisure of conscious power and unerring wisdom, and it will be well for us to learn to wait. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#3. Management is the art of getting three men to do three men's work - Author: William Feather
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#4. Knowing things will not harm you. Doing them is a different matter. What you know will be a protection. What you do ruins - if it is wrong. - Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
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#5. For each of us there is a set limit to our intellectual powers which we cannot pass. - Author: Rene Descartes
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#6. Whereupon, at the tender age of thirteen, I set upon the path of playing nothing but hookers. - Author: Ida Lupino
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#7. Realism ... has no more to do with reality than anything else. - Author: Hob Broun
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#8. Some teachers teach for others to learn. That's not me. Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#9. I'd love to do a safari holiday somewhere in Africa - maybe Kenya or Tanzania. I have never been, and we've deliberately waited until the children are older so that they could appreciate it, learn something and come back with stories. - Author: Louise Nurding
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#10. Without an anchor, we can be drifted to any shore. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#11. Each year, in my quaint efforts to send out paper holiday cards with personal messages, I probably discard one for every three I actually manage to put in the mail. The reason is that my handwriting is now less legible than it was when I was in the second grade. - Author: Meghan Daum
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#12. When He withholds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in Him, obedience to His commandments, and a willingness to act on truth. - Author: Richard G. Scott
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#13. Honolulu, it's got everything. Sand for the children, sun for the wife, sharks for the wife's mother. - Author: Ken Dodd
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#14. Secrets that reside in the mind of one person aren't really secrets. They're unspoken fears. - Author: Josh Kilmer-Purcell
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#15. Even Orlando (who had no conceit of her person) knew it, for she smiled the involuntary smile which women smile when their own beauty, which seems not their own, forms like a drop falling or a fountain rising and confronts them all of a sudden in the glass. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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