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#1. The legends on the tombstones are eventually worn away as the stone is eroded by rain and wind and centuries. Better to slip away quietly after having lived as fully as one can, doing the very best one can with the gifts one has been given. - Author: Barbara Quick
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#2. A scientist said, "The very best way to send an idea is to wrap it up in a person." That was what happened at Christmas. The idea of divine love was wrapped up in a Person. - Author: Halford Luccock
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#3. My job is to provide the atmosphere and assistance to the contestants to get them to perform at their very best. And if I'm successful doing that, I will be perceived as a nice guy, and the audience will think of me as being a bit of a star. - Author: Alex Trebek
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#4. Complex carbohydrates are always best, except, again, after a workout where you could take simple (sugar) carbohydrates to get an insulin spike. But at other times doing this is not very beneficial because insulin is a storage hormone and it's going to shunt everything into the muscle. - Author: Dorian Yates
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#5. Nature scarcely ever gives us the very best; for that we must have recourse to art. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
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#6. Success is the accomplishment of any number of possible aims, dreams, aspirations or goals. It's very personal and unique to you. Your greatest desire could be someone else's idea of hell; you might want to be an award-winning chef while your best friend hates cooking. - Author: Nigel Cumberland
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#7. Do the best you can. But I want to emphasize that it be the very best. We are too prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance. We are capable of doing so much better. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#8. When you wonder what is coming, tell yourself the best is coming, the very best life and love have to offer, the best God and His universe have to send. Then open your hands to receive it. It's yours. - Author: Melody Beattie
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#9. It's very easy when you have someone in front of you that you can chase. You want to be No. 1 but now I feel like I have to play well because everybody looks at you as a best golfer. So that's why I put more pressure on myself. - Author: Yani Tseng
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#10. If you go too far, it'll blow your mind. I mean it's strong out there. If you go out too far beyond the bounds of attention, there are things in the universe, in the universes of mind, in the inner worlds, it's best sometimes not to deal with unless you're very, very far along. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#11. For desire is like a wild beast, and anger perverts rulers and the very best of men. Hence law is intelligence without appetition. - Author: Aristotle.
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#12. As death, when we come to consider it closely, is the true goal of our existence, I have formed during the last few years such close relationships with this best and truest friend of mankind that death's image is not only no longer terrifying to me, but is indeed very soothing and consoling. - Author: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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#13. The commonplace about Italian cooking is that it's very simple; in practice, the simplicity needs to be learned, and the best way to learn it is to go to Italy and see it firsthand. - Author: Bill Buford
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#14. Education lays hold of what is best in a person, but character lays hold of what is worse. It takes hold of a failing and by very skillful manipulation and training turns it into a perfection. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#15. I've always tried to do my very best, and I want to be the very best age, whatever age I am. - Author: Ann-Margret
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#16. Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize and repeat, over and over, is, 'what is the most valuable use of my time right now?' - Author: Brian Tracy
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#17. Any extreme political creed brought only darkness in the long run; it lit up nothing. The best politics were those of caution, tolerance and moderation, Angus maintained, but such politics were, alas, also very dull, and certainly moved nobody to poetry. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#18. I am a Divine, magnificent expression of life, and deserve the very best. I accept miracles. I accept healing. I accept wholeness. And most of all, I accept myself. I am precious, and I cherish who I am. - Author: Louise Hay
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#19. I married my best friend. And I listen! Ultimately I've been very fortunate - I understand that that doesn't happen for everybody but it happened for us and we take it very seriously. - Author: Harry Connick Jr.
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#20. I think one great tip is that you should always love yourself. If you don't love yourself, take care of yourself, cater to yourself and that little inner voice, you will really not be very worthy of being with someone else, because you won't be the best version of you. - Author: Kimora Lee Simmons
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#21. I was lucky. My family is wonderful. And it's funny, because most of my best friends come from very large families. So it always felt as if I had lots of siblings, though in the end I had to leave them and go home. I kind of got the best of both worlds as a kid. - Author: Sophia Bush
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#22. Zoe also knew her stepmother did not love her. Or even like her very much. In truth, Zoe was pretty sure her stepmother hated her. Sheila treated her at worst as an irritant, at best as if she were invisible. - Author: David Walliams
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#23. One of the sad things about contemporary journalism is that it actually matters very little. The world now is almost inured to the power of journalism. The best journalism would manage to outrage people. And people are less and less inclined to outrage. - Author: David Simon
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#24. You have to be sharp with all aspects of your game at Augusta. You need to put yourself in the best spot off the tee and hit the longest drive you can, but I think this is really a second-shot course. If you leave yourself with an awkward putt on the greens, it can be very tricky here. - Author: Louis Oosthuizen
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#25. Well, I like to - the game of serve and volley, but it's very tough, you know, against the best players because they return so good and their passing shots are really good. So it's really tough to get there with those players. - Author: Daniela Hantuchova
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#26. I feel like I was born the day my kids were and that my life before was only there to gain wisdom for them. The point is you do your best. Your very best every day. You do it and you do it for them! - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#27. Be who you are. But be the very best communicator you can possibly be. To do that you must be willing to sacrifice what's comfortable-what has become part of your style-for the sake of what is effective. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#28. He's very competitive and knows what he wants. He has developed toughness in character and that is what is needed for Indian cricket. Ganguly has proved to be one of the best captains. He has now acquired great leadership qualities. - Author: Steve Waugh
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#29. I go to see maybe seven films a year at the most, and since I only go to see the best, it follows that I very rarely see my own. - Author: Jack Palance
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#30. I am accusing him of stealing my best material, he was a very funny man. - Author: Frank Carson
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#31. [May] understood people and she let them be whatever way they needed to be. She had faith in every single person she ever met, and this never failed her, for nobody ever disappointed May. Seems people knew she saw the very best of them, and they'd turn that side to her to give her a better look. - Author: Cynthia Rylant
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#32. Leaving my family behind was very scary. I had to grow up quick. But being so young and paying in this league [the WNBA], I'm glad I did it because it's been the best experience in my life. - Author: Lauren Jackson
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#33. I am a Ford, not a Lincoln. My addresses will never be as eloquent as Mr. Lincoln's. But I will do my very best to equal his brevity and his plain speaking. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
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#34. I think voters are very sophisticated, very strategic. They know that Hillary Clinton can be beaten. And so they will look at Donald Trump, and they will look at Marco Rubio, they will look at Ted Cruz, and maybe John Kasich and say, "Who can beat her? Who's the best matchup?" - Author: Hugh Hewitt
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#35. So here I was expecting at the very best a cordial welcome from the girls who were prepared to fight me to the death for someone I didn't want. Instead I was embraced. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#36. I know my generation - a lot of them, they're getting old now, and they want to think back fondly, they want to kid themselves. A lot of them think, 'Yeah, we were the best.' That's the kiss of death. That's non-growth. And also that's very bad for the world. - Author: Joni Mitchell
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#37. Since we are mortal, friendships are best kept to a moderate level, rather than sharing the very depths of our souls. - Author: Euripides
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#38. My breaking heart and I agree, that you and I could never be, so with my best ... my very best, I set you free - Author: Rachael Yamagata
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#39. To give and then not feel that one has given is the very best of all ways of giving. - Author: Max Beerbohm
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#40. You must not be angry with me for having been so sad yesterday; I was very happy, very content, but in my very best moments I am always for some reason sad. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#41. Even with the best of intentions, even when they're very smart and knowledgeable - as opposed to George W., who is neither - it doesn't seem to matter. - Author: Robert Scheer
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#42. That's the secret. If you always make sure you're exactly the person you hoped to be, if you always make sure you know only the very best people, then you won't care if you die tomorrow. - Author: Carol Rifka Brunt
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#43. You have to compensate for the luck thing by working as hard as you can and doing the very best you can do. - Author: Max Bemis
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#44. If you're just starting out in the workforce, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to get started in your workplace retirement plan. Contribute enough to grab any matching dollars your employer is offering (a.k.a. the last free money on earth). - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#45. I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day. - Author: Rosa Parks
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#46. If you can't get the very best in this world, take nothing. - Author: Gertrude Atherton
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#47. The demands are related to their questing of the best possible out of the people concerned. It's this going for the highest possible factor that I'm very concerned about. - Author: Peter Maxwell Davies
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#48. That which Steinitz gave to the theoretical aspect of the game when he was at his best is very remote to all out home-bred chess philosophers, but with his views on Morphy, whom he tries to discredit completely, it is of course impossible to agree. - Author: Alexander Alekhine
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#49. Luck marches with those who give their very best. - Author: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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#50. Nothing teaches great writing like the very best books do. Yet, good teachers often help students cross that bridge, and I have to say that I had a few extraordinary English teachers in high school whom I still credit for their guidance. - Author: Julia Glass
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#51. First, imagine taking the potentially regret - producing path of inaction. Then imagine what the very best outcome would be were you to take this risk. By picturing both scenarios in advance, you can avoid the regret of what might have been. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#52. I've never really been very good at marriage. It's one of my failures. I've tried my best, but I do realise the common denominator is me; it's something I'm doing. - Author: Len Goodman
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#53. You can do the best science in the world but unless emotion is involved it's not really very relevant. Conservation is based on emotion. It comes from the heart and one should never forget that. - Author: George Schaller
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#54. Love isn't about living in fear. It's not about controlling the hearts of those around you. It is patient and kind. It endures and believes the very best. It never gives up. - Author: Tracie Peterson
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#55. I grew up as a sports fan, and I know that a hall of fame is very different than an award for being the best of the year. It's a nod to the longevity of our accomplishment. - Author: Chuck D
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#56. There's only one force that's strong enough to conquer those in Witch House, and you know how to manipulate it; you turned one current off and the other on. It was the very best kind of distraction."
He said, "Love always is. - Author: Evangeline Walton
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#57. The Stones were always exemplary of one of the best of all rock qualities: tightness. They have always been economical, the opposite of ornamental. Having a very clear idea of what they wanted to say they could go into a studio and make it all up on a three minute cut. - Author: Jon Landau
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#58. Become the very best in your business! - Author: Brian Tracy
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#59. Then I'd been determined to be the best blind foster the world had ever known, following every rule, obeying every protocol, the very model of royal fae youth. Maybe that way, they would send for me. I could go home. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#60. Girls are hard. They're very hard. I love my son. I hear the relationship between mommy and son is the best. Who knows? My husband wants a girl, he really does. - Author: Tia Mowry
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#61. I have a company, and I've got to think about that. I'm trying to do my best there, and that's a much harder task. We recycle as much as possible, and we conserve. But I've always been one to save everything - I even walk up stairs on the very inside or the very outside to not wear out the tread. - Author: Vivienne Westwood
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#62. So many of my friends are still trying to get record deals, and I've had one for 10 years now, where my only goal is to make the best music I can make. I've been very lucky. I have great faith that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, and whatever happens is going to be absolutely right for me. - Author: Jane Siberry
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#63. I am a very mediocre intellect, at best, and I am smarter than most people I know - and that terrifies me. - Author: Doug Stanhope
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#64. I've never been specifically attached to westerns, but there are those I like - one of the best westerns I've seen is 'Unforgiven.' I think the genre has something extremely powerful that can allow them to talk about good and evil in a very straight way. - Author: Mads Mikkelsen
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#65. Being pregnant and having a toddler, as every parent says, is amazing. You're very tired, but it's so wonderful. God, it's emotional, but it's the best. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#66. A small olive-skinned creature who had hit puberty but never hit it very hard, Ben had been my best friend since fifth grade, when we both finally owned up to the fact that neither of us was likely to attract anyone else as a best friend. - Author: John Green
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#67. One of the previous Kings of the Enchanted Forest had been very fond of sweeping up and down staircases in a long velvet robe and his best crown, so he had added stairs wherever he thought there was room - Author: Patricia C. Wrede
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#68. If I do my very best, then the camera and the audience will follow me, and eventually they will somehow feel like I feel. I don't have to show it to them. I don't have to speak it out loud. - Author: Mads Mikkelsen
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#69. We're sending you best wishes
And hope your day goes well
And that you'll find some memories
With stories you can tell
Of how you had a marvelous time
And those around you too
With fun and lots of laughter
And all this just for you..
Have a Very Happy Birthday - Author: Janet Horne
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#70. You'd be lucky to get tortured to death in one of my films. It's the best thing that could happen to your career. But I'm very aware that as soon as you put women in this situation, all of a sudden people are like: "Wow, well wait a second!" Immediately, people become very sensitive to it. - Author: Eli Roth
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#71. The art of injudicious reading, the art of miscellaneous reading which every normal man ought to cultivate, is a very fine and satisfactory art; for the best guide to books is a book itself. It clasps hands with a thousand other books. - Author: Maurice Francis Egan
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#72. Some experience of popular lecturing had convinced me that the necessity of making things plain to uninstructed people, was one of the very best means of clearing up the obscure corners in one's own mind. - Author: Thomas Huxley
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#73. If you're going to write a book that might, in its very best accidental career, sell 30,000 copies, you've got to have a day job. - Author: Padgett Powell
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#74. Most people feel best about themselves when they have given their very best. - Author: Bill Hybels
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#75. In the past generation, the American educational system has decided not to seek the very best teachers, give them lots of kids to teach, and pay them more - which would help children the most. It has decided to hire every teacher it can get its hands on and pay them less. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#76. 'Macbeth' is one of the best operas ever, and doing it was a great experience. I added some things to the opera based from my experience on the movie - such as some of the special effects and bits of film - to make it new and interesting. It was a very good work and a very good experience. - Author: Dario Argento
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#77. DAY: I have a good job, a lovely apartment, I go out with very nice men to the best places, the finest restaurants, the theater. What am I missing? RITTER: If you hove to ask, believe me, you're missing it. - Author: Doris Day
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#78. I want to show the event at the very moment it takes place ... My body must be anchored to the ground and seek the best point of view, without any visual taboos. But then, at the heart of the event, my effort is to disappear, I introduce a distance that borders on indifference. - Author: Luc Delahaye
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#79. I was shocked by the reaction I got for Bleak House. It was very intensive but one of the best jobs of my life. It was a chance to play a character that grows and develops and I was very enmeshed in it. But I didn't realise how stylish it was and how much people would love it. - Author: Anna Maxwell Martin
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#80. Going far beyond that call of duty, doing more than others expect, this is what excellence is all about! And it comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail, and going the extra mile. Excellence means doing your very best. In everything! In every way. - Author: Jack Johnson
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#81. We were blood brothers, pals forever. He was my very best friend. Nobody else could see him. I now know he was just pretend. - Author: Dan Barker
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#82. You can win tournaments when you're mechanical, but golf is a game of emotion and adjustment. If you're not aware of what's happening to your mind and your body when you're playing, you'll never be able to be the very best you can be. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#83. I think the best thing you can do is be aware that as a first time founder you are likely to be a very bad manager. - Author: Sam Altman
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#84. The best role is something that's challenging. Fun is great, but when it's challenging, you get to overcome barriers, and when you see the finished product, it's very rewarding. - Author: Jordan Masterson
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#85. I'm also very impressed with the best people in experimental electronic world, like Peta and Eckart Aillers and Finez and Jim O'Rourke and Oren Umbarci and Francesco Lopez. Most of them use the computer as their main instrument. - Author: John Frusciante
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#86. The United States has the best, deepest, widest, and most transparent capital markets in the world which give you, the investor, the ability to buy and sell large amounts at very cheap prices. That is a good thing. - Author: Jamie Dimon
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#87. How can he talk like that? thought Pierre. He considered his friend a model of perfection because Prince Andrew possessed in the highest degree just the very qualities Pierre lacked, and which might be best described as strength of will. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#88. No one can sing like June Carter so I just tried to sing my very best. - Author: Reese Witherspoon
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#89. I've had a lot of coaches in my life, but I've only had a few very good ones. So, I try to take from the best ones and apply those to what I do and think and with anyone I work with in terms of how to motivate people and work with them. - Author: Gabe Polsky
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#90. I said from the very beginning that I was looking for the best person, I had no doubt it was Roger Goodell. - Author: Dan Rooney
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#91. What bella wanted and what was best for bella were two very different things - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#92. Obviously it's very hard to leave a club that you've supported all your life. But the reason that I've come to Birmingham is that I think Steve Bruce is one of the best young managers in the country and that Birmingham as a club is a sleeping giant - Author: David Dunn
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#93. It is in the character of very few people to honour a prosperous friend without envy, and these very few people tend to become best friends. - Author: Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar
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#94. The want of an international Copy-Right Law, by rendering it nearly impossible to obtain anything from the booksellers in the wayof remuneration for literary labor, has had the effect of forcing many of our very best writers into the service of the Magazines and Reviews. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#95. Collecting at its best is very far from mere acquisitiveness; it may become one of the most humanistic of occupations, seeking to illustrate by the assembling of significant reliques, the march of the human spirit in its quest for beauty ... - Author: Arthur Davison Ficke
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#96. Well, the very best operas are the ones written by the very best composers. - Author: John Eaton
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#97. Dear Aunt Loretta,
Thank you so much for the awesome pants!
How did you know I wanted that for Christmas?
I love the way the pants look on my legs!
All my friends will be so jealous that I have my very own pants.
Thank you for making this the best Christmas ever!
Sincerely, Greg - Author: Jeff Kinney
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#98. Hypnosis is a powerful force and in my opinion should be employed only by the best-trained and most ethical professionals for very
important reasons. - Author: Joe J. Christensen
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#99. I am very confident that we will be able to convince all the stakeholders - the shareholders, the governments and the employees, that this is in their best interests. - Author: Lakshmi Mittal
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#100. We believe that African football is among the best in the world and very much characterized the Puma brand mentality, which is to win. - Author: Jochen Zeitz
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