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#1. The good stuff was hiding the bad stuff. I realised that this was something I needed to look out for: When downsides coexist with upsides, as they often do, people are reluctant to explore what's bugging them, for the fear of being labeled complainers.

Ed Catmull

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#2. The upsides of acting in things is mostly getting your hair done and having people give you clothes. So as long as you can have a little bit of that in your life, then it's just as delightful to be behind camera.

Tina Fey

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#3. All policy is a matter of gains and losses, upsides and downsides.

Michael Mandelbaum

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#4. One of the great upsides to a national book tour is the chance to break out of television's cocoon and interact directly with the American people.

Oliver North

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#5. People often focus on the downsides of population growth but neglect the upsides. These upsides may even outweigh the downsides, making a larger population a good thing overall.

Ian Goldin

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#6. There was I thinking being a shifter had its upsides. Looks like I was wrong.

Patricia Briggs

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#7. One of the upsides of tourism is that people begin to take themselves a little more seriously (and think their) culture is worth something. So rather than disparaging the local culture, they vitalize it.

Paul Theroux

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#8. The administration says, then, there are no downsides or upsides to treating terrorists like civilian criminal defendants, but a lot of us would beg to differ.

Sarah Palin

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#9. When downsides coexist with upsides, as they often do, people are reluctant to explore what's bugging them, for fear of being labeled complainers.

Ed Catmull

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#10. People will now go to films with subtitles, you know. They're not afraid of them. It's one of the upsides of text-messaging and e-mail. Maybe the only good thing to come of it.

Kristin Scott Thomas

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#11. Welcome to Paris, Anna. I'm glad you've come.

Stephanie Perkins

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#12. They that approve a private opinion, call it opinion; but they that dislike it, heresy; and yet heresy signifies no more than private opinion.

Thomas Hobbes

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#13. Also, the silence is always there. The silence doesn't go away.

Melissa Broder

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#14. You don't want to just get by, you want to get ahead. You don't want to settle for mediocrity, you want to strive for greatness. You don't want to get lost in the crowd, you want to stand out and lead the charge. Pushing the limits of your potential isn't easy, but it will be worth it.

Michael J. Schiemer

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#15. Nothing is known for sure, even the person who was there isn't entirely sure he or she had the same response as the other in that moment. One person might have fallen head over heels, the other might have been thinking about what to have for dinner and inadvertently making eye contact.

Sophie Blackall

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#16. There's too much democracy in the culture, not enough in the society.

Fran Lebowitz

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#17. It is only requisite, for me to say to you, that the President places great reliance upon your skill, judgment and intimate knowledge.

Anson Jones

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#18. When I was young my heart was young then, too. And anything that it would tell me, that's the thing that I would do.

Anne Murray

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#19. Maybe you will be afraid and maybe you will fail, but the courage to take risks in any part of your life is, I feel, a very worthwhile way to live.

Emile Hirsch

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#20. We're the light against the darkness, never forget that Nazafareen

Kat Ross

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#21. lived my adolescence like a sheepdog moving through a flock of dirty, very stupid sheep.

Jeff Lindsay

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#22. All models are wrong; some models are useful.

W. Edwards Deming

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#23. If you've ever come across a tree that you've lived with for many years and then one day it's blown over, there's incredible shock and violence about that.

Andy Goldsworthy

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#24. Connection with yourself only comes in moments of silence.

Bryant McGill

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