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Top 20 Unpossessed Quotes

#1. Without anxiety and illness I should have been like a ship without a rudder. - Author: Edvard Munch
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#2. As the colonel and I sat swapping stories in the plane, a jet aircraft buzzed past our window. I asked the colonel what type of aircraft it was, and he said, "Don't worry about it, Bob ... if you can see it, it's obsolete." - Author: Bob Hope
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#3. Perception believed is reality achieved - Author: Andy August
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#4. Spontaneity is not enough - or, to be more exact, spontaneity is not possible until there is an unconscious coordination of form, space and vision. - Author: Herbert Read
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#5. Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places. - Author: Italo Calvino
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#6. Who better than Wal-Mart, after all, to make a kilowatt of electricity go twice as far, or a gallon of fuel move our trucks move three times the distance?" -Wal-Mart ad - Author: Charles Fishman
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#7. The absense of a soul, by the way, makes it easy to inhabit a body. (Therefore, why is Elton John still pudging around unpossessed? I hear you ask?) - Author: Glen Duncan
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#8. You ask: What is it that philosophers have called qualitative states? I answer, only half in jest: As Louis Armstrong said when asked what jazz is, 'If you got to ask, you ain't never gonna get to know.' - Author: Ned Block
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#9. One must have sensitivity of the princess and endurance of the whore. - Author: Anna Dymna
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#10. To me the Olympic spirit embodies the magic of competition, hard work and coming to a point in your career when you're around the best athletes in the world, and having the whole world watching. - Author: Julia Mancuso
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#11. If everything I possessed, vanished, suddenly,
I'd be sorry.
But I value things unpossessed.
The wind, and trees, and sky and kind thoughts, much more. - Author: Dorothy Hartley
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#12. Only the desert has a fascination
to ride alone
in the sun in the forever unpossessed country
away from man. That is a great temptation. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#13. Everything is good ... as long as it is unpossessed. Satiety and possession are Death's horses they run in span. - Author: Jack London
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#14. No, I'll repine at death no more, But with a cheerful gasp resign To the cold dungeon of the ground These dying, withering limbs of mine. Let worms devour my wasting flesh, And crumble all my bones to dust:
My God shall raise my frame anew, At the revival of the just. - Author: Isaac Watts
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#15. If you cut a shrub back because it's just too big, and it dies, you haven't lost anything but a plant that couldn't live by your rules. - Author: Janet Macunovich
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#16. Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who comes near that precious jewel. Unfortunately, nothing
will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined.
- Author: Patrick Henry
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#17. A woman would have never been able to live in a house with no pictures of her family, - Author: Henning Mankell
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#18. Possessing what we still were unpossessed by,
Possessed by what we now no more possessed. - Author: Robert Frost
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#19. The most pregnant sentence I have ever heard ... God is sovereign in all things, and all problems find their solution at Calvary. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#20. Amanda doesn't hate you. She's jealous of you."
"What? Todd listen. Drugs are bad, buddy. You shouldn't do them first thing in the morning. Wait until after lunch at least. - Author: Kristin Walker
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