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#1. to myself as I glanced over at her thick ass lying naked next to me. I was so in love with her smooth cocoa skin and that fat ghetto ass. She had me hypnotized by her big brown eyes... that long black hair...and her smell!!! Damn my bitch was fine and I loved the shit out of her, but - Author: Niki Jilvontae
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#2. Hailey Dashford Reid, with her silky brown hair and big, smoky blue eyes, all prim and proper and so fucking sexy it makes my nuts ache. Also, totally off-limits. - Author: Ainsley Booth
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#3. You can't love anyone or anything until you love your own existence first. Love can only grow out of a respect for your own life. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#4. As I brush my long, brown hair, the girl in the mirror with blue eyes too big for her head stares back at me. Wait ... I don't have blue eyes! Then I realize I haven't been looking into the mirror. I've been staring at a poster of Kristen Stewart for five minutes. My own hair is actually fine. - Author: Andrew Shaffer
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#5. She said to the Daisy girl with her big brown eyes: 'I will not have it plain. No. Fancy. It must be fancy!' She meant her future. A moon-daisy dropped to the floor, down from her hair, like a faintly derisive sign from heaven. - Author: Angela Carter
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#6. He cupped her face and held her still, as he looked into her brown eyes; she was all flash and no bang. She talked big, but when it came down to it, she was a simple girl. - Author: Elaine White
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#7. All the color had been leached from Winterfell until only grey and white remained. The Stark colors. Theon did not know whether he ought to find that ominous or reassuring. Even the sky was grey. The eyes of the bride were brown. Big and brown and full of fear. - Author: George R R Martin
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#8. Are the computers going to fail? one of the artists asked him, licking ketchup off her thumb. She asked it like she was hoping he'd say yes. Lincoln couldn't remember her name, but she had all-over-the-place hair and big brown eyes. He didn't like thinking about her with an X-Acto knife. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#9. She was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue peasant blouse, the ties of the neck open. She looked so beautiful and soft, with her big brown eyes and her light brown hair shining in the afternoon light. He couldn't see the pink streak, and he had an incredible urge to find it. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#10. But the moment I saw you, I knew there was something more. There was something behind those big, beautiful brown eyes that I had to get to know, and, damn girl you've kept me in a trance ever since. - Author: Magan Vernon
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#11. Even she hair itself rough and wiry; long black knotty locks springing from she scalp and corkscrewing all the way down she back ...
The only thing soft about Tan-Tan is she big molasses-brown eyes that could look on you, and your heart would beat time ... - Author: Nalo Hopkinson
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#12. Here, let me help." Owen grabbed a slice of toast with butter and jelly and held it up to her mouth.
She took a big bite. She looked up and found his eyes blazing, that odd light flickering faintly behind the blue and brown. "What could possibly be turning you on about this situation? - Author: Laura Kaye
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#13. What are we having?" Damon asked. His big brown eyes glared up at his mother. Victoria - Author: Minecraft Game Writers
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#14. Studies are one thing, but then there's just the way bonobos make you feel. They're so "almost-human" on so many levels that science doesn't even know how to test yet. Just look into any bonobo's big brown eyes, and you may well feel like you're connecting with a living version of the Missing Link. - Author: Susan Block
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#15. You got guys now declaring they're ready to play pro ball in their second or third year of high school. It's crazy! They're missing so much. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#16. They [her eyes] were big and warm and full of light, like the sun shining on brown pools in the wood. - Author: Willa Cather
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#17. Whenever he looks at me with those big brown eyes, I feel like giving him a nut, she said. She even started calling the squirrels running around in the park Mr. Whitmans. - Author: Kerstin Gier
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#18. Simple lies are always better than a complicated truth. - Author: Holly Black
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#19. God, she was one big nerve ending, that girl, and those big brown eyes got just a little wider when she was close. And those bruises. And how she begged for them.
I knew she was special the night I met her, I just didn't know how special. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#20. His days passed like this, slow and methodical. And then one morning he saw her. She had brown hair and blue eyes and red shoes and a big yellow clasp in her hair.
And then there was no more peace and quiet for Ove. - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#21. I thought of my sweet little girl and her chubby cheeks, big brown eyes and long brown hair with bangs that constantly needed trimming. She was all that really mattered in this world, and I could not keep moping over some guy who came in and out of my life faster than a season of American Idol. - Author: Kate Madison
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#22. He who for love hath undergone
The worst that can befall,
Is happier thousandfold than one
Who never loved at all. - Author: Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton
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#23. You're nice to me because you think I'm pretty?"
"And because you have brown eyes. I'm a sucker for big old brown eyes. - Author: J. Lynn
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#24. But
he had the kindest face in the world, with big, dark eyes and buzzed-cut
brown hair. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#25. Sam has brown hair and very, very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn't make a big deal about itself. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#26. Giving the rugged repairman the eye was one thing
but Charity had no intention of snogging away a whole rainy afternoon when she was supposed to be catching up on her work. Lady Margaret was counting on her! But then again, Lady Margaret didn't have big brown eyes and a cheeky grin. - Author: Elizabeth Jane Howard
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#27. Baseball was a safe bet. Baseball also didn't have a girlfriend. Then again, baseball didn't have big brown eyes or show a little hint of cleavage under its uniforms. Decisions, decisions. - Author: Rachel Spangler
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#28. Nice to see a pretty girl stopping by, even if it is just business. And look at you with all that curly red hair and big brown eyes. And you got a nose that's cute as a button. I bet you work out too. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#29. Lucky for me, all four of his hooves missed my body as they found the ground. I picked my head up, thankful I didn't get stomped, and watched the steer run off along the fence. Mental note: cows are not like horses. Don't let the big brown eyes fool you. - Author: Brittney Joy
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#30. It's easier to poke holes in an idea than think of ways to fill them. And it's easier to focus on the 100 reasons you shouldn't do something rather than the one reason you should. - Author: Wendy Kopp
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#31. If I were to say, "God, why me?" about the bad things, then I should have said, "God, why me?" about the good things that happened in my life. - Author: Arthur Ashe
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#32. Potential audiences are real people found in real places. - Author: Suzanne Lacy
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