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#1. One thing both my parents agree on is this: if people are doing something unfair, it's part of our job to remind them what's fair, even if sometimes it still doesn't turn out the way we want it to. - Author: Kelly Jones
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#2. We are continuing to look for ways that we can do something that's good for both of us. Good for both of us being the Cowboys relative to relief as to our cap management and good for him that would maybe be some pluses for him on his contract. - Author: Jerry Jones
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#3. When I look at my life and the lives of my female friends these days - with our dizzying number of opportunities and talents - I sometimes feel as though we are all mice in a giant experimental maze, scurrying around frantically, trying to find our way through. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#4. Given a fair wind, we will negotiate our way into the Common Market, head held high, not crawling in. Negotiations? Yes. Unconditional acceptance of whatever terms are offered us? No. - Author: Harold Wilson
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#5. I believe children are as close as we are allowed to come to feeling as though we have, for just a moment, been singled out by the gods. It is their way of touching us, even briefly... - Author: Unknown
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#6. When Jim Irsay called me five years ago, he told me, 'I want you to be our coach and help us win the Super Bowl.' He told me, 'We are going win it the right way. We are going to win it with great guys; win it with class and dignity. We are going to win it in a way that will make Indianapolis proud.' - Author: Tony Dungy
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#7. We do not accept the Western way of thinking that there are two ways of life. At the same time, the police (here) are not chasing gays. In Africa, sexuality is something very private, even for heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are not parading! But gays want to behave like exhibitionists. - Author: Yoweri Museveni
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#8. The only certainty we have is that those who are certain of a way to arrive at worldly salvation, are committed enough to organize around this, and seek power to enforce it, will invariably descend into a bloody totalitarian fascism. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#9. Revolutions are spiritual acts. They appear first in people, then in politics and the economy. New people form new structures. The transformation we want is first of all spiritual; that will necessarily change the way things are. - Author: Joseph Goebbels
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#10. We have all the freedoms we want. But what we are missing is red ink: the language to articulate our non-freedom. The way we are taught to speak about freedom- war on terror and so on-falsifies freedom. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
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#11. We cannot have peace if we are only concerned with peace. War is not an accident. It is the logical outcome of a certain way of life. If we want to attack war, we have to attack that way of life. - Author: A.J. Muste
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#12. People that are brilliant and successful, we think they've just always been that way. That's not the case. Most of them have had some tough adversity in their life. It's prepared them. I've never felt like you could develop character without adversity. - Author: Bobby Bowden
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#13. Spiritual seekers particularly are on a quest to understand life; we want to examine our own lives and find meaning in what we do and who we are ... We find meaning in the seeking itself. Every step along the way is the Way ... - Author: Surya Das
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#14. I like to write about people who are real and likeable. I like to write about people who tell their stories in that close and intimate voice we use with best friends. I love the closeness and honesty and vulnerability that come from characters who can talk that way. - Author: Katherine Center
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#15. A lot of youth today have become very narrow and conservative in a way, whereas we in the older generation are kind of living it. - Author: Marc Almond
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#16. Those men, they're built differently. They love differently, and they need different things. We're the same way. This is the life we know, and while some may not understand it . . . we do. Our love is stronger than most couples, and you and Liam are no different. - Author: Corinne Michaels
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#17. It's a false choice to say we either have job safety or job growth. It's a false choice to suggest that the only way for a business to survive is to make sure workers have low wages and little or no benefits. There are ample models across this country where we've demonstrated the contrary. - Author: Thomas Perez
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#18. Kip Keino, Moses Tanui, Paul Tergat, they all come from my tribe. Some say it is the food we eat that makes us strong, the way we live. In the history of our people we wear no clothes and we are used to drinking the blood of animals. - Author: Martin Lel
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#19. Every person and everything can change the destiny of every other person and every other thing, in a good or in a bad way! We are all destiny makers; everything is a destiny maker! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#20. The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple. In easy times and tough times, what seems to matter most is the way we show those nearest us that we've been listening to their needs, to their joys, and to their challenges. - Author: Fred Rogers
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#21. Life is a long road with lots of junctions and every time you chose to go one way, you may just have easily have gone the other. We don't make choices so much as choices are made like a new fashion we slip into without realising. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
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#22. I don't have any advice at all. I think we all make the films that reflect the kind of people we are; we all make such different films. There's not just one way of doing it. - Author: Kim Longinotto
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#23. From the point of view of basic physics, the most interesting phenomena are, of course, in the new places, the places where the rules do not work - not the places where they do work! That is the way in which we discover new rules. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#24. We are all brothers and we are all suffering the same fate. The same smoke floats over all our heads. Help one another. It is the only way to survive. (pg. 39) - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#25. Usually the way I think someone is radicalized is through a personal experience. The thing about environmental activism is that we are all having a personal experience with our environment, whether we open our eyes or not. - Author: Peter Sarsgaard
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#26. Joy is not a requirement of Christian discipleship, it is a consequence. It is not what we have to acquire in order to experience life in Christ; it is what comes to us when we are walking in the way of faith and obedience. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#27. Freedom can reside only in a point of view, a way of looking upon the system of necessity.Surely this is the one freedom that we may attain to: not to be released from physical reality, but to understand reality and ourselves as part of it, and so be reconciled to what we are. - Author: Roger Scruton
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#28. Sometimes we wonder what it's like to feel normal," Maida said. "You know, like all the people you see out on the streets or sitting in their little boxy homes."


"But then", Maida went on, "we see how boring they are and we're happy to be the way we are. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#29. The only way one can really understand what we are is by knowing yourself. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
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#30. We sometimes imagine we hate flattery, but we only hate the way we are flattered. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#31. We are all in Love in the same way that we are all in air. Don't forget to breathe. - Author: David A. Beardsley
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#32. My Uriah,' said Mrs. Heep, 'has looked forward to this, sir, a long while. He had his fears that our umbleness stood in the way, and I joined in them myself. Umble we are, umble we have been, umble we shall ever be,' said Mrs. Heep. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#33. It may part of a one way evolution ... or it may be we are currently on the downside of an innocence cycle where one day, with an up cycle, sweet will be entertaining again. - Author: Christopher Knight
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#34. What we're told about this country is way too limited by generalities, sound bites, and even the supposedly enlightened idea that there are two sides to every question. In fact, many questions have three or seven or a dozen sides. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#35. Without compassion, we will never know anyone or anything, not even our own story. Too much judgment, too many ideas and attitudes will stand in the way of the fundamental principle that we are similar to, connected with, and part of everything else. - Author: Deena Metzger
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#36. The only way Father is going to be upset in this case, is with the way the two of you are behaving toward one another. We are family, whether you believe it or not. Your lack of faith in Lucifer is what will do the damage in the long run. It has nothing at all to do with the time I spend with him. - Author: Melyssa Winchester
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#37. think about the littler rules. Club rules. Social standards. Values. "The way things are normally done." Opinions, every one. Yet we live our lives as if they're immutable truths. - Author: Johnny B. Truant
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#38. What we need to do, as writers, is find out where our market is and adapt to it. I'm not saying that you follow every trend slavishly, but what you see is that, if there is a sea-change in the way that things are being done, then you account for it. - Author: John Scalzi
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#39. In the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don't know any better. - Author: Michael Crichton
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#40. In studying ourselves, we find the harmony that is our total existence. We do not make harmony. We do not achieve it or gain it. It is there all the time. Here we are, in the midst of this perfect way, and our practice is simply to realize it and then to actualize it in our everyday life. - Author: John Daishin Buksbazen
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#41. All the Tauruses I know have this connection to the earth and the environment. We are very curious people, very loyal, very aware of and respectful of our surroundings. Also, we're stubborn, but that's our way. We understand what we want, which is not bad. - Author: Francisco Costa
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#42. After defending the value of prepared prayers, the author cautions against over-reliance on them. Just as David could not fight in the armor of King Saul, we are called to fight in the way God has equipped us uniquely. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#43. I think Albertans are progressive and forward-looking and are very optimistic, and I think they've always embraced change. Now with the economy being the way it is, I think we need to acknowledge people are a bit nervous too. - Author: Rachel Notley
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#44. Graphic Design is the communication framework through which these messages about what the world is now, and what we should aspire to. It's the way they reach us. The designer has an enormous responsibility. Those are the people, you know, putting their wires into our heads - Author: Rick Poynor
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#45. We're not going to teach you the easy way to be poly. The tools we recommend will seem hard, because they are - at first. - Author: Anonymous
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#46. Our vision becomes very narrow when we need things to be a certain way and cannot accept things the way they actually are. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#47. We labor hard for certain but the work is rote and our tomorrows are mostly settled and the way we love one another is cast by the form of our excellent contiguity, a rigorous closeness that only rarely oversteps its bounds. - Author: Chang-rae Lee
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#48. New Labour needs to realise that family life and the way we raise our children are private matters. - Author: Charles Kennedy
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#49. Christian living does not mean to be good but to become good; not to be well, but to get well; not being but becoming; nor rest but training. We are not yet, but we shall be. It has not yet happened, but it is the way. Not everything shines and sparkles as yet, but everything is getting better. - Author: Martin Luther
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#50. If there was one thing I knew, it was that our demons were what shaped who we were. The things we do, the way we act, are all driven by the things we want locked away forever. - Author: Barbara C. Doyle
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#51. There is no movement without the first follower. See, we are told that we all need to be leaders but that would be ineffective. The best way to make a movement, if you really care, is to courageously follow and show others how to follow. - Author: Derek Sivers
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#52. More than anything I have learned that we are all frail people, vulnerable and wounded; it is just that some of us are more clever at concealing it than others! And of course the great joke is that it is O.K. to be frail and wounded because that is the way the almighty transcendent God made people. - Author: Sheila Cassidy
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#53. If the other person would just do things my way, we could get along, one says, when the other person is probably thinking the same about us - that leads to conflict. Our deepest problems are within ourselves. - Author: Billy Graham
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#54. The franchisees are uniquely in touch at the local level. They see what's going on in their communities in a way we couldn't ever imagine. - Author: Fred DeLuca
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#55. If we are truly fortunate, we have employers who did not abandon us, family who stood by us, and perhaps someone who helped us find our way back, who never forget that beneath all the appalling behavior there was a human being. - Author: Elizabeth Vargas
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#56. We are the only creatures that both laugh and weep. I think it's because we are the only creatures that see the difference between the way things are and the way they might be. - Author: Robert Fulghum
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#57. It's the way we deal with what Fate hands us that defines who we are. - Author: Lisa Graff
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#58. One of the advantages or disadvantages of the way in which we live in these modern days is that we are ceasing to feel. That is to say we do not permit ourselves to be affected by either death or misfortune, provided these natural calamities leave our own persons unscathed. - Author: Marie Corelli
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#59. Trying to show people how talented and bright you are is the best way to make an idiot of yourself, and we ended up doing that with flying colors. - Author: Paul Stanley
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#60. I know who we are, and how we got that way. We are writers. We danced with the words, as children, in what became familiar patterns. The words became our friends and our companions, and without even saying it aloud, a thought danced with them: I can do this. This is who I am. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#61. It is the way with half the truth amidst which we live, that it only haunts us and makes dull pulsations that are never born into sound. - Author: George Eliot
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#62. As the sociologist Mitchell L. Stevens has put it, "affluent families fashion an entire way of life organized around the production of measurable virtue in children." Measurable, here, means capable of showing up on a college application. We are not teaching to the test; we're living to it. - Author: William Deresiewicz
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#63. The oceans are a way of life. We fish; we sail; we have a robust marine economy. - Author: Sheldon Whitehouse
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#64. If history moves forward, knowledge of it travels backwards, so that in writing of our own recent past we are continually meeting ourselves coming the other way. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#65. She doesn't speak, and I say nothing more. We just stare at each other, letting the tears roll down our cheeks. That's what tears are for, after all. A way for the soul to bleed. - Author: Cody McFadyen
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#66. I tell them that if compulsive eating is anything, it's a way we leave ourselves when life gets hard. When we don't want to notice what is going on. Compulsive eating is a way we distance ourselves from the way things are when they are not how we want them to be. - Author: Geneen Roth
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#67. So, the point I'm making is, we are not going to cut spending in Washington if we think it's the job of every congressman and senator is to pave local parking lots and build local sewer plants. These parochial interests are getting in the way of the national interests. - Author: Jim DeMint
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#68. the preferable way to treat one another is with love and kindness; that pursuit of material gain is ultimately empty when measured against eternity; and that somehow, as human beings, we are all connected spiritually. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#69. We are ignorant of the meaning of the dragon in the same way that we are ignorant of the meaning of the universe; but there is something in the dragon's image that fits man's imagination, and this accounts for the dragon's appearance in different places and periods. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#70. It is this refrain that we hear repeated by everyone: you are not at home, this is not a sanatorium, the only exit is by way of the Chimney. (What did it mean? Soon we were all to learn what it meant.) - Author: Primo Levi
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#71. We are all identical drips and drops of people, hovering, waiting to be tipped, waiting for someone to show us the way, to pour us down a path. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#72. The best way to know who we are is often to find out how others see us. This doesn't mean that we should do what others expect us to do, but it helps us to understand ourselves better. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#73. Hating anything in the way of ill-natured gossip ourselves, we are always grateful to those who do it for us and do it well. - Author: Hector Hugh Munro
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#74. Given the way some fought for the status quo when I authored the new Ethics Code and created the city's first Ethics Commission, we are going to need your strong support to get an even tougher Ethics Code passed this year. - Author: Laura Miller
The Way We Are Quotes #50477
#75. Go forward in life with a smile on your face, a sparkle in your eyes, and with great and strong purpose in your heart. The best things in life are the people in your life, the moments we live, and memories we made along the way. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#76. Rather than reflecting an immutable human nature, morals are closely tied to the way we organize ourselves. - Author: Frans De Waal
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#77. The human birthright includes the possibility of an easy death at extreme old age if we are healthy. Alternatively, we may experience a lot of disease, but with medical intervention probably live almost as long, suffering from suboptimum health all the way through. It's our choice. - Author: Steve Solomon
The Way We Are Quotes #54471
#78. England's Protestant," they declared. "Why else did we throw out the Stuarts? The government and their placemen are selling us down the river. If they'll give way over Catholics, what will they give way over next? - Author: Edward Rutherfurd
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#79. William Shakespeare put it this way, Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt. - Author: Earl Nightingale
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#80. It's funny to think that Anson and I were here, in this same place, together all that time ago, and now here we are again. It makes me feel good, makes me feel that perhaps everything doesn't just disappear, that some things are circling back, taking the long way, but circling back towards me. - Author: Helen Humphreys
The Way We Are Quotes #55237
#81. Narratives are the primary way in which we make sense of our lives, as opposed to, for example schema,cognition, beliefs, constructs. Definition of narrative include the important element of giving meaning to events and experiences over time by connecting them as a developing, continuing story. - Author: Jacqui Stedmon
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#82. The ways of the Lord are not comfortable, but we were not created for comfort, but for greatness, for good. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#83. We are convinced that the only way to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue is through negotiations. - Author: Sergei Lavrov
The Way We Are Quotes #56708
#84. How do we turn our heart to the Lord? One way is in going to the scripture to see him. "In the volume of the book it is written of me," Jesus said. In 1 John 3:2 we find that when we see him as he is, we are going to be like him, we're going to manifest him. - Author: Kay Fairchild And Lisa Perdue
The Way We Are Quotes #58459
#85. Names are the way we humans build relationship, not only with each other but with the living world. - Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
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#86. I think certain people are the way they are for certain reasons that we can't necessarily judge without knowing. - Author: Blake Lively
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#87. In the end, it is not by knowledge that we make our journeys but by hope and faith: hope that our walk will be worthy of our steps and faith that we are going somewhere. And only when we come to the end of our journeys do we truly understand that every step of the way we were walking on water. - Author: Richard Paul Evans
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#88. We are to extend forgiveness to others in the same way that God did to us: Unconditionally. - Author: David Jeremiah
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#89. We're living in a homogenized culture where everything is the same, and books are not a homogenized culture. They are extremely varied, and they're eccentric because they are the product of an individual mind. They are not, in any way, mediated. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#90. The welfare state is collapsing all around us. There are people that realize that we can't go on this way, but I'm not sure how many people realize how close we are to the collapse of the U.S. financial system. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#91. We developed a philosophical credo and applied it consistently. We accept that morality, power, and consensus are the underpinnings for any society and work to maintain all three in balance. Trust and mutual respect are, in a way, the mortar that hold the other three together. - Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
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#92. Allow the light to fall across you. Shadow or sunlight. Allow it to define your shape. In its way. Another day it may be different. It surely will be. Are we ever the same? Is the light? And the way a form presses into the grass? - Author: Jay Woodman
The Way We Are Quotes #65840
#93. We encounter and enter our richest, most humanly defining experiences by way of a tear in the fabric of things, because we are running late, or because we recognize, across a crowded room, a face whose lack of perfection allows a unique light to shine through and to stir us with uncommon wonder. - Author: Eugene Kennedy
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#94. Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid. - Author: Jules Feiffer
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#95. We think the whole world's going to change, and forget that human beings are still human beings; we have the same five senses, we still interact the same way, we still love and hate the same way, but marketers lose track of that. But then it comes down to earth. - Author: Michael K. Powell
The Way We Are Quotes #67229
#96. To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. - Author: Anthony Robbins
The Way We Are Quotes #68853
#97. Sometimes, I wonder .....

Are we all as identical on our way out of the the way we all came into it?

If so, at what point do all our identities merge into a final whole?

Are we all nameless and blank at point Infinity? - Author: Tina Sequeira
The Way We Are Quotes #68874
#98. We have to be able to criticise what we love, to say what we have to say 'cause if your not trying to make something better, than as far as I can tell, you are just in the way. - Author: Ani DiFranco
The Way We Are Quotes #69358
#99. Ask yourself, "Who's getting the glory in this ministry?" You see, if we do ministry OUR way, it won't be for His glory, because our ways are not His ways. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
The Way We Are Quotes #73415
#100. Darwin wasn't just provocative in saying that we descend from the apes - he didn't go far enough. We are apes in every way, from our long arms and tailless bodies to our habits and temperament. - Author: Frans De Waal
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