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#1. Jean Shrimpton was the most beautiful of all the models I have known. To walk down the King's Road, Chelsea, with Shrimpton was like walking through the rye. Strong men just keeled over right and left as she strode up the street. - Author: Mary Quant
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#2. If he came upon us burning in the street, I don't think he'd piss on us to put us out. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. Let's see what's going on over in Iraq. A Burger King has opened up and prostitutes are back on the street of Baghdad after 20 years. Fast food and hookers - they are truly living the American Dream. - Author: David Letterman
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#4. In masks and gown we haunt the street
And knock on doors for trick or treat
Tonight we are the king and queen,
For oh tonight it's Halloween! - Author: Jack Prelutsky
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#5. No matter which sex I went to bed with, I never smoked on the street - Author: Florence King
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#6. Do you know why they call me the Count? Because I love to count! Ah-hah-hah!
- The Count Sesame Street - Author: Richard Bachman
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#7. Graffiti scratched on a desk of the Barker Street Grammar School in Chamberlain: Carrie White eats shit. - Author: Stephen King
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#8. You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper. - Author: Robert Alton Harris
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#9. On the woman's arm, walking her proudly down the street, was a tall man who, although old in physical age, walked with the pride of a king because he knew that the most valuable thing in his life was not in his wallet or his book of accomplishments, but was walking right next to him. - Author: Christopher Herz
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#10. I think of [street food] as the antidote to fast food; it's the clear alternative to the king, the clown and the colonel. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#11. The Werewolf crossed the rutted path just as Bill pedaled into the middle of Neibolt Street. Blood splattered its faded jeans, and looking back over his shoulder, filled with a kind of dreadful, unbreakable fascination that was akin to hypnosis, Richie saw that the seams - Author: Stephen King
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#12. I can give you the King's English and then I can take it to the street, but do both or do one and don't do one knowing only the street. That's going to hold you back because what comes out is going to impress people, and it will impress them negatively. - Author: Angela Bassett
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#13. Americans have known about mounting inequality and king-sized Wall Street bonuses for years. But we also had an entire genre of journalism dedicated to brushing the problem off. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#14. I didn't want to look distinguished; I wanted to look fun, and also to fade into the street, into the King's Road. If I don't fade into a room at White's, that's fine. My father was chairman of Brooks' and the Beefsteak, and I was brought up in that life, and it bores me rigid. - Author: Nicholas Haslam
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#15. On that gray street, with the smell of industrial smokes in the air and the afternoon bleeding away to evening, downtown Derry looked only marginally more charming than a dead hooker in a church pew. - Author: Stephen King
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#16. Inspiration thing is important, to teach the kids that JFK is not an airport, RFK's not a stadium, Martin Luther King ain't a street - Author: Kinky Friedman
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#17. The train was parked fifty feet up, by a toy station that mimicked the one across the street. Hanging from its eaves was a sign which read TOPEKA. The train was Charlie the Choo-Choo, cowcatcher and all; a 402 Big Boy Steam Locomotive. - Author: Stephen King
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#18. I would sit on the street corners in my hometown of Indianola, Mississippi, and I would play. And, generally, I would start playing gospel songs. - Author: B.B. King
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#19. At nineteen they can card you in the bars and tell you to get the fuck out, put your sorry act (and sorrier ass) back on the street, but they can't card you when you sit down to paint a picture, write a poem, or tell a story. - Author: Stephen King
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#20. George paused just beyond the sawhorses at the edge of a deep ravine that had been cut through the tar surface of Witcham Street. This - Author: Stephen King
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#21. In my vocal, I think you can hear something of my earlier times when I'd sing in subway halls for the echo and perform doo-wop on street corners. But I had a lot of influences, too - singers like Sam Cooke, Brook Benton and Roy Hamilton. - Author: Ben E. King
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#22. Being out in the street is not an expectation of privacy. Anyone can look at you, can see you, can watch what you're doing. - Author: Peter T. King
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#23. He was a manager, one of the singers, I guess talent coordinator for the local talent in Harlem. His name was Lover Patterson. He was living right across the street from where my dad had his restaurant. I guess he saw a lot of kids come in, a lot of my buddies. - Author: Ben E. King
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#24. It defies reason to believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. would march arm in arm with Wall Street hedge fund managers and members of ALEC to lead a struggle for the privatization of public education, the crippling of unions, and the establishment of for-profit schools. - Author: Diane Ravitch
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#25. Now, Shay Bourne isn't the first person to come along and stir the pot," King said. "Few years back, a Florida State football quarterback was found lying in the street, claiming to be God. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#26. Be an artist at whatever you do. Even if you are a street sweeper, be the Michelangelo of street sweepers. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#27. One of these fellows had crawled out from under the porch of the house at 29 Neibolt Street one day and had offered to give Eddie a blowjob for a quarter. - Author: Stephen King
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#28. And, because there was an honesty about all that was going on. It connected with the people in the street. - Author: Ben E. King
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#29. Growing up on the plantation there in Mississippi, I would work Monday through Saturday noon. I'd go to town on Saturday afternoons, sit on the street corner, and I'd sing and play. - Author: B.B. King
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#30. I wasn't ever going to play Carnegie Hall, or arenas with the E Street Band, but I did still play - plenty - and had work I liked and was good at. If a man or woman wants more, I often told myself, that man or woman is tempting the gods. - Author: Stephen King
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#31. We shouldn't compare the success of two kings knowing that one was born in the palace while the other in the street... - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#32. Unless you're Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates, no one's going to recognize you on the street, and you're promoting your book, not yourself. - Author: Debra Dean
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