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Top 14 The Last Juror Quotes

#1. Love is not a pie.

Amy Bloom

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#2. Resisting and avoiding pain sucks energy-and time. The more you let yourself feel those minute-and-a-half hells, the quicker you'll start feeling those minute-and-a-half happinesses.

Leigh Newman

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#3. IOU one Roman praetor.
She will be returned safely.
Sit tight.
Otherwise you'll be killed.
XOX, the Hunters of Artemis.

Rick Riordan

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#4. I really like trying to find the roles that are actually really meaningful to me.

Mia Wasikowska

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#5. Try and understand: cricket was played by Commonwealth countries only; now it has started in other countries as well, and I am proud of that.

Kapil Dev

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#6. Whatever the word "great" means, Dickens was what it means. Even the fastidious and unhappy who cannot read his books without a continuous critical exasperation, would use the word of him without stopping to think. They feel that Dickens is a great writer even if he is not a good writer.

G.K. Chesterton

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#7. Slice and Dice, Slice and Dice

Michael Grant

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#8. Stephen King's not the water, Susannah - he's only the pipe the water runs through.

Stephen King

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#9. I've never had a MySpace or a Facebook page. I avoid that entirely.

Haley Joel Osment

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#10. Wonderland with all its palaces can be yours as well as Alice's.

John Biccard

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#11. The Christmas spirit is not what you drink.

Jethro Tull

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#12. Mom ran the house, so we grew up Portuguese.

Emeril Lagasse

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#13. It was announced that any parent arriving more than ten minutes late would pay $3 per child for each incident. The fee would be added to the parents' monthly bill, which was roughly $380. After the fine was enacted, the number of late pickups promptly went ... up.

Steven D. Levitt

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#14. in an individual sense, we are to be continual worshipers and praisers. Worship and praise is not something we decide to do for a few minutes a day or once a week, but it is who we are. Our attitude should always be that of a worshiper.

Ronald Sawka

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