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Top 33 Symptoms Of Depression Quotes

#1. My own life was filled with so much love and joy that when depression struck, it was like a prison door slamming shut and I was being placed in an isolation cell. No one else could possibly be feeling what I was. I hated my depression and all of its symptoms. - Author: Susan Polis Schutz
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#2. When you know something in your heart, you better not be quiet about it. You better speak out about it. - Author: Zach Wamp
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#3. I wondered if I was like a drug addict going through withdrawal. I had all the symptoms, my physical dependence on Lila showing its ugly self.
My depression and anxiety spiked, and I craved her more than I ever had before. I needed her. - Author: K.I. Lynn
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#4. Even if it meant that she had failed, she was glad. And if what she'd wanted had been impossible from the start, still there was a certain lonely comfort in the fact that she'd known it was impossible and had gone ahead and done it anyway. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#5. No pleasure here on Earth I find. For in this world, I'm bound to ramble. - Author: Ralph Stanley
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#6. I had developed manic depression [bipolar disorder] ... and the main symptoms the constant voice in the head telling you to kill yourself. - Author: Sinead O'Connor
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#7. Cognitive therapy is a fast-acting technology of mood modification that you can learn to apply on your own. It can help you eliminate the symptoms and experience personal growth so you can minimize future upsets and cope with depression more effectively in the future. - Author: David D. Burns
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#8. To me a photograph is a page from life, and that being the case, it must be real. - Author: Weegee
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#9. Anxiety and depression, and the physical symptoms they cause, are merely distractions and smokescreens to "protect" you from dangers, which are usually, imaginary. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#10. Sarno contended that emotions such as guilt, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem caused the brain to manufacture such physical symptoms as migraine headaches, muscle pain, repetitive strain injuries, even hay fever. - Author: Nikki Winston
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#11. I trust everyone. I just don't trust the devil inside them. - Author: Troy Kennedy Martin
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#12. Depression and despair accompanied the physical symptoms, and before the end death is seen seated on the face. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#13. You know how most illnesses have symptoms you can recognize? Like fever, upset stomach, chills, whatever.
Well, with manic depression, it's sexual promiscuity, excessive spending, and substance abuse - and that just sounds like a fantastic weekend in Vegas to me! - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#14. My own work on depression demonstrated that men and women often have different symptoms, with males often becoming more irritable, angry, and aggressive when they are depressed, while women show the more inward symptoms such as sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness. - Author: Jed Diamond
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#15. There is no cell culture for depression. You can't see it on a bone scan or an x-ray. Not everyone with depression will show the same behavioral symptoms. - Author: Chris Prentiss
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#16. I have come to rely on Ed Welch and others at CCEF for guidance and insight in better understanding the issues of the soul that plague many people today. For those who want to address more than just the symptoms of depression, Ed's counsel is invaluable. - Author: Bob Lepine
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#17. Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, anorexia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness, and rapid pulse. - Author: Carolyn Dean
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#18. A sovereign should never launch an army out of anger, a leader should never start a war out of wrath - Author: Sun Tzu
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#19. Spreading the word about depression is my mission. I am working to build awareness, educate people about the symptoms, and change public opinion and individual attitudes about depression. - Author: Susan Polis Schutz
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#20. Contrary to previous assumptions, maternal depression can also manifest in a myriad of ways, many far different from what some might consider traditional depressive symptoms, including psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other anxiety disorders. - Author: Kimberly McCreight
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#21. Many of depression's symptoms - exhaustion, insomnia, nausea, headaches, weight loss, weight gain - are physical ailments. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#22. I suffered from a mild case of postpartum depression after my second child and the physical challenge of maintaining an overnight shift at CBS, a marriage, and two in diapers made the symptoms worse and everyone in the house paid the price. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
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#23. Food allergy is one of the least diagnosed and most prevalent causes of symptoms, especially depression. - Author: Sherry Rogers
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#24. Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own. - Author: Harold G. Coffin
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#25. One of the first symptoms of depression, even before your mood drops to new lows, is sleep disturbance. Either you can't get up or you can't get to sleep or both. - Author: John J. Ratey
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#26. I often write in pencil on paper and then type up later. It's much quicker than using a keyboard. - Author: Catherine Fisher
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#27. The trouble is, depression doesn't come with handy symptoms like spots and a temperature, so you don't realize it at first. You keep saying "I'm fine" to people when you're not fine. You think you SHOULD be fine. You keep saying to yourself: "Why aren't I fine? - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#28. Most emotional and physical symptoms of stress and depression are not typically caused by the circumstances themselves, but instead by how our minds perceive what is going on and how our hearts hold up under the pressure. - Author: Tracie Miles
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#29. Even if medication relieves some of the burden of depression, it may be functioning like aspirin. That is, it takes away some of the symptoms but the root problems persist. - Author: Edward T. Welch
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#30. Symptoms like anxiety, depression, aggression, alcohol or drug use, are responses to physical and emotional pain that has its roots in traumatic experiences from childhood and later in life. - Author: Jed Diamond
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#31. Why do you work so hard to make yourself disliked? I should think you'd find it happens enough on its own without putting yourself to any extra trouble. - Author: Steven Brust
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#32. The symptoms of depression, despair or melancholy, and lethargy were considered by the Church the sin of accidia or sloth. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#33. What an extraordinary thing it is, Mr. Darwin seems to spend hours in cracking a horse-whip in his room, for I often hear the crack when I pass under his windows. - Author: Charles Darwin
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