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Top 10 Surgical Tech Funny Sayings

#1. There is no time left for anything but to make peace work a dimension of our every waking activity. - Author: Elise M. Boulding
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#2. One step outside the gate, and we are among the sand-hills that stretch for miles and miles round Vera Cruz. - Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
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#3. Well, you know what they say. You have to work on relationships to keep them fresh. This little jaunt may just prove to be the thing needed to spice up their relationship. Of course, the likelihood that Mary would survive the reunion celebration was pretty low, but that was all right too. - Author: David Owain Hughes
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#4. Your work, coming from a fluid source, can be traced to the naked song of your youth. You spoke then of holding hands with God. Remember, through everything, you have always held that hand, grip it hard, Robert, and don't let go.

(letter to Robert Mapplethorpe, 1970) - Author: Patti Smith
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#5. Mathematical knowledge ... is, in fact, merely verbal knowledge. "3" means "2+1", and "4" means "3+1". Hence it follows (though the proof is long) that "4" means the same as "2+2". Thus mathematical knowledge ceases to be mysterious. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#6. Cats gravitate to kitchens like rocks gravitate to gravity. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#7. I'm just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real light saber. - Author: Ewan McGregor
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#8. My work at MIT had focused on what we could build in space once we had inexpensive space transportation and industrial facilities in orbit. And this led to various sorts of work in space development. - Author: K. Eric Drexler
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#9. I just feel like I have when I started making a lot of money, I started spreading it out to people. Mickelson, the whole deal, the over-tip: if I see a guy that looks like he needs a hand out or something, I'll pull something out and give him something. - Author: Lee Trevino
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#10. My father was so in love with showbiz, all the different aspects - what we're doing here, making the movies, everything about it. - Author: Jeff Bridges
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