Top 22 Stick And Carrot Quotes

#1. The carrot and the stick are prevasive and persuasive motivators. But if you treat people like donkeys, they will perform like donkeys.

John Whitmore

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#2. There are precedents for what happens when societies allow the divide between rich and poor to get so huge that it stops being funny and starts becoming a sick, blood-boiling joke. If you had a Tardis, you could go back to 1917 and ask the Russian royal family how it was all going.

John Niven

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#3. The British welfare state, it seemed, had removed the incentives without which a capitalist economy simply could not function: the carrot of serious money for those who strove, the stick of hardship for those who slacked.

Niall Ferguson

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#4. Fathers, on the other hand, were there to toughen children up, to say Walk it off when mothers would hold them if they fell. Mothers were the carrot. Fathers were the stick.

Noah Hawley

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#5. I'm actually a great fan of lucidity.

Henry Flynt

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#6. People are familiar with 'the stick' of the Tea Party ... challenging incumbents, flooding the phone lines. What they're not so much familiar with, and what I want to expand, is 'the carrot.' So when a Mitch McConnell, or when a Republican caucus stands firm ... we have to reward them.

Niger Innis

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#7. The poet Rumi said that "the price of kissing is your life." He was right, and he was offering us a carrot. What he did not mention is the stick: that the price of not kissing is your miserable unkissed life.

Anne Benvenuti

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#8. Although, by todays standards, he set a vast amount of work, he believed as he told Mrs Ashley, that 'If you pour much drink into a goblet, the most part will dash out and run over'. In Ascham's view, it was the carrot, and not the stick, that worked.

Alison Weir

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#9. Reasonable, even intelligent people can, and frequently do, disagree on how best to achieve peace in the Middle East, but, peace must be the goal of our foreign policy tools, whether they be by the stick or by the carrot.

Nick Rahall

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#10. I feel like a donkey, with a stick in my mouth and a carrot up my ass.

Anton Chekhov

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#11. There are times when players have got to feel that if they work hard and they give everything, they get the carrot, but they also need to know that there's a stick. If performance, discipline or attitude isn't good enough, there is a bit of the stick and there will be a punishment.

Warren Gatland

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#12. The "more" of Christianity is a myth; a deceitful illusion designed to keep you busy and running in circles, always seeking but never finding, always learning but never coming to the knowledge of the Truth - a carrot on a stick, if you will.

D.R. Silva

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#13. Glitch was about as wild and unpredictable as a carrot stick.

Darynda Jones

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#14. How did anyone survive this world, with these bodies whose memories wouldn't stay in the past where they should? With the emotions that were so strond I couldn't tell what I felt anymore?

Stephenie Meyer

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#15. Someday Isle is not a dream vacation spot.
It is an imaginary destination to which you will never arrive.
It is the carrot on the stick perpetually in front of you.
So close you can see it, yet you will never reach it.
Don't vacation on Someday Isle.

Frank F. Lunn

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#16. Reaction and non-action both create karma, but conscious action transcends karma.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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#17. A career in journalism suddenly lost its appeal.

Andy Grove

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#18. The fundamental evil of government grants is the fact that men are forced to pay for the support of ideas diametrically opposed to their own. This is a profound violation of an individual's integrity and conscience.

Ayn Rand

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#19. Thus, be every device from the stick to the carrot, the emaciated Austrian donkey is made to pull the Nazi barrow up an ever-steepening hill.

Winston Churchill

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#20. Carrot-and-stick reinforcement' the behaviorists are telling us is needed for this bird to carry out these operations, thirteen different types of construction jobs? B. F. Skinner did a very good thing: in World War

William Peter Blatty

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#21. I don't attend church because I am a Meryl Streepist and we, her disciples, have not organized a place of worship yet. We just watch 'Sophie's Choice' in our homes once a month and sing praise together in a collective cry of shock and awe and devotion.

Jasika Nicole

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#22. Hope is a carrot tied to the stick of tomorrow.

Dan Groat

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