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#1. In the end all collaborations are love stories. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#2. If our society were truly to appreciate the significance of children's emotional ties throughout the first years of life, it would no longer tolerate children growing up or parents having to struggle in situations which could not possibly nourish healthy growth. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#3. Attention, learning, and problem solving depend in part on the ability to plan and sequence actions and ideas. The Interactive Metronome(R) helps individuals systematically exercise and often improve basic motor planning and sequencing capacities. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#4. In creation myths, a god shapes mud or clay into living form, much like a potter throws a pot or a sculptor reveals the statue within a block of marble. But a writer has to create his own clay or stone before he can begin shaping life from it. - Author: Stuart Dybek
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#5. The truth will set you free: believability will give you credibility. - Author: Garrison Wynn
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#6. Good discipline is more than just punishing or laying down the law. It is liking children and letting them see that they are liked. It is caring enough about them to provide good, clear rules for their protection. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#7. If your child is going to develop a healthy personality with the capacity to remain intact and grow, she must learn how to test reality, regulate her impulses, stabilize her moods, integrate her feelings and actions, focus her concentration and plan. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#8. Empathy comes from being empathized with. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#9. Learning first occurs as a part of emotional interactions; it involves the split-second initiatives that children take as they try to engage other people,interact with them communicate and reason with them. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#10. I was very good in math and physics. In the Soviet time, we had a lot of Olympic-style competitions for different disciplines: I was always winning in my region. - Author: Oleg Deripaska
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#11. Although pretend play is important, it is still the means to an end, not the end itself. Do not make the mistake of thinking a contrived, pretend drama can substitute for real interpersonal comfort in dealing with important emotional issues. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#12. It is characteristic of theistic "tolerance" that no one really cares what the people believe in, just so they believe or pretend to believe. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#13. Americans are now in disarray - Author: Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
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#14. Can't you stop by my tent on your way to the hospital and punch one of them in the nose for me?" he speculated aloud. "I've got four of them, and they're going to crowd me out of my tent altogether." "You know, something like that once happened to my whole tribe," Chief White Halfoat remarked - Author: Joseph Heller
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#15. You cannot win a War on Terrorism. It's like having a war on jealousy. - Author: David Cross
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#16. If she smells good she is your perfect date - Author: Bazil Taha Ahmed
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#17. Self-esteem is an inner feeling: Sometimes it corresponds with outer reality, and sometimes it doesn't. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#18. Even if you find yourself in a heated exchange with your toddler, it is better for your child to feel the heat rather than for himto feel you withdraw emotionally ... Active and emotional involvement between parent and child helps the child make the limits a part of himself. - Author: Stanley Greenspan
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#19. Hedonism, as any puritan can tell you, never leads to virtue. If we could all set pleasure aside and eat what's good for us, our problems would all go away. (Good luck with that.) - Author: Mark Schatzker
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