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#1. What we committed in the Indies stands out among the most unpardonable offenses ever committed against God and mankind and this trade [in Indian slaves] as one of the most unjust, evil, and cruel among them. - Author: Bartolome De Las Casas
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#2. One trait stands out in nearly all meteorites: metal; they've got it. So, the best way to find a meteorite is to hear it first. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#3. I'm the guy that stands out in all the crowds, so I don't get out there and dance, but I can dance. - Author: Tracy McGrady
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#4. This layers, like some kind of transparent sponge kind of thing, stands there between Eri Asai and me, and the words that come out of my mouth have to pass through it, and when that happens, the sponge sucks almost all the nutrients right out of them. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#5. In all her history, from the formation of the federal government until the hour of secession, no year stands out more prominently than the year 1858 as evidencing the national patriotism of Virginia. - Author: John Sergeant Wise
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#6. It seems you didn't understand me," Rakel said, adjusting her grip on his hand. She had to spit the words out around the pain that tore through her. "When I say that love is pure, I mean it stands unrivaled in its power. - Author: K.M. Shea
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#7. He that finds out he's changed his lot for worse, Let him betimes the untoward choice reverse: For still, when all is said, the rule stands fast, That each man's shoe be made on his own last. - Author: Horace
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#8. I think it's funny how people get confused when they think about church music, because a lot of times there is a soloist who stands out, but my church wasn't like that at all. - Author: Valerie June
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#9. Each age stands on the shoulders of the one that has gone before, and out of the revolt of the old is fashioned the new. - Author: Eloise Lownsbery
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#10. I let the actors work out their ideas before shooting, then tell them what attitudes I want. If a scene isn't honest, it stands out like a sore thumb. - Author: David Lynch
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#11. Miss MacIntosh, My Darling stands out in my mind as the most significant innovative novel since Ulysses and The Waves. Marguerite Young has added epic grandeur to the philosophical novel. Every page gleams with the poetry of existence. - Author: Nona Balakian
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#12. What does it mean to be a superhero? We're all fighting for the better good. But, at the same time, I think what stands out is, as superheroes, you don't give up; you don't surrender. I think that's what makes a superhero. - Author: Ellen Wong
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#13. Jazz stands for freedom. It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: Get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians. - Author: Dave Brubeck
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#14. To see evil and call it good, mocks God. Worse, it makes goodness meaningless. A word without meaning is an abomination, for when the word passes beyond understanding the very thing the word stands for passes out of the world and cannot be recalled. - Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
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#15. The crimson thread of God's love that weaves its way throughout the story of His mercy in our life, stands out against the backdrop of the darkness which invades any valley. - Author: Amy E. Tobin
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#16. Abortion and racism are both symptoms of a fundamental human error. The error is thinking that when someone stands in the way of our wants, we can justify getting that person out of our lives. Abortion and racism stem from the same poisonous root, selfishness. - Author: Alveda King
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#17. I love Johnny (Depp). A lot of the stuff I've done for him stands out for me just because of the relationship and who he is. - Author: Colleen Atwood
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#18. Science stands, a too competant servant, behind her wrangling underbred masters, holding out resources, devices, and remedies they are too stupid to use ... And on its material side, a modern Utopia must needs present these gifts as taken. - Author: George Herbert
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#19. Coming back in that AFC Championship Game against the Steelers, that was a poignant moment for me for a lot of reasons - the magnitude of the game and having not been able to play for quite a while and to be able to get on the field for that game. That one stands out. - Author: Drew Bledsoe
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#20. The defining moment when we finally admit, "I can't do this alone. Its too much for me. Take it."
That's the moment our heart cracks open, our will pours out and Christ stands ready with his arms stretched wide and his smile even wider.
That's the moment a miracle is born. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#21. There are lots of antagonists in the 'Jane Yellowrock' series, but one stands out as uber-evil to me, and that is Lucas DeAllyon. - Author: Faith Hunter
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#22. Detroit is a city that really stands out. It's been through a very difficult time. There's been a lot of pain here, and the city, physically, has suffered. You can see it in certain neighborhoods, and there's buildings downtown that have been abandoned. - Author: Michael Imperioli
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#23. In this initial illimitableness of possibilities that characterizes one who has no nature there stands out only one fixed, pre-established, and given line by which he may chart his course, only one limit: the past. - Author: Jose Ortega Y Gasset
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#24. Today, reishi stands out as one the most valuable of all polypore mushrooms in nature for the benefit of our health. Many naturopaths and doctors prefer organically-grown reishi from pristine environments because they are more pure. - Author: Paul Stamets
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#25. In the treatment of poverty nationally, one fact stands out: there are twice as many white poor as Negro poor in the United States. Therefore I will not dwell on the experiences of poverty that derive from racial discrimination, but will discuss the poverty that affects white and Negro alike. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#26. There's times when the crockery seems alive, an' flies out o' your hand like a bird. It's like the glass, sometimes, 'ull crack as it stands. What is to be broke will be broke. - Author: George Eliot
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#27. Man, if I made one million dollars I would come in at six in the morning, sweep the stands, wash the uniforms, clean out the office, manage the team and play the games. - Author: Duke Snider
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#28. I have two moods. One is Roy, rollicking Roy, the wild ride of a mood. And Pam, sediment Pam, who stands on the shore and sobs ... Sometimes the tide is in, sometimes it's out. - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#29. What's humorous to me about using "bitch" as an insult is that it clearly illustrates just how marginalized women really are; for this singular insult stands to throw us out of the human species altogether, and quite literally, to the dogs. - Author: Brandon Kelly
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#30. I love when people have their own creative vision, when a person stands out and tries different things. - Author: Ciara
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#31. Cooper pulled out a high-backed stool, sat down, tapped out the beat on the bar with his fingertips. He'd heard once that the essence of country music was three chords and the truth. Well, the three-chords part still stands. - Author: Marcus Sakey
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#32. There may be some tenderness in the conscience and yet the will be a very stone; and as long as the will stands out, there is no broken heart. - Author: Richard Alleine
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#33. It seems impossible to wheedle his way out of his impending death. No one has before him. But just as a young person feels invincible, he cannot bring himself to accept the looming train as he stands upon the tracks feeling the deep rumbling of the behemoth barreling straight toward him. - Author: M. Starks
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#34. I have always, privately and humbly, thought it a pity that so good a word [as culture] should go out of the best vocabularies; for when you lose an abstract term, you are apt to lose the thing it stands for. - Author: Katharine Fullerton Gerould
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#35. The need for justice grows out of the conflict of human interests. That is to say, if there were no conflict of interests among mankind we should never have invented the word justice, nor conceived the idea for which it stands. - Author: Thomas Nixon Carver
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#36. There is no conflict between best in British class and being a global newspaper. We are an international newspaper rooted in the City of London, and I think people understand that. The 'FT' stands out as a global niche product. - Author: Lionel Barber
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#37. There could conceivably be circumstances in which an experiment on an animal stands to reduce suffering so much that it would be permissible to carry it out even if it involved harm to the animal ... [even if] the animal were a human being. - Author: Peter Singer
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#38. Possessing an array of athletic gifts is something most tennis players can only dream about. Most players, if they're lucky, have one attribute that stands out
either a monster serve, great footspeed, superb touch, superior timing or innate feel for the ball. - Author: Dave McPherson
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#39. There aren't many contemporary Christian leaders who are both energetic in their condemnation of the crimes of communism and robust in their analysis of the evil of Islamism, but Justin Welby stands out. - Author: Michael Gove
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#40. Everything in ... nature, is descended out that which is eternal, and stands as a..visible outbirth of it, so when we know how to separate out the grossness, death, and darkness..from it, we in its eternal state. - Author: William Law
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#41. If you wanted to greet him or get his attention, you had to say: "Oh, Mr. Forest-Ranger-who-stands-in-the-tower-watching-out-for-forest fires!" If you abbreviated it, or, heaven help us, addressed him simply as "David," you would get no response. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#42. Getting recognized is sort of weird anyway. I'm 17 now. You get the odd person sort of shouting out "Ron!" or something. And my hair at the moment sort of stands out a bit, can't really avoid it. - Author: Rupert Grint
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#43. It's definitely an honour and a dream to be able to go out there and have all the people in the stands cheering for you it's a great feeling and I cant wait to get the Olympics started. - Author: Meghan Agosta-Marciano
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#44. Sometimes, you just gotta be the weird one. It's always the weird one that stands out anyway, right? Nobody cares about the sheep; it's the wolf they're all after. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#45. McEnroe has got to sit down and work out where he stands. - Author: Fred Perry
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#46. Five

The air across the valley is slightly hazy though thinning though patches
remain between the groves of trees that edge a clearing in which stands a
single house. A child in a white t-shirt has just walked out of the house and
is turning to walk down to the lake. - Author: Cole Swensen
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#47. Every star has that certain something that stands out and compels us to notice them. - Author: Maureen O'Hara
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#48. I don't strive on being the most beautiful woman in the room! I strive to be the most unique! The one who stands out, the one you will never forget. - Author: Sahndra Fon Dufe
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#49. Four grabs a bar with each hand and pulls himself up, easy, like he's sitting up in bed. But he is not comfortable or natural here
every muscle in his arm stands out. it is a stupid thing for me to think when I am one hundred feet off the ground. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#50. We have as many planes of speech as does a painting planes of perspective which create perspective in a phrase. The most important word stands out most vividly defined in the very foreground of the sound plane. Less important words create a series of deeper planes. - Author: Constantin Stanislavski
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#51. Ignorance is avoiding that which stands in front of me out of the misplaced hope that it will put what I'm ignoring behind me. Instead, it's most certain to drop it on top of me. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#52. I got a kick out of the stands when they would heckle me. I would take the energy from that. - Author: Kurt Russell
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#53. At the end, it's your movie and your performance that stands out. So if I am a good actor, and if am being part of good entertaining engaging films, audiences will like me. - Author: Ranbir Kapoor
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#54. The one element that stands out most clearly among our peak performers is their virtually unassailable belief in the likelihood of their own success. - Author: Charles Garfield
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#55. You catch a fairly young field-vole and flay it ... We take the skin, when Venus stands in the sign of the scorpion, and combust the skin ... Now take the ash, which you got this way, and pepper it out on the fields. - Author: Rudolf Steiner
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#56. Strength is the morality of the man who stands out from the rest, and it is mine. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#57. There must be Someone in heaven who knows the truth about me, in highest heaven, some Attorney who can clear my name - My Champion, my Friend, while I'm weeping my eyes out before God. I appeal to the One who represents mortals before God as a neighbor stands up for a neighbor. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#58. Kids love to be scared; we all do. But there's a difference between leaving them hanging out there, with their fears, and then bringing them safely home. Kids love it when someone like them stands up against real evil, something really horrendous and frightening, and win. - Author: Henry Selick
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#59. The mob gets out of hand, runs wild, worse than raging fire, while the man who stands apart is called a coward. - Author: Euripides
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#60. In the matter of learning, the difference between the earnest and the careless student stands out clearly. The same holds true in the mastering of passion and the weaknesses to which our nature is subject, as in the acquiring of virtue. - Author: Saint Ignatius
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#61. It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#62. I was blessed with a long career where I won gold medals for myself and my country. Nothing stands out as a disappointment. - Author: Gail Devers
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#63. But there stands the sword of my ancestor Sir Richard Vernon, slain at Shrewsbury, and sorely slandered by a sad fellow called Will Shakspeare, whose Lancastrian partialities, and a certain knack at embodying them, has turned history upside down, or rather inside out. - Author: Walter Scott
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#64. My social status leaps after decades of disqualification on grounds of radiation. The doorbell rings and there stands Vanessa Redgrave. 'Marcie,' she begins, and then goes on about social injustice in Namibia, and how we must all build a raft by late afternoon - preferably out of coconut matting. - Author: Morrissey
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#65. All chess players know what a combination is. Whether one makes it oneself, or is its victim, or reads of it, it stands out from the rest of the game and stirs one's admiration. - Author: Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
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#66. His handsome face is suffused with rage. He stands before me shaking, then to my disgust, bursts into noisy tears; "I shall tell my mother of you!" he sobs and crashes out of the chamber - Author: Alison Weir
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#67. I tend to go for women with common sense. Being down to earth stands out more than looks. - Author: Seann William Scott
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#68. In most of the European countries - France stands out in its resistance to this particular form of American cultural imperialism - the national film industries were forced onto the defensive after the war by such binding agreements. - Author: Fredric Jameson
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#69. Man stands on the brink of hell. The forces building up in our world are so overwhelming that man everywhere is beginning to cry out in desperation: What must I do to be saved? - Author: Billy Graham
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#70. I like him not, nor stands it safe with us
To let his madness range. Therefore prepare you;
I your commission will forthwith dispatch,
And he to England shall along with you:
The terms of our estate may not endure
Hazard so dangerous as doth hourly grow
Out of his lunacies. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#71. You want to have two guys making out in front of your 4-year-old? It's OK with them. A guy smoking a joint, blowing the smoke into your little kid's face? OK with them. And I'm not exaggerating here. This is exactly what the secular movement stands for. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
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#72. For some odd reason, I like a man in sweatsuits. Obviously, you want your man to look good in a suit, but I like when men look comfortable, and the swagger just stands out of that. - Author: Lauren London
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#73. Love is the supreme form of communication. In the hierarchy of needs, love stands as the supreme developing agent of the humanity of the person. As such, the teaching of love should be the central core of all early childhood curriculum with all other subjects growing naturally out of such teaching. - Author: Ashley Montagu
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#74. One learns when one has to; one learns when one needs a way out; one learns at all costs. One stands over oneself with a whip; one flays oneself at the slightest opposition. - Author: Franz Kafka
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#75. Because Tavis had been the one to take the lion's share of the heat when it turned out that Blue Jays' spectators in the stands, - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#76. I love it when I meet a woman who was poor as a child and maybe had an abusive family, and broke out and found the one and they're married with a very healthy home and children, and they've let go of regret and their past and decided to embrace their journey and what that stands for. - Author: Abbie Cornish
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#77. Referee Norlinger is outstanding in the sense that he stands out. - Author: George Hamilton
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#78. Nobody stands out right now. Everybody has similar styles. None of these fighters have reinvented the wheel and created a new style. - Author: Roberto Duran
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#79. And when something awful happens, the goodness stands out even more ... - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
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#80. Polyphonic painting is superior to music in that there, the time element becomes a spatial element. The notion of simultaneity stands out even more richly. - Author: Paul Klee
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#81. From now on, I approach the cinema as a business woman. I intend to be in more action movies because, apart from Angelina Jolie, no other actress stands out in this genre. - Author: Milla Jovovich
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#82. Night's candles have burned out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountaintops. Hope tinged with melancholy - like life. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#83. Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Nonperformance can always be explained away. - Author: Harold S. Geneen
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#84. Everything in life has some good in it. And when something awful happens, the goodness stands out even more
it's sad, but that's the truth. - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
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#85. Growing up, I would say Wonder Woman and Nancy Drew were definite role models for me. Historically, I know Amelia Earhart stands out for me. - Author: Keri Russell
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#86. Think back over the history of any sport. Very often there has been one guy who stood out above the superstars - just as (Ray) Guy stands out in punting. It just happens. - Author: Tex Schramm
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#87. When you want to touch the reader's heart, try to be colder. It gives their grief as it were, a background, against which it stands out in greater relief. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#88. The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call out there. - Author: Truman Capote
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#89. It is the individual who knows how little they know about themselves who stands the most reasonable chance of finding out something about themselves before they die. - Author: S.I. Hayakawa
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#90. Christ's whole life on earth was the assertion and example of true manliness - the setting forth in living act and word what man is meant to be, and how he should carry himself in this world of God - one long campaign in which the temptation stands out as the first great battle and victory. - Author: Thomas Hughes
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#91. What stands out to me most about Maya Angelou is not what she has done or written or spoken; it's how she lived her life. She moved through the world with unshakable calm, confidence and a fierce grace. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#92. During the course of the day, I write things down, things I don't do anything with. Then, when I get ready to start recording, I just look through my books and I see if I can find something that stands out. That's how I come up with the off-the-wall-kinda-strange-indirect-stuff. - Author: Bootsy Collins
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#93. Sometimes she just stands and looks out the window where the people whose lives are intact enough not to have to take yoga live. - Author: Jenny Offill
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#94. Out of the hundreds of people that refuse to speak up and turn their backs on abused and neglected parrots, it's the one that stands up against the injustice that's going to be world famous. - Author: Jes Furhmann
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#95. A big heart is both a clunky and a delicate thing; it doesn't protect itself and it doesn't hide. It stands out, like a baby's fontanel, where you can see the soul pulse through. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#96. Oh you who are born of the gods, easy is the descent into Hell. The door of darkness stands open day and night. But to retrace your steps, and come back out into the brightness above, that is the work, that is the labor. - Author: Virgil
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#97. He had a voice that was the truth, raw and unfiltered. You can't get any realer, any more tortured or any more alive. No one can do what George Jones does, and that's why 50 years later, he still stands out as one of the greatest singers in any genre of all time. - Author: Kenny Chesney
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#98. No doubt the foregoing litany of obstacles in the path of success stands out more sharply in retrospect than it did at the time. Hindsight can distort; prophets become prophets only in time. - Author: Fredrik Logevall
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#99. Republican Party is the party that stands for the people who are trying to start a business out of the spare bedroom of their home, who are trying to give their kids a better life. And the only way that's possible is through the America free enterprise system. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#100. The Beatles and Ray Charles were in the same charts together, and that was just called pop music - it wasn't called soul or rock. The best pop music just stands out as something that's just original, and I think it should all be called pop again. - Author: Eliza Doolittle
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