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Top 56 Standing On My Own Quotes

#1. Standing in the park, I was wondering why a frisbee looks larger the closer it gets ... then it hit me - Author: Stewart Francis
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#2. As a very small child I found recorded noise and the solitary singer beneath the spotlight so dramatic and so brave ... walking the plank ... willingly ... It was sink or swim. The very notion of standing there, alone, I found beautiful. - Author: Morrissey
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#3. The American flag, Old Glory, standing tall and flying free over American soil for 228 years is the symbol of our beloved country. It is recognized from near and afar, and many lives have been lost defending it. - Author: Jeff Miller
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#4. Her professionalism aside, Nabisase's victory was rigged by an endomorph and a goblin standing in crabgrass, and she would never know it. There are so many lives decided this way. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#5. By denying its musical and artistic merit, hip hop's critics get to have it both ways: they can deny the legitimate artistic standing of rap while seizing on its pervasive influence as an art form to prove what a terrible effect it has on youth. - Author: Michael Eric Dyson
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#6. You can't outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little sidebets about the outcome of life. either you wade in and risk everything you have to play the game or you don't play at all. and if u don't play u can't win. - Author: Judith McNaught
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#7. When we win, it will tell every politician in America that if you are bold, if you do the right thing, if you tackle the tough issues, there will be people standing there right with you. - Author: Scott Walker
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#8. Here at home, when Americans were standing in long lines to give blood after the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we squandered an obvious opportunity to make service a noble cause again, and rekindle an American spirit of community. - Author: Joe Biden
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#9. When you decide to be the immovable object standing in front of the unstoppable force, you'd better pray that you're right about being immovable, and they're wrong about being unstoppable.' 'Otherwise, you'll wind up like a bug on a windshield. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#10. But who, save the nerve-worn and sleepless, or thinkers standing with hands to the eyes on some crag above the multitude, see things thus in skeleton outline, bare of flesh? - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#11. You make it a production. Slam doors. Knock things over. Scream. But I just leave. Even if I'm still standing there, I leave. I am refusing you. I am denying you. I am an adjective that is quickly turning into a noun. - Author: David Levithan
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#12. The only thing standing between her and her beautiful new home was her own silly insecurity and Matt Reed. - Author: Samantha Chase
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#13. And it occurred to me, standing there, just breathing with her, quiet settling around us, that those might be the three most beautiful words in the English language. We have time. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#14. If there is a heaven, Jane Austen is sitting in a small room with Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, listening to Duran Duran, forever. If there's a hell, she's standing. - Author: Roddy Doyle
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#15. That one won't crack, though, Mendel decided with approval; one of your flabby oak trees, Smiley was. Think you could blow him over with one puff, but when it comes to the storm he's the only one left standing at the end of it. - Author: John Le Carre
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#16. At those moments his secret loathing of Big Brother changed into adoration, and Big Brother seemed to tower up, an invincible, fearless protector, standing like a rock against the hordes - Author: George Orwell
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#17. Instead of standing on a stage each day, dispensing knowledge to my young charges, I should guide them as they approach their own understandings. - Author: Donalyn Miller
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#18. The other day I got out the shower and I bend down to reach for a towel, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Shot through my chest and up around my shoulder and down my spine. I thought 'Oh, Lord.' I thought I was dying. I bent over and looked, and I was standing on my own titty. - Author: Eddie Murphy
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#19. It is anything you like best, my own,' she answered, laughing with glistening eyes and standing on tiptoe to kiss him, 'if you will only humour me when the fire burns up. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#20. I am standing on my own altar; The poses are my prayers. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
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#21. I am my parents' daughter, and I always want to be. But I first wanted to make sure that I was standing on my own two feet. - Author: Lily Rabe
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#22. This big part flies off on the floor. The other part goes like this and lands in my foot! Standing up! It's standing in my foot! Right in the side of my foot. The flute glass. I think I'm like in one of my own pictures. - Author: Danny DeVito
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#23. Why had I wasted all my time pretending to be someone I wasn't? I was tired, so very, very tired of standing on my own brakes. I felt ... right. I felt free. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#24. I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet. - Author: Jane Fonda
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#25. And I'll remember the love that you gave me, now that I am standing on my own, I'll remember the way that you changed me, I'll remember. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#26. Standing on my own, remembering the one I left at home, forget about the life I used to know, forget about the one I left at home - Author: Three Days Grace
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#27. I found 'Bordertown' when I was standing on the border between childhood and my teens, and it carried me past that transition. In the process, it helped to create the next step of its own evolution: the modern urban fantasy owes a lot more to 'Bordertown' than many people will ever know. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#28. Next time I'll be braver, I'll be my own savior, Standing on my own two feet. - Author: Adele
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#29. The vital Christian arouses opposition because he is a standing rebuke to the selfishness and sin of those around him. - Author: John Hagee
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#30. So it wasn't actually that bad, it took a couple of weeks to sort of get used to uh, you know, standing around and pretending to have ice shoot out of your hand, but once you got used to that it uh, it was actually not that hard. - Author: Shawn Ashmore
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#31. When you're acting, everything is there around you, you just have to believe that it's real. When you're standing there with a slightly grey wig on and you have a baby in your arms screaming in your ear, you can go: "Well, I guess this is what it's like!" - Author: Jim Sturgess
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#32. Firefly: Now that you're Secretary of War, what kind of an army do you think we oughta have? Chicolini: Well, I tell you what I think. I think we should have a standing army. Firefly: Why should we have a standing army? Chicolini: Because then we save money on chairs. - Author: Groucho Marx
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#33. Christians are notorious for acting like used car salesmen, treating non-Christians as if they're standing there holding a blank check and sporting a hard-on for unreliable vehicles. - Author: Orlando Winters
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#34. I don't like too much by-standing, on-looking, and spectator-behavior in people's lives. - Author: Ralph Nader
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#35. You can be converted from one belief to another, from one dogma to another, but you cannot be converted to the under standing of reality. Belief is not reality. You - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#36. We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#37. The Justice Department needs to investigate how Goldman Sachs was able to steer things in such a manner through their former employees in the Bush administration, so that in the end Goldman's competitors have disappeared and Goldman is left standing. - Author: Michael Moore
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#38. One trait stands out in nearly all meteorites: metal; they've got it. So, the best way to find a meteorite is to hear it first. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#39. I only worked theater jobs, but they were all really silly when I first graduated. I was a line monitor at 'Spamalot,' which means I got there at 8 A.M. and told people how much the tickets were for standing room. I was an NYU Medical School fake patient, to teach doctors how to talk to patients. - Author: Lauren Worsham
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#40. And suddenly I felt completely strange, like the distance between us was much much greater than what I could see from where I was standing. Like that line, always so clear to me, had somehow shifted, or never even been where I'd thought it was at all. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#41. You know, I've learned that sometimes you can only see what you want to see by changing where you stand. And standing somewhere unexpected can lead to unexpected discoveries. - Author: Lisa Mangum
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#42. I'm not supposed to be playing, the music is supposed to be playing me. I'm just supposed to be standing there with the horn, moving my fingers. The music is supposed to be coming through me; that's when it's really happening. - Author: Sonny Rollins
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#43. I would not be standing here today if my skin were white or my religion were Presbyterian. I am here today only because my skin is yellow and my religion is Unification Church. The ugliest things in this beautiful country of America are religious bigotry and racism. - Author: Sun Myung Moon
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#44. That bitter hour cannot be described: in truth, the waters came into my soul; I sank in deep mire: I felt no standing; I came into deep waters; the floods overflowed me. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#45. A bulger of a place it is. The number of the ships beat me all hollow, and looked for all the world like a big clearing in the West, with the dead trees all standing. - Author: Davy Crockett
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#46. I was blown away by the standing ovation. I've had tributes before, sure, but I don't retain that feeling, and I wasn't prepared for it on Tuesday. But maybe you shouldn't retain these things or you'd be on a permanent high. - Author: Burt Bacharach
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#47. He left the room, unable to watch her standing there, naked with her underwear on her head, laughing at her own absurd madness. - Author: Lisa Genova
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#48. Once I had feared that telling the truth would be like falling, that love would be like hitting the ground, but here I was, my feet firmly planted, standing on my own. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#49. But how is this to be accomplished? "Cut away everything." The experience of "ecstasy" (standing outside one's own body) happened frequently to Plotinus: Many - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#50. God, it's like reality's completely shifted on me. I used to think I was standing on such solid ground. If I wanted something badly enough, I just worked like hell for it. Now I can't decide what to do, which move to make. All the things I counted on aren't there for me anymore. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
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#51. When Theolyn died, the humans had built an enormous pyre and placed his body at the center. How was [Veka] supposed to know humans cremated their dead instead of cooking them? She had figured it out quickly enough, but not before Jimar and his ilk had spotted her standing at the pyre, fork in hand. - Author: Jim C. Hines
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#52. Reelection ought not to be the primary preoccupation of any politician. It ought to be standing up for truth and justice. - Author: Cornel West
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#53. I poured out the torrent of my long-standing discontent and I challenged them to do and dare anything. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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#54. Rather than standing or speaking for children, we need to stand with children speaking for themselves. We don't need a political movement for children ... [we need to] build environments and policies for our collective future. - Author: Sandra Meucci
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#55. When you read a book, the neurons in your brain fire overtime, deciding what the characters are wearing, how they're standing, and what it feels like the first time they kiss. No one shows you. The words make suggestions. Your brain paints the pictures. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#56. I grew up here, and it's always been a very diverse community. So for people to come out and say that there's some long-standing anger or there's a history of racial tension is absolutely ridiculous. There's not a black-white divide in Ferguson. - Author: James Knowles III
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