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Top 19 Spin My World Around Quotes

#1. Are you listening, Jasper? Sometimes you'll be walking in the city late at night, and a woman walking in front of you will spin her head around and then cross the street simply because some members of your gender rape women and molest children! - Author: Steve Toltz
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#2. People willy-nilly borrow for consumption. Civil servants willy-nilly borrow for consumption and then wonder why they don't have enough money at the end of the month. - Author: Najib Razak
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#3. My Savior and Redeemer, help me to take Your yoke upon Me and learn from You, for You are gentle and humble in heart, and I will find rest for my soul (Matt. 11:29). - Author: Beth Moore
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#4. In many ways, my entire graphic novel career was a long diversion. Originally, all I wanted to do was to be an underground cartoonist and maybe bring out a groovy underground mag. - Author: Alan Moore
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#5. Sadan was so...beautiful. There seemed no other word for him, even if he had proved to be an ass and deserved to die in lakes of his own blood. - Author: J.C. Owens
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#6. People don't change. The world carries on spinning inexorably around but people don't spin with it. They dig their heels into the shifting sand and cling on for dear life. - Author: Tamar Cohen
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#7. Every five years, I like to do a big birthday party. I had my 45th birthday with 75 friends in Marrakesh, Morocco. - Author: Chip Conley
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#8. She was cool -
the whole world
to spin around her
in smooth jazz. - Author: Atticus Poetry
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#9. A stable mind is like the hub of a wheel. The world may spin around you, but the mind is steady. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
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#10. If you go running, you put on sneakers. When you go bowling, you take your personal bowling balls with you. In much the same fashion, it won't be long before you have your special sunglasses to take to the movie theater. - Author: Jeffrey Katzenberg
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#11. Well, I'd say fuck too, if I were me. I'd say it backward and forward and around the block, fuck this and fuck that and fuck it all at once, twice, three times. - Author: Colum McCann
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#12. With her words, the world could spin again. It took great restraint to not unfurl my wings and fly Abby around the mountain, pronouncing to anyone with ears that she loved me. Abigail Miller loved me. - Author: Ashlan Thomas
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#13. Love is the only thing that makes the world spin around, I think. It's weird. We have to call it "love," because we have to call it something, but it's not a word. It's an energy. It's an act. It's an action. It's a natural thing. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#14. No scientist ever believes that he has the final answer or the ultimate truth on anything. - Author: Carroll Quigley
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#15. A certain tiny percentage of everyone is gay. - Author: Dan Savage
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#16. Money makes the world go around love makes the spin worth the ride - Author: Lynn Quitman Troyka
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#17. There are some things we can control and others we simply cannot. And our ability to distinguish between them is critical to our happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes unexpected stuff will happen to us or around us. Our true power lies in our response. - Author: Clifton Anderson
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#18. I moan with his words, with the boldness of this man, with the ease at which he can spin my world around and drive me wild. I am close to the sweet spot, moving against his hand, arching into his touch, - Author: Lisa Renee Jones
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#19. The government could take away all the drugs in the world and people would spin around on their lawns until they fell down and saw God. - Author: Dennis Miller
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