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#1. Great progress was made when arbitration treaties were concluded in which the contracting powers pledge in advance to submit all conflicts to an arbitration court, treaties which not only specify the composition of the court, but also its procedure. - Author: Ludwig Quidde
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#2. Cucumber gives the business, developers, and testers a way to collaborate and specify, in plain English, how the system should work. - Author: Seb Rose
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#3. I caught you, saved you from painting the ground with your organs. You owed me a favor, and I asked for a single day without bloodshed.' 'Yeah, but you didn't specify which day.' With that, Paris dismissed the angel. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#4. ... to me, a restaurant with no menu, headed by a chef I trusted, would be ideal. In such a utopia, guests could specify deathly allergies, hunger level, and time constraints, but then they would unfurl their napkin and surrender". - Author: Phoebe Damrosch
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#5. It is easy to specify the individual objects of admiration in these grand scenes; but it is not possible to give an adequate idea of the higher feelings of wonder, astonishment, and devotion, which fill and elevate the mind. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#6. Is impossible to specify what [consciousness] is, what it does, or why it evolved. Nothing worth reading has been written on it. - Author: Stuart Sutherland
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#7. What the global delivery model allows is, it allows you to take previously geographically core-located tasks, break them up into parts, send them around the world where the expertise and the cost structure exists, and then specify the means for reintegrating them. - Author: Nirmalya Kumar
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#8. Where will you find any code of laws among civilized men in which the commands and prohibitions are not founded on Christian principles? I need not specify the prohibition of murder, robbery, theft, trespass. - Author: Noah Webster
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#9. All the world is not, of course, a stage, but the crucial ways in which it isn't are not easy to specify - Author: Erving Goffman
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#10. Results rarely specify their causes unambiguously. If we have no direct evidence of fossils or human chronicles, if we are forced to infer a process only from its modern results, then we are usually stymied or reduced to speculation about probabilities. For many roads lead to almost any Rome. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#11. Instead of trying to specify a system in full detail, specify it only somewhat. You can then ride on the dynamics of the system in the direction you want to go. - Author: Anthony Stafford Beer
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#12. When Hodges returns to his chair with his small bundle of mail, the fight-show host is saying goodbye and promising his TV Land audience that tomorrow there will be midgets. Whether of the physical or mental variety he does not specify. - Author: Stephen King
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#13. In the South," he said, "they call everything a Coke. So if you say you want a Coke, you then have to specify if you want a Pepsi Coke, or a Coke Coke." "What - Author: Anne Frasier
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#14. When we say that a man controls himself, we must specify who is controlling whom. - Author: B.F. Skinner
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#15. Anxiety is an extension of the dynamics of fear. It's the feeling of fear without an awareness of the object of your fear. All you know is that you're fearful, but you can't specify exactly what you are afraid of. You just worry about everything. - Author: G. Frank Lawlis
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#16. A stage marker is a useful feature that allows us to specify at what stage, an OWIN middleware must run in the IIS ASP.NET pipeline. - Author: Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan
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#17. It's not enough to quote someone; it's important to specify what aspect of that person you're referencing. Every time we talk about someone, we speak of that person as if our perception is the same for everyone. When - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#18. Anyone who considers using a weapon of mass destruction against the United States or its allies must first consider the consequences ... We would not specify in advance what our response would be, but it would be both overwhelming and devastating. - Author: William J. Perry
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#19. Do not think me fussy when I specify tidiness. It is essential ... In printing, remember that cleanliness and order wait upon success. - Author: Walter J. Phillips
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#20. Every time we tell anybody to cheer up, things might be worse, we run away for fear we might be asked to specify how. - Author: Franklin P. Adams
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#21. The syntactic component of a grammar must specify, for each sentence, a deep structure that determines its semantic interpretationand a surface structure that determines its phonetic interpretation. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#22. Hearing her tell Wardle about the disposable wedding cameras she had ordered had brought home to Strike how soon she would become Mrs. Matthew Cunliffe. There's still time, he thought. For what, he did not specify, even to himself. - Author: Robert Galbraith
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#23. Virtue . . . is nearly connected with the heart: I have called it Beneficence; not in the very limited sense that is generally given to the term, but to specify thereby all the actions that emanate from active goodness. - Author: Germaine De Stael
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#24. If I have a right to a job, education, health care or a house, then I must be able to specify the person or persons who owe me any or all of these things. - Author: Richard Allen Epstein
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#25. Forms of expression that unnecessarily specify gender are widely regarded as sexist. In technical writing, sexist usage is easy to avoid. - Author: Justin Zobel
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#26. In the middle years of childhood, it is more important to keep alive and glowing the interest in finding out and to support this interest with skills and techniques related to the process of finding out than to specify any particular piece of subject matter as inviolate. - Author: Dorothy H Cohen
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#27. Why can't you summon a command line and search your real-world home for 'Honda car keys,' and specify rooms in your house to search instead of folders or paths in your computer's home directory? It's a crippling design flaw in the real-world interface. - Author: Richard Dooling
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#28. President Bush in his inaugural address talked about bringing freedom to countries that don't have it. He didn't specify how. - Author: Barbara Boxer
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#29. All men agree that a just distribution must be according to merit in some sense; they do not all specify the same sort of merit, but democrats identify it with freemen, supporters of oligarchy with wealth (or noble birth), and supporters of aristocracy with excellence. - Author: Aristotle.
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#30. When expressing a regular character literal, you simply use single quotes: 'This is a regular character string literal'. When expressing a Unicode character literal, you need to specify the character N (for National) as a prefix: N'This is a Unicode character string literal'. - Author: Itzik Ben-Gan
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#31. I still owe a duty of loyalty to my clients and former clients, so I cannot specify which clients I did not especially find congenial, but the cause was the same. - Author: Floyd Abrams
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#32. Did your patron specify a motif? Usually I do a standard Virgin Mary from the waist up, and in this case I will throw in Babe Jesus for free, since you have come all this way. - Author: Anne Fortier
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#33. Although it is useful to specify the incongruities of the fox-hunting ban, the definitive word on the hunt is Oscar Wilde's: "the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable". PAGE NELSON Charlottesville, Virginia - Author: Anonymous
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#34. After searching for a space, I parked behind the tattoo parlor in front of a sign that said NO PARKING. Since it didn't specify to whom it was referring, I figured it couldn't possibly be talking to me. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#35. For example, one way of giving yourself a strong incentive to reach your goal is to commit to pay money to someone if you fail. Better yet, you can specify that you will have to pay a certain sum to a cause that you detest. - Author: Peter Singer
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#36. The bargain ... " she mumbled.
"You said I could kiss you," came his gentle, wicked whisper near her ear. "But, my love ... you didn't specify where. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#37. Just as blueprints don't necessarily specify blue buildings, selfish genes don't necessarily specify selfish organisms. As we shall see, sometimes the most selfish thing a gene can do is build a selfless brain. Genes are a play within a play, not the interior monologue of the players. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#38. The Web brings people together because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire'and the computer will say, 'Specify type of goat.' - Author: Richard Jeni
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#39. Division and differentiation are the processes by which things are created. Since things are emerging and dissolving all the time, you cannot specify the point when this division will stop. - Author: Liezi
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#40. To tell you the truth although it would put £500 in my pockets to specify my own patent rails, I cannot do so after the experience I have had. - Author: George Stephenson
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#41. We find no sense in talking about something unless we specify how we measure it; a definition by the method of measuring a quantity is the one sure way of avoiding talking nonsense ... - Author: Hermann Bondi
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#42. Between words and objects one can create new relations and specify characteristics of language and objects generally ignored in everyday life. - Author: Rene Magritte
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#43. Use a personal firewall. Configure it to prevent other computers, networks and sites from connecting to you, and specify which programs are allowed to connect to the net automatically. - Author: Kevin Mitnick
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#44. They tend to be pretty abstract ones then, like doing what will have the best consequences; obviously you wouldn't specify what consequences are best, they may be different in some circumstances, so at a lower, more specific level, you may well get differences. - Author: Peter Singer
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#45. If you do not specify and confront real issues, what you say will surely obscure them. If you do not embody controversy, what you say will be an acceptance of the drift to the coming human hell. - Author: C. Wright Mills
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#46. Why don't universities specify the length of time a degree will be fully applicable and useful? - Author: Dan Miller
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#47. It's so funny that people specify that year because in a way it was the biggest battle for me health wise. - Author: Brady Anderson
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#48. Mmm ... she's doomed! You're doomed!! They're all doomed! Notice I didn't specify what kind of doom, so no matter what happens, I predicted it. How very WISE of me. - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#49. I don't feel a real need to specify the meaning of something. When I was little and I was introduced to Led Zeppelin, I didn't know what a zeppelin was or who Zeppelin was or what the machine was. The real meaning is whatever feelings and memories you attach to the music. - Author: Kyp Malone
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#50. I'm told I have the body of a god."
"A Greek god, or one of those gods with the horse heads or elephant's legs coming out of their chests?" Alan asked. "Next time someone tells you that, ask them to specify. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
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#51. Strangely, the job description did not specify that as a requirement. - Author: Michelle Knudsen
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