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Top 17 Somerset House Quotes

#1. against the smooth surface, where it was met with - Author: Casey Odell
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#2. Frankly, I'd rather make a little bit less money if it means living in a better world for books and publishing in the future. - Author: Tucker Max
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#3. The photograph is a coarse fraud, and seems to delight only in taking the whole beauty out of the picture. - Author: Henry Adams
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#4. When I was very young - around the age of nine - my family used to go to a house in Somerset that my stepfather rented every summer. There was fishing, lakes and riding. - Author: Christopher Lee
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#5. Every true history must force us to remember that the past was once as real as the present and as uncertain as the future. - Author: G. M. Trevelyan
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#6. I'm very comfortable when I'm working; I don't hold back at all. - Author: Leslie Mann
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#7. I do not think you want too much sincerity in society. It would be like an iron girder in a house of cards. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#8. What is left unsaid gets in the way of the relationship. What is left unasked-for is a missed opportunity. - Author: Thomas Leonard
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#9. It was as though the house had been left empty but a minute before and yet that minute was fraught with eternity so that you could not imagine that ever again that house would echo with talk and resound with laughter. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#10. I'll have a cup full of Happiness and a pocket full of Rainbows to go. - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#11. I didn't go to church, I didn't go to synagogue; I went to temple, Hindu temple, where I prayed to my Hindu gods - whether or not I believe in it is another story. - Author: Utkarsh Ambudkar
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#12. With the end of empire, we are coming to an end of the epoch of rights. We have entered the epoch of responsibilities, which requires new, more socially-minded human beings and new, more participatory and place-based concepts of citizenship and democracy. - Author: Grace Lee Boggs
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#13. We have the highest authority for believing that the meek shall inherit the earth; though I have never found any particular corroboration of this aphorism in the records of Somerset House. - Author: F. E. Smith, 1st Earl Of Birkenhead
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#14. I am honored to have the opportunity to inspire the young and the young at heart through our Picture Books and author talks. - Author: Julie Freyermuth
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#15. I've lived in a flat in Westminster in London for over 20 years; and I also have a house in the country, down in Somerset, so I have the best of both worlds. - Author: Marti Webb
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#16. She did not belong to Will-she was too much herself to belong to anyone, even Jem-but she belonged with them, and silently he cursed the Consul for not seeing it. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#17. But she loves me. Me. Just the way I am. - Author: P.C. Cast
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