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Top 12 Sinister Dexter Quotes

#1. Set your target and keep trying until you reach it. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#2. Lies could run around the world before the truth could get its boots on. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#3. The liver signifieth the element of water, and it is also the water; for from the liver cometh the blood in the whole body into all the members. The liver is the mother of the blood. - Author: Jakob Bohme
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#4. You will hardly conquer, but conquer you must.
[Lat., Male vincetis, sed vincite.] - Author: Ovid
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#5. There's a problem with political polling in that you have so much pressure to do what your client wants you to do and say what your client wants you to say. I've never felt that pressure. I am independent of the political parties. - Author: Frank Luntz
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#6. Though it is fairly easy to describe what constitutes a bad home, there is no simple definition of a good one. Conformity with the traditional pattern certainly is no guarantee of the happiest results. - Author: Alva Myrdal
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#7. We make our own choices in life. Our actions shape our lives and we alone are responsible for them. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#8. He was too explosive for her to touch him so intimately. It would lead to the wrong things. And places he'd banned himself from. As her protector, he had to stay away from her. That was how it worked. This, he could not stray from. Not again.
Even if it killed him. - Author: Jennifer Lowery
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#9. Synergistic convergence is the most important idea we have at our disposal to prevent collapse scenarios and move forward in a nonlinear manner toward an evolutionary society. - Author: Barbara Marx Hubbard
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#10. It's better not to argue with women, - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#11. I owe all of this to the guys I've played with and all the coaches that have helped me get to where I'm at right now. I'm honored to be here. - Author: Allen Iverson
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#12. Mine. I'm on my side. - Author: Alyson Noel
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