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Top 33 Simple Thank You Quotes

#1. I grew up writing thank-you notes. Real, honest-to-goodness, pen-and-ink, stamped and posted letters. More than simple habit, it's about what the commitment to expressing your thoughts and feelings in writing says about the character of the writer. About the joy such notes bring to the reader. - Author: Taylor Mali
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#2. Gratitude is more than just a simple "thank you" when you receive a gift. It is about keeping in mind that you live right now, allowing yourself to focus on the moment and appreciate the life you lead, to focus on all that you do have, not what you don't. Cliches? Totally. - Author: Meik Wiking
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#3. A simple thank you for saving my life would suffice. I don't need for you to carry me off to your bed to show your gratitude. - Author: Courtney Cole
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#4. The simple act of saying 'thank you' is a demonstration of gratitude in response to an experience that was meaningful to a customer or citizen. - Author: Simon Mainwaring
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#5. These writers take the essence of every person around them, turn them into books and stories without permission or even a simple thank-you, and want all the credit and glory for themselves. - Author: Matthew Pearl
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#6. I like those stories that capture the brutality of life, but there's still some kind of melancholy romance. - Author: Karen Elson
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#7. I'll thank you now, Kathel, Keirah whispered. Placing a simple, soft kiss on Kathel's lips, she turned and walked away toward her cabin, leaving both men stunned in her wake. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#8. No matter how much (or how little) help someone provides, always say thanks. Thank yous are simple but important. - Author: Beverly K. Bachel
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#9. I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#10. Often in the morning I will sit in a favorite chair in my study with a cup of coffee, with classical music playing, not trying to form a prayer with words but waiting, listening, until perhaps I sense the Spirit bringing to the surface a word from God. Then I offer just a simple 'Thank you.' - Author: Leighton Ford
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#11. Not one moment when I have not been conscious of being outside Paradise. - Author: Emil Cioran
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#12. Be thankful for the smallest blessing and you will deserve to receive greater. Value the least gifts no less than the greatest, and simple graces as especial favors. If you remember the dignity of the Giver, no gift will seem small or mean. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
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#13. Every time you start a movie is to explore with a director and if you can with the actors and with the other collaborators and try to figure out what's the best way to tell the specific story. - Author: Emmanuel Lubezki
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#14. Even the small poems mean something. they are often whales in the bodies of tiny fish. - Author: Nayyirah Waheed
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#15. When we cannot handle our suffering, we spew forth our frustration and pain onto those around us. We are victims of our own suffering, but because we do not know how to handle it, we hurt others while we are in pain. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#16. The white man's God cannot love our people or He would protect them. They seem to be orphans who can look nowhere for help. How then can we be brothers? - Author: Chief Seattle
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#17. And to Mindy, I can only ever say a simple thank you. And dedicate the rest of my life to her. - Author: Richard Hammond
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#18. Be grateful for what you have and you will always have enough. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#19. We forget that the simple gesture of putting a book in someone's hands can change a life. I want to remind you that it can. I want to thank you because it did. - 2010 Indies Choice Award - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#20. You can judge the success of a man by his bodyguards! - Author: Prince
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#21. Perhaps the greatest neutralizer of sadness rests with two simple words : thank you. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#22. When we really want to go for something better, we shall smash the old. Until then, any sort of proposal, or making proposals, is no more than a tiresome game for self-important people. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#23. Thank You for the people You strategically place in my life to encourage me when I need it the most. This encouragement may come in the form of encouraging words, a prayer or even a simple smile. Many times I can feel Your love through other believers. - Author: Shelley Hitz
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#24. I thank heaven I have often had it in my power to give help and relief, and this is still my greatest pleasure. If I could choose my sphere of action now, it would be that of the most simple and direct efforts of this kind. - Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
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#25. A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer. - Author: Doris Lessing
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#26. The true prayer is only of thankfulness; just a simple thank you is enough. - Author: Osho
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#27. When Thomas Edison's factory burned to the ground in 1914, destroying one-of-a-kind prototypes and causing $23 million in damage, Edison's response was simple:
"Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start fresh again. - Author: Thomas Edison
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#28. I think most people try to get others to see through their eyes. - Author: Captain Beefheart
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#29. A psychoneurosis must be understood, ultimately, as the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning. - Author: Carl Jung
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#30. By reading quotes i realized that some of them containing simple words, but this simple words could change our lives.
how if we read the holy Quran That has the best words , it will change our lives and Our death .
Thank God that I was born Muslim - Author: Abood Dweik
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#31. If you are unclear about what attitudes you adhere to, you will have a difficult time evaluation which ones are not serving your highest good. - Author: Deborah Day
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#32. Does he think the job of a librarian is so simple, so empty of content, that anyone can step up and do it for a thank-you and a cup of tea? Does he think that all a librarian does is to tidy the shelves? - Author: Philip Pullman
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#33. My life is a very simple life thank you - Author: Tom Clancy
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