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#1. I was going to play in First Blood, but I suggested to changing it and I dropped out. I said to [Silvester] Stallone, 'You know, I almost stopped you from making millions of dollars,' because in my suggestion, I killed his character at the end of the picture . - Author: Kirk Douglas
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#2. I was just thinking how unfortunate it'd be to be a fat girl named Candy. - Author: Zach Galifianakis
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#3. With any actor, if you know your character well enough, you'll know pretty much what he would say under any circumstance, or whatever situation might rear its head. - Author: Denis Leary
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#4. Art is a thing so much of the imagination, of the soul, that it is difficult to descend to the fundamentals of technique and yet make it plain to the student that these are but the 'means' and not an end in themselves. - Author: John F. Carlson
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#5. This war on terror is bogus. - Author: Michael Meacher
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#6. It wasn't until the first season ended that I went to my first Star Trek convention. It was in Denver. There were two and a half thousand people there. - Author: Patrick Stewart
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#7. This intriguing 'somewhere else,' where intelligence no longer matters and awareness melts away, commands us to cherish our remains of innocence -- because of all the characteristics of human nature, the richest by far is passion for the perfectly useless. - Author: Hans W. Silvester
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#8. She used to admire people who stood out, but now she could feel herself wary of them. - Author: Hugh Howey
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