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#1. There is a difference between sin and sins. Sin is the root; sins are the fruit. - Author: Billy Graham
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#2. Every year, Bailey, Angie, and Mike head to Philadelphia for the Fourth of July. They visit the Museum of Art, and Mike carries Bailey up those 72 steps and they do the Rocky reenactment. Angie helps Bailey raise his arms and they all yell, 'one more year!' Bailey loves Rocky. Does that suprise you? - Author: Amy Harmon
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#3. People think anything done from a woman's perspective is only going to appeal to women. - Author: Jen Kirkman
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#4. The only reason, for example, that you are not a rattlesnake is that your mother and father weren't rattlesnakes. You deserve very little credit for being what you are - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#5. Freedom prospers only where the blessings of God are avidly sought, and humbly accepted. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#6. When you start with an idea, or something hits you, then you have to follow that through to the end, and it's the following through to the end that makes the pattern. That, for me, is choreography. - Author: Martha Graham
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#7. I'm not a shouter, and I'm not a bully. - Author: Sam Taylor-Johnson
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#8. I'm quite a disciplinarian: I can be a shouter. But I can be a very demonstrative kisser and hugger. - Author: Martin Freeman
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#9. Today more than 20,000 communities participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. More than 90 insurance companies sell and service flood service insurance. There are more than four million policies covering the total of $800 billion. - Author: Gary Miller
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#10. Of late she'd become impatient with the inexplicit needs of boys and men and their acting so rashly on what they could not fathom and surely could not articulate.
- Coal Black Horse Chapter 1 - Author: Robert Olmstead
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#11. Every time you make a decision, you mess with someone's life. - Author: Kevin James
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#12. I'd give all the champagne I've ever drunk to be playing alongside him in a big European match at Old Trafford. - Author: George Best
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#13. I take pride in just knowing how to do things. Whenever a coach tells me to do something, I always try to do it the way he said or do it to my best ability. - Author: LaMarcus Aldridge
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