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#1. One law for lion and ox is oppression. - Author: William Blake
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#2. Against the grape-flushed sky perfect amethyst night. - Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
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#3. When all along ... well, what I was hoping you'd realize ... '
'My mystery guy was you,' I finish in a whisper.
'Well, yeah,' he says. He reaches out and touches my chin-once, gently. 'I really like you, Julia. A lot. I-I want to be with you. - Author: Lauren Morrill
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#4. The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real. - Author: Lucian Freud
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#5. I went through the usual stages: imp, rascal, scalawag, whippersnapper. And, of course, after that it's just a small step to full-blown sociopath. - Author: George Carlin
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#6. As Christians, we must see that just because an artist -even a great artist- portrays a worldview in writing or on canvas, it does not mean that we should automatically accept that worldview. Good art heightens the impact of that worldview, but it does not make it true. - Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
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#7. I brandished my parasol at him like a rapier. You, sir, are an abominable scalawag of a man, and I'll be damned if I let you threaten me. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#8. But I'd better not go to fast in my story, for all things want their order, and no matter how early one gets up, dawn doesn't come any sooner. - Author: Camilo Jose Cela Conde
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#9. We all agree that we've got to bring these terrorists to justice and to make sure that they're never allowed to perpetrate such an evil act as they did. And so all of us are dealing with that. We know that the President has the authority to go to war under the War Powers Act. - Author: Barbara Lee
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#10. When we learn to say a deep, passionate yes to the things that really matter, then peace begins to settle onto our lives like golden sunlight sifting to a forest floor. - Author: Thomas Kinkade
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#11. ... I noticed a woman whose face was a sea voyage I had not the courage to attempt. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#12. Writing a book is like raising a child, the only difference is you don't have the fucking part in writing a book. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#13. Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. - Author: A.J. Liebling
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#14. So now you be facing me for ideas, eh? What makes you think a simple, brainless woman like myself would have any idea on how to accomplish men's work? Why, I feel faint just trying to think any thought at all. (Cat) - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#15. He was my light, my heart, my beautiful scalawag. And I was - I am - his GG. - Author: James Patterson
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#16. We do not remember people as they were. What we remember is the effect they had on us then, but we remember it through an emotion charged with all that has since happened to us. - Author: Storm Jameson
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#17. You whoreson scalawag!" said I. "You flesh-turd dropped stinking from the poxy arsehole of a hare-lipped harlot! - Author: Christopher Moore
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#18. The universe extends beyond the mind of man, and is more complex than the small sample one can study. - Author: Kenneth L. Pike
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