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Top 30 Sayings About The Year Ahead

#1. When I turn on the TV in Russia I see a general calmly claiming that our missiles are ahead of the latest American models by three five-year plans. It's a nightmare. We are creating a concept of the enemy, just as they did in the Soviet era. This is a giant step backward. - Author: Vladimir Sorokin
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#2. I never plan ahead, with the exception of the Amber books which had to proceed in sequence. But I don't really like to know what I'm going to be working on a year in advance. So I just sign blank contracts for books and whatever strikes me as a good idea is what I write about. - Author: Roger Zelazny
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#3. If I ran into a 19-year-old version of myself, I'd just tell her to live, full out. I might also tell her to go ahead and have a few babies and not worry about the timing of it. - Author: Queen Latifah
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#4. He's very knowledgeable. That's the one advantage that I see in Kobe Bryant's career compared to Michael Jordan. Ten years into Kobe Bryant's career, we're seeing a very polished 27-year-old player who's probably got another seven or eight great years ahead of him. - Author: Scottie Pippen
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#5. Sixteen is the key and crucial and natural age for a human being to be, and people of all other ages are ranged in an orderly manner ahead of and behind you as a harmonious setting for the sixteen-year-olds of this world. - Author: John Knowles
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#6. If we make the tough decisions now, we will be one year ahead of 80 percent of the states in the race to economic growth. If we fail to act, we will fall even further behind ... by going first, we can become first. - Author: Chris Christie
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#7. And in another year everything will be different yet again. It is always like that, and always will be; you are forever standing on the brink, in a place where you cannot see ahead; there is nothing of which to be certain except what lies behind. This should be terrifying, but somehow it is not. - Author: Penelope Lively
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#8. If I could have seen a year ahead, would I love the girl I am now or hate her ? - Author: Jolene Perry
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#9. Spend the next few days preparing for the year ahead: Forgive everyone, let go of everything, let God take charge.
Amen. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#10. If he told me something about the glories ahead for the Prince of Arrow I would have trouble restraining myself. If he suggested I might be born in the year of the goat then there would be no restraint! - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#11. John Cassavetes was a year ahead of me but we met there. What you do when you are at a school for drama, you do a play as opposed to a final. Anyone who wanted to come could just come. So he came, and I can't remember the name of the play, of course, it was a long time ago. - Author: Gena Rowlands
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#12. The surprising thing is that so many teenage cancer novels are very good. John Green's 'The Fault in Our Stars,' recently published by Penguin, was voted 'Time Magazine's book of the year in 2012 ahead of Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith. - Author: Mal Peet
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#13. The way to get ahead is to start now. If you start now, you will know a lot next year that you don't know now and that you would not have known next year if you had waited. - Author: William Feather
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#14. Close your eyes, think of the year ahead. This is your chance. This can be the day it all changes. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#15. A very difficult year is ahead of us. We must continue our efforts with decisiveness, to stay in the euro, to make sure we do not waste the sacrifices and do not turn the crisis into an uncontrolled and disastrous bankruptcy. - Author: Lucas Papademos
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#16. The thing about politics is to plan 10 years ahead, and assume every year is your last. - Author: Ed Balls
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#17. [But the constricted light,
the year closing down on itself with all
the vacancies of January ahead, leave me
unreconciled even to beauty.]
When will you be coming back? - Author: Linda Pastan
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#18. It wasn't like I was expecting Senior year to be some amazing experience. If anything, I was prepared for it to be pretty much a letdown. Everyone would be looking ahead to college and getting sick of seeing the same faces we've been looking at for the last three years. - Author: Jenny O'Connell
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#19. The Kenyans beat up on the American runners in every road race every weekend of the year, but we're way ahead of them in the number and quality of our Elvis impersonators. We get our X-Men and gorillas. - Author: Don Kardong
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#20. The market always, in theory at least, looks ahead. And it's always trying to take in every bit of information that it can as quickly as it can. You don't really care so much if the company made a dollar last year; you want to know what it's going to make this year. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#21. The Obama administration's attempted short-term fixes, even with unprecedented monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, produced average GDP growth of just 2.2% over the past three years, and the consensus outlook appears no better for the year ahead. - Author: Glenn Hubbard
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#22. When I was a kid in Indiana, we thought it would be fun to get a turkey a year ahead of time and feed it and so on for the following Thanksgiving. But by the time Thanksgiving came around, we sort of thought of the turkey as a pet, so we ate the dog. Only kidding. It was the cat! - Author: David Letterman
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#23. We think the future lies ahead, but its seed is contained in the present. There is no sharp break between the two: the lie we tell today can send us sprawling a year from now; the way we treat our infant determines the way he treats us when he reaches adolescence. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
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#24. The Coventry School Committee has been ahead of the curve in addressing the nutrition needs of our students. This committee is an extension of a process begun more than a year ago to ensure the foods we offer had high nutritional value. - Author: Michael Reeves
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#25. If at the end of May we don't, we'll reform, regroup, decide how we're going to go about it, but if the task force can't come up with the bill, I'm going to push mine, and go ahead and make the changes in it that we've been working on now for a year or two and just go for it. - Author: Charlie Norwood
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#26. In the 1990s, economists predicted only 2 of the 60 recessions around the world a year ahead of time. - Author: Nate Silver
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#27. I feel that the year ahead for me will be full of two of my favorite things: dance and acting. - Author: William Kempe
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#28. Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us - a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead. - Author: David Cameron
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#29. I'm 17 years old and there are many great things ahead. If I don't win the U.S. Open this year, it's not going to be a disaster in my life. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#30. The road ahead is not some predetermined path that I am forced to trod, but it is a rich byway that I can help create. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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