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Top 10 Sanjeev Kumar Quotes

#1. Music carries the weight of being human, takes it away so you don't have to think at all, you just have to listen. Music tells every story there is. - Author: Estelle Laure
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#2. Unlimited growth assumes unlimited resources, and this is the genesis of Ecocide. - Author: Maude Barlow
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#3. the world can still exist without god but it cannot survive without love. - Author: Sanjeev Kumar
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#4. It cannot be too greatly emphasized that the most important role in pawn endings is played by the king. - Author: Siegbert Tarrasch
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#5. As far as co-operation with The Hague is concerned it's impossible (to arrest Milosevic) by March 31 without an agreement on the federal level despite the consequences such a move could have. - Author: Zoran Djindjic
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#6. Nirvana is a state of unconditional acceptance. Wherever you are, if you can accept your life with totality, with joy, with gratitude, if you can see your life as a gift, then nirvana is never a problem. The problem arises only because you don't accept your life, you reject life. - Author: Osho
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#7. Criminals should be punished, not fed pastries. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#8. All kind of marvelous things go on.
I don't see how anyone who has looked, and seen,
can do ought but say, 'where I stand, wherever I stand,
I am on holy ground. - Author: John Wood
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#9. If bullies actually believe that somebody loves them and believes in them, they will love themselves, they will become better people, and many will even become saviors to the bullied. - Author: Dan Pearce
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#10. A mind that is conscious of its integrity scorns to say more than it means to perform. - Author: Robert Burns
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