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#1. I don't want to be known as a sex symbol. There's a great stigma that goes with that tag. I want to be a Sam Elliott.

Sam Elliott

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#2. Delilah." When he said her name like that, all low and Sam Elliott throaty, she had to suppress a shiver.

Julie Ann Walker

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#3. Right at the end of the war I wrote a piano sonata, which was written at a time when Sam Barber used to come down here and we used to have lunch together in a very nice old hotel that's now not there.

Elliott Carter

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#4. Everybody in Spain is sick of me. But in America, there's curiosity about the new kid on the block who doesn't speak English very well. The attention makes me feel vulnerable, which is something I hadn't felt in a while. But I like it.

Javier Bardem

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#5. I've worked a lot with Noah Baumbach, and he doesn't make it easy to like his characters, but the stories are funny and witty and there's an edge to that kind of humanity.

Ciaran Hinds

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#6. From very early on in my childhood - four, five years old - I felt alien to the human race. I felt very comfortable with thinking I was from another planet, because I felt disconnected - I was very tall and skinny, and I didn't look like anybody else, I didn't even look like any member of my family.

Patti Smith

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#7. I was single-minded on what I wanted to do since I was like nine or ten.

Sam Elliott

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#8. Sometimes, you get the bear. Sometimes, the bear gets you.

Sam Elliott

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#9. I'm a four star general in this thing, and you don't rise to the ranks of a four star general by hanging about the house being the perfect dad.

Sam Elliott

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#10. Everyone is so preoccupied by youth. People talk about how the movie business is a microcosm of the bigger picture, or life imitating art, but the business is guilty for getting women out of the way.

Sam Elliott

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#11. Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project.

Sam Elliott

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#12. Time just seems to fly away for a boy. That, I s'pose, is why one day you wake up suddenly and you ain't a boy any longer.

Robert Ruark

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#13. Even after nearly 50 years in this business, I still feel like I'm lucky every time I get a decent job, but an opportunity to work with people of that ilk.

Sam Elliott

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#14. I truly loved Jason Reitman. I was there on his first film, 'Thank You For Smoking,' and I'd go work with him to do anything.

Sam Elliott

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#15. I'll do anything. I'll shave my head for the right job. I'm partial to my facial hair, I guess, but I also enjoy doing something where I look totally different, which is kind of the reason why I've always worn long hair. I can really change my look radically by getting rid of it.

Sam Elliott

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#16. I think anytime you can affect people in general, in a positive way, then you're a lucky individual.

Sam Elliott

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#17. Be yourself. Don't try too hard - it shows.

Amar'e Stoudemire

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#18. I think we're a band with a lot of history now so it's nice to come up with something that doesn't have any history at all.

Chris Martin

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#19. I'm picky, very picky. I wanted to be an actor since I was nine years old, and I figured that was only one way to ever have any longevity, and that's to be careful about what kind of work you do.

Sam Elliott

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#20. Any of these Vietnam vets that have been there and know the deal, they don't feel that any Hollywood endeavor about the Vietnam era has ever gotten it right yet.

Sam Elliott

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#21. I can play the guitar, the dulcimer, the piano, and the drums. However, I am not a "performance quality" musician. Rather, I am a composer and a producer.

Frederick Lenz

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#22. We're not really conscious of what we're doing most of the time.

Sebastian Faulks

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#23. The opportunity, number one, to work with Ang Lee is an amazing thing for me.

Sam Elliott

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#24. Hugh Grant is the main man. He's the number one romantic comedy man in the world.

Sam Elliott

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#25. I'm not a quick study, so I'm always struggling for my words right up until.

Sam Elliott

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#26. I think I might have been a more interesting actor, had more of a career earlier on, if I had more formal preparation. When I see something ten years later that I was in I think, 'Boy, would I love to do that over.'

Sam Elliott

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#27. It's never going to get better than working opposite an actor like Jeff Bridges. That's as good as it gets. I don't even know what to refer to him as. He's just a great guy. He's iconic on his own merits.

Sam Elliott

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#28. I just went to see too many movies and I sat in too many dark matinees watching those old serials.

Sam Elliott

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#29. People become successful the minute they decide to.

Harvey MacKay

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#30. I love the fact that I'm having an opportunity to make people laugh and you actually get to hear it.

Sam Elliott

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#31. I've spent my entire career on horseback or on a motorcycle. It boxes you in, the way people perceive you. I read a lot of scripts. Most of 'em go to other actors.

Sam Elliott

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#32. Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day.

Emily Bronte

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#33. Now, with the message sent, the words said, she wanted to call them back, to censor, to rearrange them, to make a prettier sentence, a fairer explanation of her soul.

Ray Bradbury

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