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#1. Every time the good giants try to cut back on salt, sugar, fat calories, inevitably Wall Street raises its hand and is looking at the sales figures and the revenue and saying, 'Thou shalt not result in any loss of profit.' There's huge continuing pressure on the food companies. - Author: Michael Moss
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#2. Don't freak out, I'm getting into the bed," he said. - Author: Sarah Mayberry
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#3. I think there is a huge difference between writers who have very big sales, and writers who have small sales. Even writers with very high reputations, even Nobel prize winners, often sell in very low figures. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
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#4. I will not let my sales figures dictate what I say on the blog, because the blog is what I want to say. - Author: John Scalzi
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#5. Another woman approached me while I was having lunch at the Russian Tea Room in New York and told me that the reason she had become a lawyer was because she had read 'Rage of Angels'. To me, that kind of feedback has more meaning than any sales figures. - Author: Sidney Sheldon
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#6. Writing, and especially writing a novel, where you get to sit in a room by yourself with either a pen and a paper or a computer for a couple of years, is a very solitary occupation. You can read sales figures - a hundred thousand books sold, half a million books sold - but they are just numbers. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#7. I love getting fan mail. Often, as a writer, you never know what your readers think of a book ... you get critical reviews and sales figures, but none of that is the same as knowing you've made a person stay up all night reading, or helped them have a good cry, or really touched their life. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#8. We who are like senseless children shrink from suffering, but love its causes. We hurt ourselves; our pain is self-inflicted! Why should others be the object of our anger? - Author: Santideva
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#9. I never became a producer to go to parties or wear nice clothes or put sales figures on my Wiki page. - Author: Diplo
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#10. Yeah, it's a lot harder to find a musical partner than a love partner. - Author: Victoria Legrand
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#11. I've gone to prepare a place for you
But I will come back again. - Author: Anonymous
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#12. If you attach no importance to weight problems, if not being able to wear new, trendy small-sized clothes does not cause you any regret, this book is not for you. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#13. Although I am not averse to wasting a few hours playing computer games, I have never tried my hand at Doom . Judging by sales figures and testimonials, playing the game has to be an infinitely preferable experience to watching this pathetic excuse for a movie. - Author: James Berardinelli
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#14. I want to reach the point where people hear my name and immediately think of real country music. - Author: George Strait
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#15. When the world becomes standard, I will start caring about standards. - Author: Rasmus Lerdorf
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#16. When people believe that every move they make is going to affect their compensation, they tend to get risk averse. - Author: Teresa Amabile
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#17. I am impressed when I go on the internet and see a lot of young people who've been influenced by the books, or I meet someone who tells me how it has changed their life. To me, that is much more real than sales figures. - Author: Robert Greene
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#18. It doesn't matter is you call it 'Obama-care' or 'Elvis Presley care' or 'I-don't-care care.' It cannot sustain itself in its present form. - Author: Alan K. Simpson
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#19. So right off, I'm going to have to say that a lot of people have been comparing Life Is Killing Me to World Coming Down, and I think a lot of those people equate art and sales figures, and I don't do that. - Author: Josh Silver
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#20. I go in and out of season. I won't write for months, and then all of a sudden, I'll write like I've got a fever. - Author: Daphne Gottlieb
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#21. There are a lot of public figures who, before they take a stand on a issue, they talk about it with their publicist and they figure out how it's going to affect record sales. Life is really too short to worry about that sort of thing. - Author: Moby
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#22. When I look at sales teams, I start to see a pattern. The team members with a low quality of mind have lower figures and the ones with high quality of mind have higher figures. - Author: Damian Mark Smyth
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#23. Sam marvelled at how easily people walked off the street and into these decadent dioramas. It was spooky how easily people's inner landscapes were expressed in enclosed booths and glittering bars. Their private nightmares slid into the moulded furniture as if it had been designed for them. - Author: Guy Mankowski
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#24. I don't pay that much attention to sales figures or awards. To me, the big question is: 'Did you influence the next generation?' That's my goal. - Author: Stephan Pastis
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#25. In business, the market gives you feedback in real time. Your sales figures tell you what's working, what isn't, and how you need to change. If you don't listen to the feedback, you go belly up. In philanthropy, there is no market. - Author: Jeff Raikes
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#26. The two words, in the American lexicon, are never good. Pink slip. The first time I ever heard it when I was young was when Kaiser Steel handed out pink slips to many of my neighbors and relatives. Layoffs were about efficiency, sales figures for raw materials or refrigerators. - Author: Susan Straight
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#27. I didn't really care about sales figures. I just wanted to get things off my chest. - Author: Tom Cochrane
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#28. One scholar used sales figures from the French company Hennessy to estimate that Kim's annual cognac budget before the sanctions could have been as high as $800,000 a year. - Author: Anonymous
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#29. Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind. - Author: John Tillotson
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