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#1. There is always a gap between intention and action.. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#2. Impiety. Your irreverence toward my deity. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#3. There are many talented people who haven't fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith. - Author: James Cameron
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#4. It is the recognition of history as a record of human experience which has inevitably resulted in the inclusion of this conquest of civilization within the framework of a complete human history. - Author: James Henry Breasted
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#5. The people to be most frightened of are the people who are the most frightened. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#6. Now he belongs to the ages. - Author: Edwin M. Stanton
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#7. But the tender grace of a day that is dead Will never come back to me. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
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#8. Brother, if you feed the cats, they'll keep coming back. Please. I beg you. Stop. - Author: Nely Cab
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#9. And now, a heap of roses
beside the sea, white rugosa
beside the foaming hem of shore:
waxen candles ...
And we talk
as if death were a line to be crossed.
Look at them, the white roses.
Tell me where they end. - Author: Mark Doty
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#10. I've always worn a hat when I work. I think it also comes from a picture of Rothko I saw with a painter's hat on. - Author: Brice Marden
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#11. It's funny to me that power comes from sitting behind a desk. It should come from spending yourself. - Author: Kirsty Eagar
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#12. Paper money will invariably operate in the body of politics as spirit liquors on the human body. They prey on the vitals and ultimately destroy them - Author: George Washington
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#13. The greatest investment one can ever make is the investment into humanity, for an achievement based on positive influence into people's life can stand the test of time, survive through the mortality of men and resound endlessly through posterity - Author: Uzoma Ezeson
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#14. There are 13 Asian countries that still have elephants, and Elephant Family is looking to invest in further projects that will be the most critical for saving elephants while there is still time. - Author: Mark Shand
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#15. Freely chosen, discipline is absolute freedom. - Author: Ron Serino
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#16. A lady of a certain age must keep her top on. That's what I feel. - Author: Lena Headey
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