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#1. He was right. It made no sense at all, but the feeling flooded through Karou, and whatever it was, it was as sweet as a patch of sun on a glossy floor and, like a cat, she just wanted to curl up in it. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#2. This nation has been drifting back in comparison with the rest of the world for the last 20 years in education. - Author: Roy Romer
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#3. I'm not just a politician, I'm a guy who has a real deep, substantive, commitment to education. - Author: Roy Romer
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#4. You know, IBM was almost knocked out of the box by other types of computer software and manufacturing. - Author: Roy Romer
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#5. But you take a four-year state college, with a broader range of admission, and what happens during those four years may be an even greater value-added educational experience. I don't know. - Author: Roy Romer
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#6. Common standards ensure that every child across the country is getting the best possible education, no matter where a child lives or what their background is. The common standards will provide an accessible roadmap for schools, teachers, parents and students, with clear and realistic goals. - Author: Roy Romer
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#7. But in the free market system, you're forced to change. - Author: Roy Romer
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#8. Why don't they allow professional wrestling at the Olympics? They allow pro basketball players and hockey players. Olympic pro wrestling would be awesome. The team from Mexico could wear those Mr. X masks. The French wrestler could hit his opponent with a baguette. Or perhaps just surrender. - Author: Craig Ferguson
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#9. Fierce warres and faithfull loves shall moralize my song. - Author: Edmund Spenser
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#10. I have observed private and proprietary colleges, like the University of Phoenix, and the market they serve. And I found it intriguing the way in which they are trying to deliver the product, with more accountability, for a price. - Author: Roy Romer
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#11. He was the organised traveller type. The type that has to know the top ten tourist spots in a country and the five best ways to get to them. - Author: S.A. Tawks
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#12. The school-boy doesn't force himself to learn his vocabularies and rules altogether at night, but knows that be must impress them again in the morning. - Author: Hermann Ebbinghaus
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#13. Once you have speech, you don't have to wait for natural selection! If you want more strength, you build a stealth bomber; if you don't like bacteria, you invent penicillin; if you want to communicate faster, you invent the Internet. Once speech evolved, all of human life changed. - Author: Tom Wolfe
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#14. Interactive computers and software will, I think, provide a less costly method of doing some kinds of inquiry, in knowledge acquisition and even reasoning and interaction. - Author: Roy Romer
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#15. Enrollment in Colorado is expected to expand about 25 percent in seven years. It's very difficult to find those additional funds. Therefore, I think you're probably going to have increased pressure on tuition. - Author: Roy Romer
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#16. Let's take flight simulation as an example. If you're trying to train a pilot, you can simulate almost the whole course. You don't have to get in an airplane until late in the process. - Author: Roy Romer
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#17. I do think there is something to be said for those who have significant experience at state level and have run campaigns or have been deeply involved in grass roots political campaigns and who have actual hands-on experience. - Author: Roy Romer
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#18. We can do better in higher education. And it is more than just technology. It's also an attitude on the part of faculty. We need to think through how we can produce a better quality product at less cost. - Author: Roy Romer
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#19. Pride and integrity are some ingredients that define respect. Don't compromise them for short lived attention. - Author: Alexandra Kinias
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#20. Productivity is going to be a critical issue. And it's not just about getting more time for professors in the classroom. It involves reexamining the learning experience and restructuring faculty and the use of faculty time. - Author: Roy Romer
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#21. I think the big force is going to be consumer buying power. - Author: Roy Romer
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#22. The reality of most software development is that the consequences of failure are simply nonexistent. - Author: Dan Kaminsky
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#23. You can take a school like the University of Colorado, with a selective admission standard. It has a better caliber student going in, so you ought to have a better caliber coming out. - Author: Roy Romer
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#24. The need for a college education is even more important now than it was before, but I think that the increased costs are a very severe obstacle to access. It is an American dream, and I think that one of our challenges is to find a way to make that available. - Author: Roy Romer
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#25. People put off writing thinking they don't have the time or enough of an opinion to matter and that is crap. You are the only one standing in your own way, so get started. - Author: C.C. Chapman
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#27. One of the things that we're all struggling with is how to judge the quality of the value-added experience of an educational course or year. I don't think it's impossible to do that, but it's difficult. - Author: Roy Romer
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#28. With lab courses, we may be able to simulate a lot of that and reduce costs. - Author: Roy Romer
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#29. Is the human creature as perfect in function as it might be?' 'Meaningless,' replied Cabal, 'with no definition as to what that function might conceivably be. We are good communicators, passable runners, middling swimmers, and poor at flying. - Author: Jonathan L. Howard
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