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#1. I had realized many years before why "patients" are called that; it's because a sick person is generally incapacitated, and thus obliged to put up with any amount of harassment and annoyance from persons who are not sick. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#2. I had to follow her 24/7 for weeks. It's suppose to be their way of keeping track of the Sisterhood. They make the new guys do it because it's boring and if you get caught you look like a sex offender. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#3. And you- there's no way you're 5-foot-4. If you're going to round up, at least go with something more realistic, like 5-foot-2. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#4. Among doctors in general, I think more than half support what I'm doing. - Author: Jack Kevorkian
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#5. The greatest threat to our Constitution is our own ignorance of it. - Author: Jacob F. Roecker
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#6. Any movie about cult figure Charles Manson needs lots of sex, drugs and blood. But as John Roecker discovered while filming his first feature
screening Friday and Saturday only at the Avalon
the key to amping up the gore is an old standby: puppets. - Author: John Roecker
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#7. I'm fine. Really. The mere threat of mouth-to-mouth probably saved me from slipping into a coma."
"That's what I'm here for," Seth replied cheerfully. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#8. Everything that is good in the arts is done by some sort of diversion. - Author: John Roecker
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#9. Sometimes I joke that I'm an Elizabethan who's had the misfortune to be alive during the reign of the wrong Elizabeth. - Author: George Fetherling
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#10. I won't have people judging you because of this. - Author: Bianca Sommerland
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#11. Maybe it was clear that he cared about me, that he couldn't handle another risk, but in that moment the only thing that made sense was my anger. I might have even hated him for what he said about Grace, because hating him was so much easier than understanding him. He obviously felt the same way. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#12. She had every right to be harsh, mean, and independent. Every damn right. And yet he had a feeling that she needed care more than anyone else in the world. - Author: Alexandra Engellmann
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#13. There is no such thing as magic," she told me. "You can b e l i e v e all you want, but it's never going to do you any good. Nobody flies. We only fall - Author: Melissa DeCarlo
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#14. With God, nothing is lost; but without him, everything is lost. - Author: Pope Francis
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#15. The more you read, the harder it is to condemn. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#16. In large organizations there are discrete functions. I do this; you do that. I swim in my lane; you swim in your lane. That can be very effective for certain processes and in certain stable conditions. But it doesn't work in unstable conditions. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
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#17. Grace was my best friend. I can't let anyone forget her. I'm sure you understand."
Mr. Farrow smiled, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. "Of course, it's easy to rewrite history when we lose a loved one, isn't it? Sometimes we only remember the things we want to remember. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#18. You installed a GPS tracker on my phone? Seriously?" I was equal parts impressed and horrified. Apparently Seth's obsession with my whereabouts knew no bounds. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#19. We're a road team. We're the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have fans everywhere. - Author: Troy Polamalu
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#20. Roecker sure is a romantic about certain things, like art and music, though you might not know it from watching Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, his claymation musical retelling of the Helter Skelter Charlie Manson saga. - Author: John Roecker
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#21. On our Journey, we should not dwell on the guilt emerging because of dropping back to Ego-dominated state; instead, we should celebrate that we are in the state of the Presence! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#22. I wanted to push the envelope, and I wanted to go so far as to actually offend both the liberals and the right. I think I have succeeded. - Author: John Roecker
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#23. Someone has to remember. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#24. Writer-director John Roecker's debut, Live Freaky! Die Freaky! will have you convulsing on the floor ... with nausea, laughter, or both. - Author: John Roecker
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#25. Live Freaky! Die Freaky! will be, without a shadow of a doubt, the single greatest film of all time about Charles Manson being the savior to all humanity in the year 3069. - Author: John Roecker
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#26. Keep your friends close and ridiculously gorgeous guys who should be your enemy even closer. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#27. It is hard to explain to people now how hard it was being a punk back then [the 1970s]. If you had short hair, didn't wear bell bottoms and walked down the street, chances are some asshole in an El Camino was going to kick your ass. - Author: John Roecker
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#28. Manson's the man who's responsible for "killing the Sixties." He really knew how to play up the whole "most dangerous man alive" thing when at the time, the most dangerous man alive was Richard Nixon. - Author: John Roecker
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#29. I wanted to look at how people deal with death ... Why is Henry Kissinger not in jail and Charles Manson is? - Author: John Roecker
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#30. Here's the thing ... when people start making music, they start borrowing styles from other people, because that's what you do. You start by recreating hip-hop beats you've heard from other people, or you start mimicking other people, or you're just listening to stuff. - Author: Benny Blanco
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#31. I grabbed a Twizzler and almost cracked a tooth biting off the stale ends. I stuck my makeshift red straw into my coffee and took a long sip and was rewarded with a dazzling smile from Maddie.
"Eew. That is so gross." But she was laughing as she said it.
"Yup, something's never change. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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#32. The role of the animal messenger in the dreams of modern city-dwellers is often to recall us to our wild side, and the natural path of our energy. - Author: Robert Moss
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#33. Taylor looked like she she was literally about to disembowel Seth, which would have been kind of awesome if Seth wasn't one of my best friends. - Author: Lisa Roecker
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