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Top 18 Remain Grounded Quotes

#1. But I'm yours!" I grab her face and tilt her head back, making her eyes crash into mine. "I'm yours, Maddie. I always have been, and I always will be. Yours. Do you get that? Do. You. Get. That? I'll always be yours! - Author: Emma Hart
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#2. Valentine's Day money-saving tip: Break up on February 13th, get back together on the 15th. - Author: David Letterman
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#3. ... .You are an exalted creature, with a spark of the divine within you that nothing you do can extinguish; and you have been granted life in order to give, because it is in giving that we receive ... - Author: Eknath Easwaran
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#4. The one I was driving for at the time, Nissan, they pulled out after they won the championship, because it was costing millions of pounds to do a national championship and ok, that might be ok when you're doing an international championship, but not for a national one. - Author: David Leslie
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#5. . . .building is medicine for free. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#6. As a matter of fact I'd had my hair dyed a marvelous shade of pale red so popular with Parisian tarts that season. - Author: Elaine Dundy
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#7. What is necessary is never unwise. - Author: Ben Cross
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#8. My brother got a .22 for his 12th birthday; I got a .22. He got a hunting knife; I got a hunting knife. - Author: Stephanie Cutter
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#9. I love everyone that supports me, and things can get wild at times, but my parents raised me to be grounded and to always remain humble. I think that's one of the main reasons that my fans support me. - Author: Lance Gross
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#10. The skill of mindfulness allows you to remain grounded in the present moment even when you face difficult stressors, so that your stressful feelings feel more manageable.. - Author: Melanie Greenberg
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#11. Sometimes you're watching a great film actor, and if you stand 10 feet away from them, you're like, 'God, they're terrible. They're not doing anything.' And then you see the close-up, and it's so nuanced, and so much expression is happening. They were acting for that camera and for no one else. - Author: Finn Wittrock
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#12. Stay in the Word. The moment you start letting go of that, you're on the road to compromise. Stay grounded, remain pure, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. - Author: Adam Young
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#13. The past is dead, and nothing that we can choose to believe about it can harm or benefit those who were
alive in it. On the other hand, it has the power to harm us. - Author: Anthony Terence Quincey Stewart
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#14. Had your eyes tested?"
"Yeah. My vision's fine. They've done brain scans, too."
"Did they find anything?"
"Why doesn't that surprise me? - Author: Zathyn Priest
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#15. I love you, Josie, and I am devoted to making your life full of happiness and accomplishments, ensuring that you thrive to your fullest potential and that while you reach for the sky, you remain grounded by the love of our family and our home. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#16. I have ballet class every other day for two hours. And for 'Six Feet Under', last week there was a sequence where I had to do a whole choreographed dance number, so I had four hours of dance practice every day. - Author: Michelle Trachtenberg
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#17. Although we cannot stop the rapid pace of innovation, we can make wise choices regarding how to remain grounded and resist being drawn into reactionary modes of behavior trying to constantly keep up. - Author: David Passiak
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#18. It's very difficult for designers today. How can someone produce so many shows? Now the minimum is four a year. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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