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#1. It seems to me a measure of the true perversity
of the human race, that one of its very few
reliably pleasurable activities should be the
subject of so much hysteria and repression. - Author: Otto Gross
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#2. It's become clear (to me, at least) that the entire credit card system in the United States is currently set up so that any one party to a transaction can reliably transfer the blame for an incident, dispute, or fraud to another party. The - Author: Brian Krebs
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#3. Dropbox sweats the user experience details as commendably as it masters the considerable engineering challenges required to reliably sync files everywhere a user may need them. - Author: Jeffrey Zeldman
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#4. Human beings, however, were different from apples and oranges: The flavor of the peel did not reliably predict the taste of the pulp. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#5. Teach rightly.
Teach respectfully.
Teach responsibly.
Teach reliably. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#6. We are putting more and more power into a system which is less and less able to carry it reliably. - Author: Paul Gillmor
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#7. Experiments work when, and only when, they call into action cognitive capacities that might reliably deliver the conclusions drawn. - Author: Philip Kitcher
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#8. dystopia, a reliably clean, well-lighted place. - Author: Kate Atkinson
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#9. Lead rationally.
Lead responsibly.
Lead resiliently.
Lead reliably. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#10. Considering the absence of legal coercion, the surprising thing is that men have for so long, and, on the whole, so reliably, adhered to what we might call the breadwinner ethic. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#11. Executives will talk about the importance of passion, but what they really mean is finding somebody who will work nights and weekends on their assigned task but predictably and reliably follow orders and just work harder. - Author: John Hagel III
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#12. Is the care of the dying man truly robbing care from the poor man? How reliably can we know when someone is in the last ten days of life? - Author: Sheri Fink
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#13. It was astounding how a woman, when she struck marital gold, procured not just a new wardrobe and new friends but a new voice straight out of a 1930s gramophone (brittle, mono-stereo) and a vocabulary that reliably included laze, season, and terribly sorry. - Author: Marisha Pessl
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#14. Sport-based video games occupy an odd space within the sphere of modern home entertainment. Reliably enjoyed by millions, the sport-based video game stands at what sometimes feels like an oblique angle from the larger medium, and in ways that can be hard to articulate. - Author: Tom Bissell
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#15. A person's "like" pattern even makes a decent proxy for intelligence - this model could reliably predict someone's score on a standard (separately administered) IQ test, without the person answering a single direct question. - Author: Christian Rudder
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#16. Disobedience is one of the few tricks you have left to hang on to the idea that you continue to exist distinctively and are still reliably connected to the person who bore your name on the outside. - Author: Alexander Masters
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#17. [The moon] ... is an example of practiced stability ... it wanes when it must, and reliably returns to full strength ... it is a humble model of reasonable potential that I can emulate, and follow. - Author: Terry Crawford Palardy
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#18. Quick now, here, now, always, if we are in a condition of complete simplicity (as the poet said), hope and trust will more reliably keep a man afloat, while fear is more likely to sink him. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#19. Breaking into a country signals quite reliably a willingness to break yet more of the invaded country's laws. - Author: Ilana Mercer
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#20. Inside the house, where money could reliably fix most problems, things were nearly perfect, but outside, butch nature trampled all over wimpy nurture. - Author: Jade Chang
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#21. we would not reliably assent to reproduce unless we first had lost our minds. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#22. Time had been filled, reliably, agreeably, they had not been left adrift, and for this they were truly embarrassingly grateful. - Author: Alice Munro
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#23. I do not believe that there is any person, method, or tool that can consistently and reliably predict specific human events, X- or otherwise. - Author: John L. Casti
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#24. No sane man can afford to dispense with debilitating pleasures. No ascetic can be considered reliably sane. - Author: A.J. Liebling
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#25. More reliably than anything else on earth, the road will force you to live in the present. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#26. Positive social emotions like compassion and empathy are generally good for us, and we want to encourage them. But do we know how to most reliably raise children to care about the suffering of other people? I'm not sure we do. - Author: Sam Harris
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#27. Collective states are constitutionally incapable of reliably producing anything but corpses. - Author: L. Neil Smith
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#28. Ironically, I am reliably informed that Michael McIntyre doesn't actually have a "man drawer", and invented the concept in order to ridicule ordinary people, for whom he has nothing but haughty contempt. - Author: Stewart Lee
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#29. Pushing yourself to extremes blows out the cobwebs of trusted habit. It shakes up what you know to be reliably safe and substitutes the miracle of insecurity. - Author: Robert Genn
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#30. Legends have always played a powerful role in the making of history ... Without ever relating facts reliably, yet always expressing their true significance, they offered a truth beyond realities, a remembrance beyond memories. - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#31. We can't reliably distinguish true memories from false memories, - Author: Elizabeth Loftus
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#32. And the reason is increasingly evident: the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably. Knowledge has both saved us and burdened us. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#33. All reputable falconers agreed that for hunting purposes the only way you could reliably bring down prey with a wowhawk was by using it in a slingshot. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#34. Thus for me, the principal meaning of being a Jew was something people reliably held against me, a barrier to overcome. - Author: Scott Turow
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#35. I was eventually persuaded of the need to design programming notations so as to maximize the number of errors which cannot be made, or if made, can be reliably detected at compile time. - Author: Tony Hoare
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#36. See God in the instruments and mechanisms that work reliably. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#37. As for my memory, I have a particularly good one. I never keep any record of my investigations or experiments. My memory files all these things away conveniently and reliably. I should say, though, that I didn't cumber it up with a lot of useless matter. - Author: Charles Proteus Steinmetz
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#38. When she realized that the tears might be as persistent as the shakes, she ran for the only medicine that reliably cured any bout of unpleasant feelings: a book. Although - Author: Dean Koontz
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#39. She ran for the only medicine that reliably cured any bout of unpleasant feelings: a book. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#40. Something happens to me when I garden. I am fully, reliably, blissfully present to who I am and where I am in that moment. I am an animal with a hundred different senses and all of them are switched on. - Author: Janisse Ray
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#41. I couldn't dream of a future, I couldn't reliably remember my past. - Author: Linda Collison
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#42. A monologue defines its author as reliably as his fingerprints. - Author: Marcelo Figueras
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#43. He must be a grown man, stolid, reliably fulfilling his duties, married perhaps, someone's breadwinner - in other words, one of the living dead. - Author: Pessoa, Fernando
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#44. Britain still has the most reliably beautiful countryside of anywhere in the world. I would hate to be part of the generation that allowed that to be lost. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#45. The novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald said that the real dark night of the soul was always three o'clock in the morning, and those sixty minutes between three o'clock and four were reliably and literally the darkest in the city. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#46. The invention of the micro-loan was a big surprise to me. Who would have guessed loans of less than $20 made to poor people in undeveloped countries could create thriving local economies? And, even more surprisingly, that they more reliably pay off their debts than the wealthy of the world. - Author: Joel A. Barker
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#47. Chapels are emergency rooms for the soul. They are the one place we can reliably go to find who we are and what we should be doing with our lives - usually by finding all we aren't, and what is much greater than us, to which we can only give ourselves up. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#48. The need to become a separate self is as urgent as the yearning to merge forever. And as long as we, not our mother, initiate parting, and as long as our mother remains reliably there, it seems possible to risk, and even to revel in, standing alone. - Author: Judith Viorst
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#49. The only person you can reliably kill with a high-power 9mm is yourself, - Author: Adrian Levy
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#50. Reality is perception perception change ... reality is fluid so if by reality you mean reliably tangible objects and immutable events then theres no such thing - Author: Dean Koontz
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#51. The reality, as I have come to understand it, is that the future is not fixed, and that therefore it cannot be reliably predicted. Consciousness interacts with vast archetypal fields of possibility and probability. What actually happens is the result of the collision of both forces. - Author: Steven Forrest
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#52. But I just really think there is a natural extension into other types of media because it's an excellent system for reliably locating and retrieving content. - Author: Shawn Fanning
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#53. Computer science doesn't know how to build complex systems that work reliably. This has been a well-understood problem since the very beginning of programmable computers. - Author: Matt Blaze
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#54. In '93 to '94, every browser had its own flavor of HTML. So it was very difficult to know what you could put in a Web page and reliably have most of your readership see it. - Author: Tim Berners-Lee
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#55. Since the end of human action, as distinct from the end products of fabrication, can never be reliably predicted, the means used to achieve political goals are more often than not of greater relevance to the future world than the intended goals. - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#56. Never ask while you are doing it if what you are doing is fun. Don't introduce even your most reliably witty acquaintance as someone who will set the table on a roar. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#57. The volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#58. People move up here pretty reliably, and as you know we hire almost exclusively from within. So - Author: Dave Eggers
Reliably Quotes #44532
#59. Because her instinct has told her, or because she has been reliably informed, the faded virgin knows that the supreme joys are not for her; she knows by a process of the intellect; but she can feel her deprivation no more than the young mother can feel the hardship of the virgin's lot. - Author: Arnold Bennett
Reliably Quotes #33456
#60. A large-scale wind, water and solar energy system can reliably supply the world's needs, significantly benefiting climate, air quality, water quality, ecology and energy security ... [T]he obstacles are primarily political, not technical. - Author: Mark Z. Jacobson
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#61. Often, the more reliably you perform a task, the less likely it is for someone to notice that you're doing it and to feel grateful and to feel any impulse to help or to take a turn. - Author: Gretchen Rubin
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#62. Gary Allan has long been one of country's most reliably velvet-voiced beautiful losers. - Author: Chuck Eddy
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#63. We don't have time for such uncertainty because it reliably breeds indecision, and indecision is one of the mothers of failure. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#64. You can't build rich lives simply by reading sermons or following abstract rules. Example is the best teacher. Moral improvement occurs most reliably when the heart is warmed, - Author: David Brooks
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#65. We live in a community of people not so that we can suppress and dominate eachother or make each other miserable but so that we can better and more reliably satisfy all life's healthy needs. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
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#66. There's no good reason that reliably liberal states should be electing senators as friendly to Wall Street as Cory Booker. - Author: Alex Pareene
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#67. The only way reliably to gauge the heat of any particular chilli is to cut it in half, so exposing the core and membranes, and to dab the cut surface on your tongue. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#68. Hersesy is denying the word of God, and the word of God is much more reliably expressed in the natural world as it's revealed through reason and science than in what I have heard described wonderfully as the giant book of Jewish fairy stories - Author: Iain Banks
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#69. Social Networking that matters is helping people archive their goals. Doing it reliably and repeatability so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals. - Author: Seth Godin
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#70. Are public school textbooks biased? Are they censored? The answer to both is yes. And the nature of the bias is clear: Religion, traditional family values, and conservative political and economic positions have been reliably excluded from children's textbooks. - Author: Paul Vitz
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#71. There wasn't a persona or an attitude that I could reliably write good stuff from.There wasn't a persona or an attitude that I could reliably write good stuff from. - Author: Andy Daly
Reliably Quotes #589763
#72. What is interesting is that elephants can accurately and reliably figure out who is friend and who is foe. Compare this to us humans, who still walk down dark alleys at night, fall for Ponzi schemes, and buy lemons from used-car salesmen. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#73. Even if major funding is obtained for cold fusion, conceivably the phenomenon could suffer from problems as intractable as those of hot fusion. It may never work reliably or generate enough energy to be commercially viable. - Author: Charles Platt
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#74. A human is not a device that reliably reports a gold standard judgment of relevance of a document to a query. - Author: Hinrich Schutze
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#75. What an extraordinary achievement for a civilization: to have developed the one diet that reliably makes its people sick! - Author: Michael Pollan
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#76. Hope reliably triumphs over experience. It's always very tempting to console ourselves with an apparently very reasonable thought: the reason it didn't work out this time was not that the expectations were too high, but that we directed them onto the wrong person. We - Author: The School Of Life
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#77. Genes are selfish,3 selfish genes create people with various mental modules, and some of these mental modules make us strategically altruistic, not reliably or universally altruistic. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
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#78. One of the best moments of any Liars show is hearing the crowd squawk 'We're doomed! We're doomed!' on cue during 'We Fenced Other Houses with the Bones of Our Own.' Maybe not the most uplifting audience sing-along in the indie rock world, but one of the most reliably entertaining. - Author: Rob Sheffield
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#79. Saudi Arabia is, of course, the keystone of OPEC. Saudi Arabia has had the distinction of remaining stable through all the escalating tumult of recent decades, reliably pumping out its roughly 10 million barrels a day like Bossy the cow in America's oil import barn. - Author: James Howard Kunstler
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#80. The CEO of AT&T told an interviewer back in 2005 that he wanted to introduce a new business model to the Internet: charging companies like Google and Yahoo! to reliably reach Internet users on the AT&T network. - Author: Marvin Ammori
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#81. Hope and trust will more reliably keep a man afloat, while fear is more like to sink him. - Author: Dean Koontz
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