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#1. 'Sin Nombre' was almost like the adolescent version of 'Jane Eyre.' 'Jane Eyre' sort of picks up where 'Sin Nombre' ends. It's about this girl who starts off on her own at her lowest point of despair, and she figures out how she got there. - Author: Cary Fukunaga
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#2. Contrary to what most people think, weeping isn't an uncontrollable emotion that spills into tears. It's the opposite, a channel for feelings, a way to divert them in a healthy direction. - Author: Carsten Jensen
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#3. Stupidity is not my favourite thing; I cannot deal with it. - Author: Lauren Bacall
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#4. Everybody in my band is married, pretty much, and have lives at home, and I don't want them to be away from their families so long that they just start to feel psychotic. You have to go home and stand around in your bathrobe doing your dishes to feel like a normal person sometimes. - Author: Neko Case
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#5. Multi-tasking is great in the kitchen when you are trying to time the chicken to be ready at the same time as the potatoes. But do not assume it is a great way to manage a workday. - Author: Joanne Tombrakos
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#6. Daniel understood the complaint. For Daniel, too, had once designed a building, and savored the thrill of seeing it built, only to endure the long indignity of watching the owner clutter it up with knick-knacks and furniture. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#7. Women should never chase elevators, buses or men, because there will always be another one! - Author: Anonymousmale1
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#8. We can be more or less conscious when you create grades of focus on a subject that is flowing in our stream of consciousness. - Author: Antonio Damasio
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#9. Here's my pet peeve: The not-so-unstated rule that all women are only to be treated as sexual objects and gawked at-you know, sitting up against a car, washing something, bending over, licking something. That just drives me crazy. - Author: Alicia Keys
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#10. The fog dissipates. The water turns cold. The door to the shower opens, and the knobs are turned to the off position and he climbs in with me, him fully clothed in contrast to my shivering, blue skin, and we sit there together, his arms around me, until I can breathe again. AT - Author: Heather Lyons
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#11. All you have to do is say, 'I'm going home,' and you're the most popular girl at the party. - Author: Elaine Stritch
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#12. For their menstrual cycle, women subconsciously want to punish men. - Author: Daya Kudari
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#13. People often do a good deed without hope of reward, but for an evil deed they always demand payment. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#14. All art, literature, and music must be born in your heart's blood. Art is your heart's blood. - Author: Edvard Munch
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#15. Our victory is sure to come, and I can endure anything but recreancy to principle. - Author: Lucy Stone
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#16. Fact is, the desperate desire to be cool has skewed our culture toward nihilism, carelessness, and ineptitude. It is now cool to be an idiot. A jackass. It's cool to be a failure, as long as your failure is the basis for a reality show. - Author: Greg Gutfeld
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