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Top 30 Quotes About Strutting

#1. I had a dream about you. You were so cute, and I was holding you for a long time. We went for a walk, happily strutting down the street. We saw a couple others but they weren't having as much fun as we were. We arrived back home and I gave you a kiss on the nose and a bone. - Author: Ashley Kennett
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#2. Who said anything about shame?" She gestured down to her naked body, even though it was covered by the blanket. "Honestly, I'm surprised you're not strutting about, boasting to everyone. I certainly would be if I'd tumbled me.
"Does your love for yourself know no bounds?"
"Absolutely none. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#3. I can live without it all - love with its blood pump, sex with its messy hungers, men with their peacock strutting, their silly sexual baggage, their wet tongues in my ear. - Author: Erica Jong
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#4. The years after graduation hardened me into someone quite different from the strutting graduate who left campus that day headed for New York city, ready to offer the world his talent. The world, I discovered. was not all that interested. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#5. Tomorrow and tomorrow come creeping in and always will. We're fools trapped in a mechanism of our own unconscious making. Shadows strutting and fretting for one brief hour upon a stage, then heard no more. I'll weep an ocean in my heart, if the world would give me time. But not now. - Author: David Hewson
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#6. Too many young actors are strutting about and doing films without having developed some of the depth you need to bring off certain kinds of roles. I think that's the problem with the system, where a lot of younger actors who haven't had a chance to develop suddenly become stars. - Author: Christopher Walken
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#7. So you do enjoy my lovemaking?"
She lifted an eyebrow. "If you can't tell that, sir, you are blind and deaf and probably stupid."
If he'd been a peacock, he would have been strutting about, displaying his feathers. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
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#8. I do not think very highly of Madame D'Arblay's books. The style is so strutting. She does so stalk about on Dr. Johnson's old stilts. - Author: Mary Russell Mitford
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#9. His thoughts go to Emma Bovary strutting before the mirror after her first big afternoon. I have a lover! I have a lover! sings Emma to herself. Well, let poor Bev Shaw go home and do some singing too. And let him stop calling her poor Bev Shaw. If she is poor, he is bankrupt. - Author: Anonymous
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#10. He imagined the room bathed in blood, himself striding through it, a raven amongst the carcasses. Strutting like any carrion king. - Author: Nathan Ballingrud
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#11. As for the herbal cigarettes, for the most part I don't smoke as much as the guys do. I'm usually just strutting around a bit more so I don't actually have to be inhaling it. I'm lucky because I do have scenes where the cigarettes work beautifully to punctuate certain things I'm saying. - Author: Christina Hendricks
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#12. It's hard for people to stampede when they're strutting - Author: Steve Aylett
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#13. And all of the big shots of the car industry are there, strutting their stuff. And that year, they're feeling especially good because cars were selling more than ever before. - Author: David Maraniss
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#14. When do we put on the lingerie? Always at the beginning of the relationship - first couple of months, strutting around the bedroom wearing a teddy. Yeah, six months later, you've stopped shaving your legs and you look like a teddy. - Author: Carol Leifer
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#15. It was strange, how readily authority could be conjured with nothing but a bit of strutting jackassery. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#16. I can never see fashion models,
lean angular cheeks, strutting hips
and blooming hair, without thinking of
the skulls at the catacombs in Lima, Peru. - Author: Naomi Shihab Nye
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#17. I never was strutting through the hallways like, "Yeah, I'm a singer/songwriter." That's never a cool thing to do - to be the brooding guy. - Author: Tyler Hilton
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#18. Raegan and I were on the opposite side of town, strutting across the gravel lot of the Red Door, slowly and in unison, as if we were being filmed while walking to a badass soundtrack. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#19. I've never met a murderer who wasn't vain ... It's their vanity that leads to their undoing, nine times out of ten.They may be frightened of being caught, but they can't help strutting and boasting and usually they're sure they've been far too clever to be caught. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#20. The average person is either a weakling, or just a happy person who wants to get along, or thinks being tough is having big muscles and strutting around town and having a good-looking girlfriend. - Author: Alex Jones
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#21. You were a stray cat, strutting so free and full of pride. But I could see your open wound. And without really thinking I just chalked it up to another cool thing about you. I never realized how much you hurt. - Author: Ai Yazawa
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#22. I love wearing a well tailored suit.
Strutting in my sartorial repute. - Author: Richard L. Ratliff
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#23. My inner goddess is draped in a pink feather boa and diamonds, strutting her stuff in fuck-me shoes. - Author: E.L. James
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#24. Tremendous pride was exhibited in fascism, as everyone knows who has seen the pictures of the strutting Mussolini and psychopathic Hitler; but fascism is a development in people who are empty, anxious and despairing, and therefore seize on megalomaniac promises. - Author: Rollo May
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#25. The demented strutting of a dumb bird in the moonlight. - Author: Roberto Bolano
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#26. How ridiculous we often are in our negations, our strutting self importance, our penchant for making labels and sticking them on people. As though labelling a person disposed of him! - Author: Muriel Lester
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#27. I realise that, strutting around in power corridors for political coverage, a journalist becomes half a politician. - Author: Rajeev Shukla
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#28. Like a domestic cat, purring on the sofa by day, but by night, a strutting queen, a natural killer, disdainful of her other life. - Author: Joanne Harris
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#29. I used to think I was in love with Mia because she was in love with me. Now when I watch her strutting down the runway, twisting and flouncing the way her mother trained her, I know she's just a human coat hanger. A wired body I hold late at night and try to fit into. - Author: Laurie Perez
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#30. I owe my life and hope to the gospel. Without it I would still be strutting with racist pride, or I would be suffering the moral paralysis of 'white guilt.' But the gospel has an answer to both pride and guilt. - Author: John Piper
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