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#1. Sponsored stories are not a great way to monetize mobile traffic. The phone is way more of a publishing tool than a reading tool. The attention users pay to the streams on mobile is far less than on the desktop. - Author: Keith Teare
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#2. A mobile phone needs a manual in the way that a teacup doesn't - Author: Douglas Adams
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#3. At the start of 2005 the idea of downloading a song to a mobile phone was an idea, by the end of the year it was a reality. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#4. In a time where the world is becoming personalized, when the mobile phone, the burger, everything has its own personal identity, how should we perceive ourselves and how should we perceive others? - Author: Al-Mayassa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
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#5. What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we're going to reinvent the phone. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#6. I wanted to build a tool for my generation: people 20 to 40 who don't want to spend time balancing a checkbook or checking multiple financial institutions' websites. Mint does just that, giving comprehensive, quick insights into a user's finances from their computer, mobile phone and/or tablet. - Author: Aaron Patzer
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#7. Inexpensive phones and pay-as-you go services are already spreading mobile phone technology to many parts of that world that never had a wired infrastructure. - Author: Howard Rheingold
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#8. Americans, no matter what their age, spend at least eight and a half hours a day looking at a television, a computer monitor, or the screen of their mobile phone. Frequently, they use two or even all three of the devices simultaneously. - Author: Nicholas Carr
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#9. The mobile phone, the fax, emails. Call me old fashioned, but what's wrong with a chain of beacons? - Author: Harry Hill
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#10. She had an English boyfriend who called her more often than she needed to hear from him, a savings account, a mobile phone, an Oyster Card, and a place to live that made her feel as if she was in a movie. She was a London girl. - Author: Rosie Thomas
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#11. When you get a mobile phone it is almost like having a card to get you out of poverty in a couple of years. - Author: Muhammad Yunus
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#12. Theatricals can be irritating, but will provide a better night out than mobile phone salespeople. - Author: Arthur Smith
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#13. Before mobile phones, I used to call my parents from a phone box and reverse the charges. - Author: Tamara Ecclestone
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#14. Mobile forced us to rethink the user experience and do something people would be able to carry out on in a couple of seconds on the mobile phone. By stripping out all the work the user used to do and putting that on the company, we were able to create a much better user experience. - Author: Logan Green
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#15. You're going to pull out your phone and try to use whatever is the most appropriate app on your iPhone or your Android device. Yelp saw that very early on. And when we launched the mobile product, we saw immediate growth, and we were stunned. - Author: Max Levchin
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#16. Sending a message on a mobile phone is not the most natural of ways to communicate. The keypad isn't linguistically sensible. - Author: David Crystal
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#17. An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator ... these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#18. Among other things, I use a Samsung mobile phone, a very bad quality video camera, and an old Olympus with extremely bad Sigma lenses. - Author: Alison Jackson
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#19. There is a generation of skimmers. It's not that they don't want to read in-depth content, but they want to evaluate what the content is before they commit time. Especially on a mobile phone - you don't have the phone, or cellular data, or screen size to be reading full-length content. - Author: Nick D'Aloisio
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#20. Replace your CELL PHONE in your hand with a SMILE on your face ,DIFFICULT but not IMPOSSIBLE. - Author: Myself
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#21. Mobile is no longer about what you can do on your cell phone. Mobile is all about doing more, all of the time. - Author: Mitch Joel
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#22. A huge advertisement in the unmistakably bright red tones of Vodacom, the global mobile phone giant, looked on this tawdry scene. It read to me like a distilled message about the only values that remained in this country, whose leaders were once committed Marxists: money and power. - Author: Howard W. French
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#23. On of the prerequisites for my mobile phone is that I have to be able to fling it at a wall if I lose my temper. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#24. Enterprising law-enforcement officers with a warrant can flick a distant switch and turn a standard mobile phone into a roving mic or eavesdrop on occupants of cars equipped with travel assistance systems. - Author: Jonathan Zittrain
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#25. I own a Canon 20D, though I don't remember the last time I used it. Ever since the iPhone 4, I've been completely absorbed in taking photos from my mobile phone. - Author: Kevin Systrom
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#26. Friday dusk becomes Friday evening. The park is feverish with life. A young Asian man screams into his mobile phone, not stopping to listen: a young man with his heart in his penis. - Author: Craig Stone
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#27. The two parts of technology that lower the threshold for activism and technology is the Internet and the mobile phone. Anyone who has a cause can now mobilize very quickly. - Author: Howard Rheingold
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#28. Motorola has led the mobile phone industry in turning our vision of low- cost, yet quality, handsets for the developing world into a reality. In so doing, Motorola has played a major role in transforming the mobile phone from a luxury item for the few into an affordable tool for the many. - Author: Rob Conway
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#29. I was playing in the juniors at Wimbledon I forgot to turn my mobile phone off. It was lying there in my bag and it rang in the middle of a match, and it was one of my friends from school saying, 'Murray, you're on the telly!' I learnt from that. After that I always put my phone on silent. - Author: Andy Murray
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#30. A smartphone is an addictive device which traps a soul into a lifeless planet full of lives - Author: Munia Khan
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#31. The table was her stage. The mobile phone was the microphone. And the new moon was the spotlight. That kind of magic only Nana could make it happen. - Author: Ai Yazawa
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#32. As users replace usage of the web with a mobile, app-centric ecosystem, the phone becomes the center of gravity. In this mobile world, Facebook is just one app on the phone. - Author: Keith Teare
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#33. Yes' Simon nodded. 'This would suggest that these patterns grow inside the batteries until a critical point is reached, when the shapes develop no further, and the phone ceases to function. - Author: A. Ashley Straker
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#34. Removing Christian evangelism from the African equation may leave the continent at the mercy of a malign fusion of Nike, the witch doctor, the mobile phone and the machete. - Author: Matthew Parris
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#35. I want to be buried with a mobile phone, just in case I'm not dead. - Author: Amanda Holden
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#36. Everyone on the set has a mobile phone, and I found by pushing a few buttons, they could be programmed into different languages. I fixed Robbie's (Coltrane) to speak in Turkish. - Author: Daniel Radcliffe
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#37. It's easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, than for some of us to give up our cell phone. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#38. It used to be, on TV, you'd see only two types of Asians. You'd see the science geek who's using his mobile phone or something like that, or you'd see a very token Asian family - yuppie mother and father and two little Asian kids. It's the last barrier for Hollywood. - Author: Kevin Kwan
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#39. It's hard to say conversation has become a minimal thing, because look at the rise of mobile communications in the last 10 years. It used to be only the president had a mobile phone. Now everyone on earth, even if they have nothing else, they have a cell phone. - Author: Padgett Powell
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#40. We now have powerful technology, which allows us a voice across boundaries, which was unimaginable at the time of the Greenham Protest, a protest that pre-dates the Internet and the mobile phone. - Author: Beeban Kidron
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#41. carrying a mobile phone and an electronic diary. A short stocky - Author: John Dale
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#42. The best mobile phone had the best mathematician. They know how to fit a huge amount of data into a small amount of space. How to do things efficiently, how to do them cleverly. - Author: Marcus Du Sautoy
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#43. I don't have a Facebook page. I don't use Twitter. I don't give anyone a lot to grab onto. Sometimes, I even take out the battery of my mobile phone so that I can't be localized. - Author: Daniel Suarez
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#44. My mobile phone battery runs out all the time because all the messages come straight to me. - Author: Ed Balls
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#45. If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that "says something" about your personality, don't bother. You don't have a personality. A mental illness, maybe - but not a personality. - Author: Charlie Brooker
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#46. Many researchers have joined the field and applied the LED to many new markets such as mobile phone screens, LED TV, and LED Lighting. - Author: Shuji Nakamura
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#47. There is a joke about a commuter who's on his way to work when he gets a call on his mobile phone from his wife. "Be careful, honey," she says. "They just said on the radio that there's a maniac driving on the wrong side of the freeway." "One maniac?" he replies; "There are thousands of them! - Author: Steven Pinker
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#48. It's good Netiquette to sanitize mobile devices, smartphones & tablets. They carry a lot of germs. - Author: David Chiles
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#49. Think what we would have missed if we had never ... used a mobile phone or surfed the Net
or, to be honest, listened to other people talking about surfing the Net. - Author: Queen Elizabeth II
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#50. Twitter is about the democratization of access to a platform that allows anyone in the world - who has a mobile phone and access to SMS - to have a voice and be heard. - Author: Shailesh Rao
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#51. I am very aware of the fact that it's highly unlikely anyone will write an article via their mobile phone. I've done it, but it's painful. And it's not just about the small keyboard and the small screen - though that's awful. It's the emotional experience of writing an article. - Author: Sue Gardner
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#52. Celtel established a mobile phone network in Africa at a time when investors told me that there was no market for mobile phones there. - Author: Mo Ibrahim
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#53. The iPod made music mobile, but today, how many devices do you need to walk around with? You want it on just one. And inevitably that's going to be the phone. - Author: Edgar Bronfman Jr.
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#54. Paying for a taxi ride using your mobile phone is easier in Nairobi than it is in New York, thanks to Kenya's world-leading mobile-money system, M-PESA.'1 This was the opening paragraph in The Economist's article of 27 May 2013, 'Why does Kenya lead the world in mobile money? - Author: Victor Kgomoeswana
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#55. We believe that within five years, 96 percent of British consumers will have access to the Internet, whether it be through a personal computer, a set-top box or a mobile phone. - Author: Richard Branson
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#56. Before digital and mobile communications effectively tethered us to an invisible, infinite 'wire,' even those with the most hectic schedules were usually willing to answer the phone if they happened to be home when it rang. - Author: Meghan Daum
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#57. Many small businesses are running entire businesses from a mobile phone. - Author: Brad D. Smith
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#58. Turn your mobile phone off for a few hours each day. Having nothing to do while you're waiting for a bus can be boring, but it's only when you're bored that the scary thoughts come to the surface. Use a dumb phone on the weekends to prevent yourself from checking your messages. - Author: Julien Smith
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#59. I live in England, so I take a lot of trains, and you can't really go anywhere without somebody talking on their mobile phone behind you, forcing you to listen to their conversation. With the Internet, with texting, with networking sites, there's already information everywhere. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#60. Hugh is now playing a game on his mobile phone. His greasy fat fingers with bitten down nails surprisingly agile on the keys. The concentration on his face is admirable in a way. It was probably with a similar level of concentration that the theory of relativity was formulated. - Author: Glenn Haybittle
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#61. Mark Samuels reached a hand into the darkness to silence the shrilling of his mobile phone alarm and felt his reflexes pull him awake sharply, with no consideration for the vestiges of his disordered dreams. - Author: Justin Isis
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#62. When I came into the mobile phone business, I was really the upstart who pretty much took the business, not quite by storm, but really made an impact on it quite early on. But it was from a position, really, of feeling that I was a last mover. - Author: John Caudwell
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#63. The advent of the mobile phone was a disaster. We are forced to listen, open-mouthed, to other people's intimate conversations. Increasingly, we are all in our virtual bubbles when we are out in public, whether we are texting, listening to iPods, reading or just staring dangerously at other people. - Author: Lynne Truss
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#64. The mobile phone ... is a tool for those whose professions require a fast response, such as doctors or plumbers. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#65. A good story remains a good story, whether it is on glossy paper or a mobile phone display, is carved into marble tablets or appears as a Bild headline. - Author: Mathias Dopfner
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#66. What the pen was doing for Rohit right now, the paper
mobile phone did for Prabhu. - Author: Pankaj Suneja
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#67. It's hard to maintain both smack and crack habbits and remember to keep up mobile-phone payments. - Author: Irvine Welsh
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#68. Mum's mobile was the most immoblie cell phone in the world. It often lived on the top of the bookshelf closest to the front door. It was there so she'd see it before she left the house. The trouble was, Mum was alwayd leaving the house in a mad rush and the mobile stayed put. - Author: Catherine Bateson
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#69. I love the energy and the knowledge. I barely know how to use this thing [mobile phone]. I get by. - Author: Naomi Watts
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#70. Have I got a black book? Yes, it's called a mobile phone. I do get offers. There is no shortage of people if you want to go on dates - working in TV, living in L.A., it is there if you want it. - Author: Simon Cowell
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#71. tubidy

Tubidy Mobile Video Search Engine Tubidy indexes videos from
internet and transcodes them to be played on your mobile phone - Author: Shalini
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#72. Guy took out his mobile phone and said something into it. Then he looked around, like he was making sure the coast was clear, and started walking down the Mall in the direction - Author: Rick Riordan
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#73. There is already enough chattering nonsense on the ground. Do we really need aviaries in pressurised tin cans at 30,000 feet as well ? - Author: Alex Morritt
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1413730
#74. I was a vampire, and ... someone was trying to call me?
When my parents had said that not even death could pry me from my mobile phone, I'd thought they were joking. I wriggled around in the narrow coffin until I could reach the ringing handset. - Author: Helen Keeble
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1449089
#75. Sometimes when you lose your mobile phone, even though it's frustrating, it's sort of rewarding in many ways because, though we do rely on them a lot, we are not reliant on them. The world continues without. - Author: Matt Smith
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#76. Win back two days of living? The sense of freedom is overwhelming! Switch off your mobile phone and consider your options. - Author: Fennel Hudson
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1455842
#77. The mobile market is exploding and it makes perfect sense for a media company like ours to create a real content destination for the billions of cell-phone users around the world. - Author: Peter Chernin
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1483423
#78. When I tell people I don't own a mobile phone and wouldn't know how to text, they react as though I have just confessed that I can't read. - Author: Craig Brown
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1497729
#79. Any country that wants to lower its mobile phone rates, all they need to do is bring in an aggressive player. - Author: Xavier Niel
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1509907
#80. Think of yourself as a mobile phone and visualize the signal strength bars on your screen. Plugging In is re-establishing that connection to better your reception. - Author: Malti Bhojwani
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1511546
#81. The reason I don't carry a mobile phone is I don't want people to know where I am! - Author: Felix Dennis
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1519110
#82. We think of them as mobile phones, but the personal computer, mobile phone and the Internet are merging into some new medium like the personal computer in the 1980s or the Internet in the 1990s. - Author: Howard Rheingold
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1542635
#83. The mobile phone acts as a cursor to connect the digital and physical. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1553795
#84. Despite being in public life, I value my own privacy immensely and would be as concerned as anyone else if I thought my mobile phone records could be easily available to officials across government. - Author: David Blunkett
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1553880
#85. Data is gathered all the time. Just take your mobile phone. Geo-location data collected by your (mobile phone service) provider is not just about your movements. It's about who you are with and what you will do next. - Author: Daniel Suarez
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#86. As more and more people reach the Internet by mobile phone, we should make sure users are getting the open access they believe they're paying for. - Author: Chellie Pingree
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#87. I did not have a mobile phone in 1993. No one did, except the occasional banker or Hollywood star seeming smart, or the main character in 'American Psycho.' In 1993, every day was 'let's get lost.' I could walk Greenwich Village for hours and not be found. - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
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#88. Look for when the environment is changing - the big shift now is mobile Internet. It's really happening big-time. The way you interact with services on a smart phone compared to the Web is quite different, so there's a huge opportunity. - Author: Niklas Zennstrom
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#89. Inspiration hits me at the most annoying times. Like when I am on my bicycle going back home from the studio at 3 a.m.. I've many crackly recordings into my mobile phone practically inaudible from the wind rushing into the handset! - Author: Imogen Heap
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#90. It is high time that the E.U.'s internal market delivered substantially lower communications charges for consumers and business people traveling abroad. A mobile-phone customer should not be charged a higher tariff just because he
or she
is traveling abroad. - Author: Viviane Reding
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1697741
#91. I take my mobile phone and iPad wherever I go. I like to switch off when I'm on holiday, but I always check emails in case someone at home is trying to get hold of me. - Author: Olly Murs
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1715709
#92. Imagine the power of surfacing what's happening in the world through images, and potentially other types of media in the future, to each and every person who holds a mobile phone. - Author: Kevin Systrom
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1725492
#93. I don't choose between my house phone and my mobile. I don't choose between my laptop and my notebook. And I don't intend to choose between my e-reader and my bookshelf. - Author: Sara Sheridan
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1729967
#94. Theophilus Crowe's mobile phone played eight bars of "Tangled Up in Blue" in an irritating electronic voice that sounded like a choir of suffering houseflies, or Jiminy Cricket huffing helium, or, well, you know, Bob Dylan. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#95. So actually I only got a mobile phone the day after I left being Prime Minister. - Author: Tony Blair
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#96. I thought the invention of mobile phone was to save our time & money, be we are doing exactly the opposite. - Author: Srinivas Shenoy
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#97. Then you get these articles about how unhealthy life is in the city. You know; mobile phone tumours - far more likely in the city; Well you know what, so is everything else! Including sex, coffee and conversation. - Author: Dylan Moran
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#98. If you're a Firefox user, you get accustomed to your history and the URL bar and finding things. That should be available on your mobile phone as well. - Author: Mitchell Baker
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#99. We need to consume less. A lot less. Less food, less energy, less stuff. Fewer cars, electric cars, cotton T-shirts, laptops, mobile phone upgrades. Far fewer.
Yet, every decade, global consumption continues to increase relentlessly. - Author: Stephen Emmott
Quotes On Mobile Phone #1833978
#100. The mobile phone is used from when you get up in the morning and is often the last thing you interact with at night. - Author: Jan Chipchase
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