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Top 100 Quotes About War Is Hell

#1. What the hell do you think you're doing going and getting yourself kidnapped? You almost gave me apoplexy!" "Well, excuse me Queen of the World. I'm so sorry I inconvenienced you! - Author: Tamara Hoffa
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#2. Draco.
Finally. Now that the other male had realized who Dragos was, maybe he would grow some sanity and leave them the hell alone. - Author: Thea Harrison
Quotes About War Is Hell #12896
#3. It's draining, it's exhausting, it's hell... it's heaven. It's hedonism gone wild. - Author: E.L. James
Quotes About War Is Hell #12729
#4. No hell could be worse than an office job. - Author: James Wymore
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#5. To be fair he is Lord Byron," Jane said. "I don't know many people who haven't slept with him at one time or another."
Jane Fairfax - Author: Michael Thomas Ford
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#6. She thinks you're stalking me."
"Why the hell would I do that? I see too much of your ugly mug as it is. - Author: Margaret Watson
Quotes About War Is Hell #12514
#7. But for the love of piss, make some sort of decision. If you don't want to eat babies and nail bloodbags to walls, that's your choice. What Sarren did or made you do in the past has nothing to do with it now. You're a vampire. Do whatever the hell you want. - Author: Julie Kagawa
Quotes About War Is Hell #12504
#8. If there is heaven then there must be hell too, don't think that The God is merciful, he didn't create hell for himself. - Author: John Art
Quotes About War Is Hell #12483
#9. I think Hell exists on Earth. It's a psychological state, or it can be a physical state. People who have severe mental illness are in Hell. People who have lost a loved one are in Hell. I think there are all kinds of different hells. It's not a place you go to after you die. - Author: Al Franken
Quotes About War Is Hell #12440
#10. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned, - Author: Scott Pratt
Quotes About War Is Hell #12213
#11. Success is the accomplishment of any number of possible aims, dreams, aspirations or goals. It's very personal and unique to you. Your greatest desire could be someone else's idea of hell; you might want to be an award-winning chef while your best friend hates cooking. - Author: Nigel Cumberland
Quotes About War Is Hell #12186
#12. There are no air conditioners in Hell - Author: Fraser Young
Quotes About War Is Hell #11656
#13. He brushed his lips against hers. "I love you," he breathed against her mouth. "And from today onward, I want to never be separated from you. Wherever you go, I go. Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are, that's where I want to be. Forever." Celaena - Author: Sarah J. Maas
Quotes About War Is Hell #11425
#14. The fine thing about pacts with the devil is that when you sign them you are well aware of their conditions. Otherwise, why would you be recompensed with hell? - Author: Umberto Eco
Quotes About War Is Hell #12941
#15. I'd rather use Windows and Internet Explorer in Hell than I'd use Linux and Mozilla Firefox in Heaven! - Author: Steve Ballmer
Quotes About War Is Hell #11308
#16. Thanks for being the kind of person who likes to pick up a book. That's a genuinely great thing. I met a librarian recently who said she doesn't read because books are her job and when she goes home, she just wants to switch off. I think we can agree that that's creepy as hell. - Author: Max Barry
Quotes About War Is Hell #11253
#17. Fuckhead:
The name's MariKETA.
Go to hell,
The WITCH, doing a creepy spell somewhere right now. - Author: Kresley Cole
Quotes About War Is Hell #10984
#18. There's something really empowering about going, 'Hell, I can do this! I can do this all!' That's the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just DO. - Author: Kate Winslet
Quotes About War Is Hell #10874
#19. When you die I bet you want real life, pure real life, eulogies that are unpoetic and messy, smeared with tears and truisms, cliched as hell, the kind of stuff a person means. - Author: Kate Hattemer
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#20. How blest was the created state
Of man and woman, ere they fell,
Compared to our unhappy fate:
We need not fear another hell. - Author: John Wilmot
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#21. With all the defects in our Constitution, whether general or particular, the comparison of our government with those of Europe, is like a comparison of Heaven with Hell. England, like the earth, may be allowed to take the intermediate station. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Quotes About War Is Hell #10357
#22. That's the kind of guy you'd follow to hell and back. - Author: Richelle Mead
Quotes About War Is Hell #10252
#23. A beautiful road does not create enough reason to make a journey on that road, because the road to Hell is often a beautiful road as well! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Quotes About War Is Hell #9887
#24. I offered them Utopia, but they fought for the right to live in Hell. - Author: Mark Millar
Quotes About War Is Hell #9645
#25. It is better to be as low as hell with a promise, than in Paradise without one. - Author: John Flavel
Quotes About War Is Hell #9466
#26. Is willing to accept that she creates her own reality except for some of the parts where she can't help but wonder what the hell she was thinking - Author: Brian Andreas
Quotes About War Is Hell #15619
#27. The fact that there's a Highway to Hell and only a Stairway to Heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers. - - Author: Darynda Jones
Quotes About War Is Hell #17659
#28. Warner Studios official in the era of silent movies: Who the hell wants to hear actors talk? - Author: H.W. Brands
Quotes About War Is Hell #17570
#29. Baby, Heaven doesn't want me yet, and Fuck if Hell can handle me, so you're kinda stuck with me. - Author: K. Bromberg
Quotes About War Is Hell #17544
#30. A speech is like an airplane engine. It may sound like hell but you've got to go on. - Author: William T. Piper
Quotes About War Is Hell #17512
#31. Damn all false dichotomies to hell - Author: D. A. Carson
Quotes About War Is Hell #17391
#32. Hell, it is well known, has no fury like a woman who wants her tea and can't get it. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Quotes About War Is Hell #17005
#33. You are afraid of hell. But that's all religion is, really. Fear of a place we'd rather not be, and where there's no such a thing as suicide to steal us away. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
Quotes About War Is Hell #16767
#34. Nothing is higher than heaven; nothing is beyond the walls of the world; nothing is lower than hell, or more glorious than virtue.48 - Author: John D. Barrow
Quotes About War Is Hell #16639
#35. In the unlikely event that she does escape me, I will inform you all. If you catch her, you are to detain her and return her to me." His eyes glowed like the fires of hell. "She is not to be harmed in any way, or so help you God, you will regret it until your last breath." * - Author: Brooklyn Ann
Quotes About War Is Hell #16597
#36. What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people. They don't even listen to our music, they decided in advance that they don't like it. - Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
Quotes About War Is Hell #16447
#37. My parents can take themselves off on a scenic tour of hell before they tell me who my friends will be, Gan said pleasantly. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
Quotes About War Is Hell #16384
#38. My best advice for
you, honey, is to stop if you possibly can! And if you just can't, then get ready to work
like hell. Hang onto your day job. And remember, you may not make a living, but you'll
make a wonderful life. - Author: Doris Betts
Quotes About War Is Hell #16085
#39. Hell is a place, a time, a consciousness, in which there is no love. - Author: Richard Bach
Quotes About War Is Hell #9348
#40. Ignorance," he rejoined, sounding cross. "You modern people live in your own version of the Dark Ages, dismissing anything you can't understand. If the relic didn't stop him, what the hell did? - Author: Sylvain Reynard
Quotes About War Is Hell #15200
#41. If there is a heaven, Jane Austen is sitting in a small room with Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, listening to Duran Duran, forever. If there's a hell, she's standing. - Author: Roddy Doyle
Quotes About War Is Hell #14735
#42. So that is what hell is. I would never have believed it. You remember: the fire and brimstone, the torture. Ah! the farce. There is no need for torture: hell is other people. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Quotes About War Is Hell #14339
#43. And what the ruddy hell are Dementors? - Author: J.K. Rowling
Quotes About War Is Hell #14237
#44. Why in the hell is she still taking off my clothes? Oh, my God! Maggie wants to rape me! I slap at her hand and she grips my wrist. "Sydney!" She laughs. "You're covered in puke. I'm trying to help you. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Quotes About War Is Hell #14130
#45. It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air - there's the rub, the task. - Author: Virgil
Quotes About War Is Hell #14046
#46. Let me say before I go any further that I forgive nobody. I wish them all an atrocious life and then the fires and ice of hell and in the execrable generations to come an honoured name. - Author: Anonymous
Quotes About War Is Hell #13910
#47. Music-making as a means of getting money is hell - Author: Gustav Holst
Quotes About War Is Hell #13873
#48. People ask me to predict the future, when all I want to do is prevent it. Better yet, build it. Predicting the future is much too easy, anyway. You look at the people around you, the street you stand on, the visible air you breathe, and predict more of the same. To hell with more. I want better. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Quotes About War Is Hell #13299
#49. I have known good and evil, sin and virtue, right and wrong; I have judged and been judged; I have passed through birth and death, Joy and sorrow, heaven and hell; And in the end I realized that I AM in everything and everything is in me. - Author: Hazrat Inayat Khan
Quotes About War Is Hell #13156
#50. HelL!?...Hell!?

This here, should be under the category Hell, what's impressive that you don't know that.. - Author: Deyth Banger
Quotes About War Is Hell #13028
#51. Curran looked at me. What the hell was I supposed to do, catch the werebison as he was falling? - Author: Ilona Andrews
Quotes About War Is Hell #2556
#52. Hell, everybody is a masochist. Some of us are just a little more private. - Author: Cecil Brown
Quotes About War Is Hell #4418
#53. I mean, there's a hell of a lot of grounds for protest, but you don't do it through music. - Author: Chico Hamilton
Quotes About War Is Hell #4389
#54. I believe that I am in hell, therefore I am there. - Author: Arthur Rimbaud
Quotes About War Is Hell #4301
#55. Best friends are the chicks who make your problems theirs so you guys can form a gangsta posse and beat those problems to hell. - Author: Celia Kyle
Quotes About War Is Hell #3986
#56. The attempt to force human beings to despise themselves is what I call hell. - Author: Andre Malraux
Quotes About War Is Hell #3570
#57. You are my favorite kind of hell. - Author: Priya Kanaparti
Quotes About War Is Hell #3319
#58. What's this?" he inquired, none too pleasantly. "A circus?"
"No, Julius. It's the end of the circus."
"I see. And these are the clowns?"
Foaly's head poked through the doorway.
"Pardon me for interrupting your extended circus metaphor, but what the hell is that? - Author: Eoin Colfer
Quotes About War Is Hell #3232
#59. Sleep, the type of death, is also, like that which it typifies, restricted to the earth. It flies from hell and is excluded from heaven. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
Quotes About War Is Hell #2992
#60. We're all of us going to hell, it's just a question of time. - Author: Harper Lee
Quotes About War Is Hell #2849
#61. She comes to naught, my dear one, she comes to naught, all that there business. What the hell, maybe twice in your life you have yourself a whore of a good time, and then you spend every night of the rest of your life trying to get that good time back. But she comes to naught. - Author: Lynn Coady
Quotes About War Is Hell #2839
#62. Where I come from, family's defined as those who don't screw you over a paycheck. Blood makes no difference. If you can trust them with your life and know that they'll be there come whatever hell rains down, then they're your family. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Quotes About War Is Hell #2645
#63. That one smooth black eye stared, and reflected in it I fancied I could see the cyclopeon city, and the endless column of the marching dead. - Author: Stephen King
Quotes About War Is Hell #2567
#64. As with so many other aspects of our lives, we were never prepared for
We just tried like hell to get out of the way when it came. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Quotes About War Is Hell #4459
#65. If Hell were possible, it would be the shortest cut to the highest heaven. For verily God loveth. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
Quotes About War Is Hell #2380
#66. You should write about your life. It's kind of funny. When it's not depressing as hell. - Author: Jeni Decker
Quotes About War Is Hell #2291
#67. Unfortunately, the simplest things - such as thinking for myself, creating my own reality and being whatever the hell I want to be each day of my life - are a sin. To be a good Christian basically means to give up the reigns of your life and let some unseen force do it for you. - Author: Brandon Boyd
Quotes About War Is Hell #2287
#68. If I had to sit in Heaven forever, knowing that there are these people, millions and millions- probably billions of people, suffering these eternal horrible torments and there was nothing I could ever do for them, that, to me, would be Hell. - Author: Richard Carrier
Quotes About War Is Hell #2138
#69. Publishers are all cohorts of the devil; there must be a special hell for them somewhere. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Quotes About War Is Hell #2020
#70. I am Levi Black and my record was spotless; I didn't mess around with students, I didn't lose cases, and I sure as hell didn't air my dirty laundry in public. - Author: J.J. McAvoy
Quotes About War Is Hell #1907
#71. She was the love of his life. Hell. - Author: Julie Garwood
Quotes About War Is Hell #1876
#72. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL PROPERTIES with basketball courts, bathroom facilities, toilet facilities. Many young people would love to get the hell out of cities - Author: Carl Paladino
Quotes About War Is Hell #1806
#73. Hell,' I said, 'love is an American cult. We take it too seriously; it's practically a national religion. - Author: Philip K. Dick
Quotes About War Is Hell #630
#74. No real fairytale scared me, but Freddy Krueger did. 'Nightmare on Elm Street' scared the living hell out of me, but no fairytale. Maybe 'Hansel and Gretel' a little bit when they were walking through the forest and they met the witch. But I liked being scared, I really enjoy being scared. - Author: Lana Parrilla
Quotes About War Is Hell #440
#75. Constant idleness should be included in the tortures of hell, but it is, on the contrary, considered to be one of the joys of paradise. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Quotes About War Is Hell #365
#76. In the half-reclined bed, Yaz slept, mouth open, snoring - probably doped. Mike turned on the TV. For twenty minutes, he watched retired generals on CNN discussing Afghanistan and troop surges as though they knew what the hell war was all about. - Author: Pete Barber
Quotes About War Is Hell #6925
#77. Hell, I didn't do relationships. Period. Though there was something about her that made me want to tell the old me to fuck off. "I - Author: Lora Ann
Quotes About War Is Hell #9172
#78. I think first of the children. What the hell am I supposed to tell them? Then I think about money, the house, all those things no widow will tell you ever crossed her mind. - Author: Shannon Celebi
Quotes About War Is Hell #9030
#79. I suppose I might never have known or believed that love could be so strong if I hadn't seen it dragged through this hell. Now I know that love can truly endure anything. - Author: Willow Aster
Quotes About War Is Hell #9001
#80. Eve took a bite from the apple, chaos ensued... earth became hell as heaven retreated behind an impenetrable veil. - Author: Hamilton Stone
Quotes About War Is Hell #8764
#81. Like a revolving door to hell. - Author: L.J.Smith
Quotes About War Is Hell #8722
#82. I found my destination a few miles outside Swelling: a lone, squat, brown bar called The Inn of the Line...The place looked like a dive. Maybe even a plunge. Hell, it was a drowning accident. - Author: Elliott James
Quotes About War Is Hell #8429
#83. Do you still want me to go to hell? I must admit, I don't know the way. - Author: Robert Thier
Quotes About War Is Hell #8057
#84. These days no one can make money on the goddamn airline business. The economics represent sheer hell. - Author: C. R. Smith
Quotes About War Is Hell #8034
#85. If you love her, set her free. If she comes back, she's yours. If she doesn't ... Christ! Stubborn woman! Hunt her down, and bring her the hell back; she's still yours according to vampire law.
- Niccolo DiConti, General of the Vampire Queen's Army. - Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Quotes About War Is Hell #7703
#86. The man of genius is he and he alone who finds such joy in his art that he will work at it come hell or high water. - Author: Stendhal
Quotes About War Is Hell #7622
#87. Why the hell do we make such a big deal out of things that shouldn't be a big deal? - Author: Neil Cavuto
Quotes About War Is Hell #7428
#88. They sounded really professional because they had two Vox AC 30 amplifiers. I also had an AC 30, so when you looked at it, three AC 30s, three Fenders - bloody hell, it must be a great band! - Author: Tony Iommi
Quotes About War Is Hell #7016
#89. Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned. ...
... That would be the last time he made a crack about being a flamer to someone with a flamethrower for hands. Though he'd really lost it when Raven sang the lyric to Disco Inferno. - Author: J.T. Bock
Quotes About War Is Hell #332
#90. God, it's like reality's completely shifted on me. I used to think I was standing on such solid ground. If I wanted something badly enough, I just worked like hell for it. Now I can't decide what to do, which move to make. All the things I counted on aren't there for me anymore. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
Quotes About War Is Hell #6784
#91. Sartre said that hell is other people, I believe that most of them are - Author: Van Morrison
Quotes About War Is Hell #6781
#92. What you farmers need to do is raise less corn and more Hell. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Lease
Quotes About War Is Hell #6044
#93. There was no point in the gods trying to separate us. Whether we were on Earth or in hell, we'd spend the rest our days look for the other. - Author: Taisha DeAza
Quotes About War Is Hell #5909
#94. You don't get heaven or hell. Do you know the only reward you get for being Batman? You get to be Batman. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Quotes About War Is Hell #5510
#95. There's no place on Earth, feck, there's no place in all of heaven or hell that they'll ever be safe from me again! - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Quotes About War Is Hell #5483
#96. Oh, go to hell, Gabriel! What are you going to do, flap you wrings around and throw your halon at me? - Author: Christine Zolendz
Quotes About War Is Hell #5207
#97. When you've had a near-death experience, your life is never the same. A divine fire is supernaturally transferred into your soul, to tell everyone about your encounter. This in itself, is a miracle. As such, I am on a mission to rid hell of its future recruits. - Author: Josephine Akhagbeme
Quotes About War Is Hell #4959
#98. I'd definitely found my equal, the woman who made my life a living hell and lived to antagonize me. A woman whose mouth I wanted to tape shut ... every bit as much as I wanted to kiss it. - Author: Christina Lauren
Quotes About War Is Hell #4770
#99. My teachers probably tried to get me interested in other things at school, but I was very young when I decided that I wanted to act. By the time I was 12, I was hell-bent on it. - Author: Marc Warren
Quotes About War Is Hell #4734
#100. Don't show it and don't panic. Do like the ducks; on the surface stay calm, and below it paddle lile hell - Author: Dan Brown
Quotes About War Is Hell #4528

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