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#1. The lover is moved by the thing loved, as the sense is by that which perceives, and it unites with it and they become one and the same thing ... when the lover is united with the beloved it finds rest there; when the burden is laid down there it finds rest. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#2. I learn with great concern that [one] portion of our frontier so interesting, so important, and so exposed, should be so entirely unprovided with common fire-arms. I did not suppose any part of the United States so destitute of what is considered as among the first necessaries of a farm-house. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#3. One must say bluntly that it is an unattractive sight when, with a view to smearing the Soviet people, leaders of such a country as the United States resort to what almost amounts to obscenities alternating with hypocritical preaching about morals and humanism. - Author: Yuri Andropov
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#4. Science regards man as an aggregation of atoms temporarily united by a mysterious force called the life-principle. To the materialist, the only difference between a living and a dead body is that in the one case that force is active, in the other latent. - Author: Annie Besant
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#5. Even at the United Nations, where legend has it that the building was designed so that there could be no corner offices, the expanse of glass in individual offices is said to be a dead giveaway as to rank. Five windows are excellent, one window not so great. - Author: Enid Nemy
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#6. The stress laid on upward social mobility in the United States has tended to obscure the fact that there can be more than one kind of mobility and more than one direction in which it can go. There can be ethical mobility as well as financial, and it can go down as well as up. - Author: Margaret Halsey
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#7. Donald Trump announced his no Muslims are allowed to come to the United States plan and that led to one of the greatest tweets of all time from New York Times columnist. Quote, "OK, I concede I picked the wrong day to modestly walk back my Trumpism as fascism column." - Author: Rachel Maddow
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#8. I came to the United States because I valued living as a free person, one who is able to advocate in a democratic society. Unfortunately, the U.S. has been turning into a less free society, a police and surveillance state, especially after 9/11. - Author: Sami Al-Arian
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#9. Right after 9-11, as far as I know, one newspaper in the United States had the integrity to investigate opinion in the Muslim world: the 'Wall Street Journal.' - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#10. So, at one extreme you have indigenous, tribal societies trying to stem the race to disaster. At the other extreme, the richest, most powerful societies in world history, like the United States and Canada, are racing full-speed ahead to destroy the environment as quickly as possible. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#11. I've spent my entire adult life with the United States as a superpower and one that had no compunction about spending what it took to sustain that position. And it didn't have to look over its shoulder because our economy was so strong. - Author: Robert M. Gates
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#12. By any reasonable standard, Riverside Drive would be considered the best street in New York. Where else, after all, are there such views-not of a narrow river, as there is across town, but of one of the noblest rivers in the United States. - Author: Paul Goldberger
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#13. It's hard to say. I don't want to limit myself by saying one thing or another. I couldn't have imagined the path that these past five years have taken me, so I guess I'll just give a safe answer and say that I hope to be elected as the president of the United States in 2016. - Author: Skylar Astin
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#14. Charity is that rational and constant affection which makes us sacrifice ourselves to the human race, as if we were united with it, so as to form one individual, partaking equally in its adversity and prosperity. - Author: Confucius
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#15. If the whole of mankind is to be united into one brotherhood, all obstacles must be removed so that men, all over the surface of the globe, should be as children playing in a garden. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#16. I actually did my research and tried to get kind of like a working visa for Australia. It always seemed like it was a land of opportunities. The same size as the United States with one-tenth of the population. - Author: Rick Nielsen
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#17. The United States has lost her unique position as a leader in the progress of civilization and has taken up her place simply as one of the grasping and selfish nations of the present day. - Author: Charles Eliot Norton
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#18. If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States. - Author: Henry A. Wallace
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#19. One is the goals of 9/11 itself, of that attack was to draw the United States into Afghanistan to fight a counterinsurgency as the Soviets had done before them. - Author: Mark Danner
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#20. In resonance all fluid systems are united. I say that no matter where in the galaxy they may be, all fluid systems function as basically one body or organ of intelligence. - Author: Emilie Conrad
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#21. You could put all of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's angry sermons on to one loop. You could put that loop up on the big screen at Radio City Music Hall and let it play there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Barack Obama will still emerge as the next president of the United States. - Author: Gary David Goldberg
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#22. And I will do everything that I can as long as I am President of the United States to remind the American people that we are one nation under God, and we may call that God different names but we remain one nation. - Author: Barack Obama
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#23. The Indians, however, could not migrate from one part of the United States to another; neither could they obtain employment as readily as white people, either upon or beyond the Indian reservations. - Author: Nelson A. Miles
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#24. One out of every eight Pennsylvanians and one in every 720 people in the United States, as well as one out of every 50 engineers and one out of every four meteorologists has a Penn State degree. - Author: Don Sherwood
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#25. We dream of an India where development is the result of all Chief Ministers, the Prime Minister, state Ministers, Union Ministers working together with even Local Body Authorities as one team, a strong and united Team India. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#26. If Harriet Miers were not a crony of the president of the United States, her nomination to the Supreme Court would be a joke, as it would have occurred to no one else to nominate her. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
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#27. A gang is the same as a wolf pack; gang members do not use their energies in friendship with one another, for they do not know what friendship is. If they are united, it is by the common bond of a desire to attack their world. - Author: Haniel Long
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#28. For thirty-six of the forty years between 1800 and 1840, either Jefferson or a self-described adherent of his served as president of the United States: James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren.32 (John Quincy Adams, a one-term president, was the single exception.) - Author: Jon Meacham
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#29. They seemed so united that I loved them as one person. Lee wrote of his son and daughter-in-law on his daughter-in-law's death. - Author: Robert E.Lee
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#30. The preservation of our national security and the laws that define us as the United States of America demand that we understand the intersection of the two - indeed, how they reinforce one another. - Author: John O. Brennan
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#31. The Constitution provides for one democratic moment, Judge, before a lifetime of judicial independence, when the people of the United States are entitled to know as much as we can about the person that we're about to entrust with safeguarding our future and the future of our kids. - Author: Joe Biden
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#32. As two pieces of wax fused together make one so he who receives Holy Communion is so united with Christ that Christ is in him and he is in Christ. - Author: Cyril Of Alexandria
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#33. My parents had an arranged marriage, as did so many other people when I was growing up. My father came and had a life in the United States one way and my mother had a different one, and I was very aware of those things. I continue to wonder about it, and I will continue to write about it. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#34. Any confrontation, such as a verbal one with the United States, would be harmful for everybody. - Author: Alain Juppe
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#35. A black boxer's career is the perfect metaphor for the career of a black male. Every day is like being in the gym, sparring with impersonal opponents as one faces the rudeness and hostility that a black male must confront in the United States, where he is the object of both fear and fascination. - Author: Ishmael Reed
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#36. One of the main lessons I have learned during my five years as Secretary-General is that broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges. When governments, the United Nations, businesses, philanthropies and civil society work hand-in-hand, we can achieve great things. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
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#37. As we fell in Adam, we are saved in Christ. To deny the principle in the one case, is to deny it in the other; for the two are inseparably united in the representations of Scripture - Author: Charles Hodge
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#38. The United States will continue to be number one, and I do not see any country or group of countries taking the United States' place in providing global public goods that underpin security and prosperity. The United States functions as the world's de facto government. - Author: Michael Mandelbaum
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#39. The Vietnamese people deeply love independence, freedom and peace. But in the face of United States aggression they have risen up, united as one man. - Author: Ho Chi Minh
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#40. One trouble: to be a professional anything in the United States is to think of oneself as an expert and one's ideas as semisacred, and to treat others in a certain way - professionally. - Author: Marge Piercy
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#41. In the United States it's not important which religion you adhere to, as long as you have one. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#42. I don't want to be disrespectful of the president of the United States, but as a political person, one of the things I appreciated about this president, in the past year especially, is he is a fantastic candidate. - Author: Ed Gillespie
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#43. There are many faiths, but the spirit is one - in me, and in you, and in him. So that if everyone believes himself, all will be united; everyone be himself and all will be as one. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#44. If we functionally define a capitalist household as one that receives at least half of the annual income it spends on consumption in the form of return on invested capital, less than 1 percent of United States households are capitalists. - Author: Louis O. Kelso
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#45. We have survived the death of our childhood. We are soldiers now, maybe the last soldiers who will ever fight, the Earth's final and only hope, united as one in the spirit of vengeance. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#46. It is not a sign of communal well-being when men turn to their government to execute all their business for them, but rather a sign of decay, as in the United States today. The state, indeed, is but one of the devices that a really healthy community sets up to manage its affairs. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#47. If ever there was one player, anywhere in the world, that was made for Manchester United, it was Cantona. He swaggered in, stuck his chest out, raised his head and surveyed everything as though he was asking: 'I'm Cantona. How big are you? Are you big enough for me?' - Author: Alex Ferguson
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#48. In the United States, I am often addressed as a doctor. I should like to point out, however, that I am not such and shall never think of becoming one. - Author: Hermann Oberth
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#49. The United States survives so long as at least one of its major parties is politically and intellectually healthy. - Author: Bret Stephens
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#50. According to a 2009 Harvard Medical School study, as many as 45,000 people die annually in the United States because they lack health insurance. As one of the study's coauthors pointed out, this works out to about one death every twelve minutes. It's - Author: Naomi Klein
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#51. In a sense there is no 'opposition' in Bahrain, as the phrase implies one unified block with the same views. Such a phrase is not in our constitution, unlike say the United Kingdom. We only have people with different views and that's ok. - Author: Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
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#52. We sat down and I felt as if we were one of those rich married couples, more separated than united by their dinner table.
-pg 46 - Author: Albert Sanchez Pinol
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#53. It is also important to remember that no state in the United States requires a homeschooling parent to have a public school teaching certificate, just as many private schools do not require one (though some, such as Montessori and Waldorf, require teacher training in their unique programs). The - Author: Patrick Farenga
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#54. The prosperity of the United States and the prosperity of the Hispanic community, as the fastest-growing community, are one and the same. The destinies are one and the same. - Author: Julian Castro
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#55. In the United States everyone feels assured of his worth as an individual. No one humbles himself before another person or class. Even the great difference in wealth, the superior power of a few, cannot undermine this healthy self-confidence and natural respect for the dignity of one's fellow-man. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#56. In both England and the United States, he observed, the contemporary trend was to treat mourning as morbid self-indulgence, and to give social admiration to the bereaved who hide their grief so fully that no one would guess anything had happened. - Author: Joan Didion
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#57. The United States forgot - if it ever knew - the supreme virtue of an enlightened realpolitik, which is to keep one's powder dry, intervene militarily as a last resort (rather than a first), and maintain industrial and fiscal strength at home. - Author: Mike Lofgren
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#58. The few Americans he had encountered in his lifetime had all seemed flat to him, as if freedom weakened one's capacity for intense emotion by demanding too little of it. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#59. I am one of the five best parallel parkers in the United States of America. Dead serious. It's to the point now where I look back when pulling into the spot only as a formality. - Author: Willie Geist
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#60. It's like Canada is the little brother to the United States and one day they are going to show the world they're just as cool as their successful big brother. - Author: Dustin Milligan
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#61. In 2008, I was one of millions united for hope and change. As 2010 dawns, change looks to me like more of the same. Instead of peace, we got more war. Instead of health care reform, we have an industry win that requires Americans to buy health insurance without any real cost controls. - Author: Jodie Evans
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#62. I don't care if half the league strikes. Those who do will encounter quick retribution. All will be suspended, and I don't care if it wrecks the league for 10 years. This is the United States of America, and one citizen has as much right to play as another. - Author: Ford Frick
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#63. New York is essentially national in interest, position, pursuits. No one thinks of the place as belonging to a particular state, but to the United States. - Author: James F. Cooper
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#64. I considered myself engaged in a war from Day One. And my objective was to force the federal government - the Kennedy administration at that time - into a position where they would have to use the United States military force to enforce my rights as a citizen. - Author: James Meredith
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#65. One way or another, we need to understand that broadband is essentially telephone service, and just as we got to telephone service in the United States to one hundred per cent, we need to do it for broadband. - Author: Julius Genachowski
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#66. America washes its dirty linen in public. When scandals such as this one hit, they do sully America's image in the world. But what usually also gets broadcast around the world is the vivid reality that the United States forces accountability and punishes wrongdoing, even at the highest levels. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
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#67. In the treatment of poverty nationally, one fact stands out: there are twice as many white poor as Negro poor in the United States. Therefore I will not dwell on the experiences of poverty that derive from racial discrimination, but will discuss the poverty that affects white and Negro alike. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#68. The assumption of the word reunion is that, once you're together again, you are united. Two as one. Pulling close to someone is only a temporary symbol. It's the way you breathe with each other that's the telltale sign. - Author: David Levithan
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#69. I hope that 9/11 has grouped us as one, and in doing so it has united us. Perhaps as a unit we can help each other get ahead, survive and succeed in this free world. And hey guys, let's not forget out manners!! - Author: Doug Davidson
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#70. Day, in a gazebo by a river in the middle of fucking nowhere in the Colorado Mountains, the man known throughout the dark, harsh, fetid, hostile underbelly of this great United States as Ghost got married to one of the most beautiful women Nick had ever laid eyes on. She - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#71. Soon after you're dead - we're not sure how long - but not long, you'll be united with the most ecstatic love you've ever known. As one of the best things in your life was human love, this will be love, but much more satisfying, and it will last forever. - Author: Basil Hume
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#72. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. 4 For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future. - Author: Anonymous
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#73. One could reasonably argue that the Turkish pogrom against the Armenians during World War I qualifies as a crime against humanity, as does the United States' ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. - Author: Sebastian Junger
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#74. While one-half of the people of the United States are robbed of their inherent right of personal representation in this freestcountry on the face of the globe, it is idle for us to expect that the men who thus rob women will not rob each other as individuals, corporations and Government. - Author: Susan B. Anthony
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#75. Ohio claims they are due a president as they haven't had one since Taft. Look at the United States, they have not had one since Lincoln. - Author: Will Rogers
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#76. But as nearly every denomination in the United States faces declining membership and waning influence, Christians may need to get used to the idea of measuring significance by something other than money, fame, and power. No one ever said the fruit of the Spirit is relevance or impact or even revival - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#77. The worst job I ever had was as a forensicologist for the United Nations. One time I thought I'd come across the mass grave of a thousand snowmen, but it turns out it was just a field of carrots. - Author: Milton Jones
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#78. And as we [ the Church] move towards setting new (United Nations') sustainable development goals, we also understand that one of our key priorities is improving social inclusion. - Author: Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo
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#79. But in the first Gulf war the United Kingdom was not under any threat from Iraq, and is still less so in the second one. Then there is no justification for obstructing freedom of information, particularly as nations have a right to know what their soldiers are being used for. - Author: Kate Adie
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#80. United States could be a great country. It needs to be a great country. It's our responsibility as citizens to make that happen, every single one of us. - Author: Paul Haggis
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#81. It is not so much the United States that is trying to push the European Union in one direction or another, it is developing nations as a whole that are pushing the United States and Europe to open their markets a little more. - Author: Pascal Lamy
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#82. I don't think that the United States are ready for a presidency as the one of Obama, at least because he would be the first black president. - Author: Gianfranco Fini
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#83. No one familiar with the common law of England can read the Constitution of the United States without observing the great desire of the Convention which framed that instrument to make it conform as far as possible with that law. - Author: Samuel Freeman Miller
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#84. A husband and wife ought to continue united so long as they love each other. Any law which should bind them to cohabitation for one moment after the decay of their affection would be a most intolerable tyranny, and the most unworthy of toleration. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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#85. As you begin your tour of the United States, you may as well know that one American national trait which irritates many Americans and must be convenient for our critics is that we relentlessly advertise our imperfections. - Author: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
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#86. It was one of the compromises of the Constitution that the slave property in the Southern States should be recognized as property throughout the United States. - Author: Jefferson Davis
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#87. Nothing conceivable is so petty, so insipid, so crowded with paltry interests, in one word, so anti-poetic, as the life of a man in the United States. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
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#88. I have a theory: I believe that with the advent of the United States and the lawful definition of marriage, it was defined as between one man and one woman. It was anti-polygamy, in effect saying no man can hoard his women. - Author: Ariel Pink
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#89. The food industry burns nearly a fifth of all the petroleum consumed in the United States (about as much as automobiles do). Today it takes between seven and ten calories of fossil fuel energy to deliver one calorie of food energy to an American plate. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#90. Unbelievable as it may seem, one-third of all vegetables consumed in the United States come from just three sources: french fries, potato chips, and iceberg lettuce. - Author: Marion Nestle
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#91. The entire animal rights movement in the United States reacted with unfettered glee at the Ban in England ... We view this act of parliament as one of the most important actions in the history of the animal rights movement. This will energise our efforts to stop hunting with hounds. - Author: Wayne Pacelle
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#92. The White House announced on Monday the Prime Minister of Australia will visit President Bush in September. We have a lot in common. Australia started out as a prison colony, while the United States has evolved into one. - Author: Argus Hamilton
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#93. And so it has appeared to some analysts and diplomats that the White House and us are playing as one team toward the economic goals of the United States, even if the intentions differ. - Author: Osama Bin Laden
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#94. No one can truly be prepared for such devastation and pure malevolence, but the United Kingdom can always look to the United States as an ally resolved to stand firm in the war on terrorism. - Author: Michael Burgess
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#95. I have to say that it's very few countries that are willing to look back at its past and apologize for its act, or make amends for its act, as the United States had one. - Author: Robert Matsui
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#96. The United States contributes to peace in both by serving as a buffer between and among regional powers that, while not preparing for armed conflict, do not fully trust one another. - Author: Michael Mandelbaum
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#97. Life in Britain had seemed like one long antechamber to a room that had too many barriers to entry; here in the USA it seemed to be true that if you dared to give things 'your best shot' then the other much-used phrases like 'land of opportunity' would kick in as well. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#98. As one of America's largest exporters, GE remains committed to producing more products in the United States, which is our home and largest market. - Author: Jeffrey R. Immelt
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