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Top 27 Quotes About Tree Line

#1. As an analogy one can imagine an intelligent amoeba with a good memory. As time progresses the amoeba is constantly splitting, each time the resulting amoebas having the same memories as the parent. Our amoeba hence does not have a life line, but a life tree. - Author: Hugh Everett III
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#2. A tree nowhere offers a straight line or a regular curve, but who doubts that root, trunk, boughs, and leaves embody geometry? - Author: George Iles
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#3. Life will always get in the way of living. - Author: Jennifer Donohoe
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#4. This wicked man Hitler, the repository and embodiment of many forms of soul-destroying hatred. this monstrous product of former wrongs and shame. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#5. I am an American, but a sense of otherness was part of my growing up. I spoke Norwegian before I spoke English. My mother is Norwegian. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#6. A tree root won't get into your sewer line unless there's something already wrong with your sewer line. I know most people don't want to hear that, but it's true - Author: Thomas J. Hylton
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#7. Preach it, I say preach it. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#8. The guys from the board are at a smaller bonfire near the tree line. They're laughing. Talking shit. Enjoying the fact that they've tried to play with my life. Yelling. Loud shouts. It's near me, but the chaos controlling me makes it incoherent. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#9. There are many ways to store power. You can visit places of power, special locations on the earth that are charged with power. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#10. The first of the
line is tied to a tree and the last is being eaten by the ants . - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#11. My track record is pretty good on predictions. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#12. Accepting that a person will die and shucking off any aversion to this blunt thought awakens the mind to realize what is possible in a human life. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#13. The bottom line is that Wanda Sykes has the longest continuously documented family tree of any African-American we have ever researched. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
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#14. My entire view of the world has changed," he muttered as he went to the sink and began to scrub at the plates. "Sorcery, entities from the Outside, fish-men in my family tree, I can accept. Mr. Farr and Mr. Durfree as lovers crosses the line. - Author: Jordan L. Hawk
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#15. But maybe someone like us will read it and they'll know they're not alone. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#16. One senses the figures as passing by the tree line and, caught in the presence of the wall, turning to gaze upon it almost as a vision. - Author: Frederick Hart
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#17. I make believe all my dear ones are not gone, just out of my line of sight beyond some curtain or cluster of people, or tree - Author: Nancy E. Turner
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#18. It was a game she sometimes played, ever since she learned about the theory of infinite parallels, the idea that a person's path through life wasn't really a line, but a tree, every decision a divergent branch, resulting in a divergent you. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#19. The wings of hope are strong enough to carry the weight of despair. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#20. The destiny of the woman must be shaped to a large extent on her own conception of her spiritual imperative and her place in society. - Author: Sandra Day O'Connor
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#21. We took off for the tree line, leaving the wounded soldiers to wonder how they'd been beaten by four misfits and a horse. - Author: Rachel Sharp
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#22. The shortest distance between any two points on a golf course is a straight line that passes directly through the center of a very large tree. - Author: Confucius
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#23. A dead tree, cut into planks and read from one end to the other, is a kind of line graph, with dates down one side and height along the other, as if trees, like mathematicians, had found a way of turning time into form. - Author: Alice Oswald
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#24. I started finding hearts in things - whether it was like, a tree I was passing, a straw wrapper on the ground; I think the heart has one continuous line, which is very powerful. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#25. The main plot line is simple: Getting your character to the foot of the tree, getting him up the tree, and then figuring out how to get him down again. - Author: Jane Yolen
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#26. Russell piped in singing, "Four pounds of back bacon, three French toasts, two turtlenecks, and a beer ... ." He leaned his body over Ellis. On the last line, Rob joined him. " ... in a tree!" They stopped, and Russell asked, "How does the beer stay in the tree? Wouldn't it fall out? - Author: Wade Kelly
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#27. He was around where the tree-line bulged herniatically out toward the end of the West Courts' fencing. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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